Butterfly paper with their own hands: technologyorigami. How to decorate a wall and a nursery. We decorate the bridewith taste

Чт, 30 июн 2016 Автор: Ксения Рамхимова

Butterflies are the most tender and beautiful representatives of summer.

How many legends and songs are written about them.

No wonder that creative people often try to keep this
fragile beauty in his paintings, embroidery, crafts and

Paper butterfly made using origami technique

Paper butterfly folded in antique Japanese looks elegant
стиле origami. The assembly technique is simple. It can even be executed
a child.

For the manufacture of such figures will need: paper, cardboard,
wire, pliers, scissors, pencil, ruler, glue.

Assembly steps:

1. At the beginning of the work is taken plain paper. It is better to get old
book with faded pages. From the leaves you get real
unique butterfly. No one else in the world will have it.

From the torn pages are made squares. Each of them
it is bent once vertically, and then horizontally. Then
twice – on the diagonal.

The leaf is folded into a triangular shape, as indicated by

2. The angle of the resulting triangle is bent to the top.

The second corner is also bent in the same way.

The triangle flips to the other side.

Top bent down.

The position should be slightly below the base, as indicated by
the last two drawings;

3. A small corner peeking under the base.

Its position is fixed by a drop of glue.

From the prepared wire the antennae are made for paper butterflies.
do it yourself Steel thread twists into two identical
stripes, where the tips curl into curls.

Now the paper blank is bent in half at the location
glue droplets. The edges of the figures are recommended to tint black paint
or mascara.

4. Only one step left. You need to stick wire antennae
to origami and gorgeous – such a lively and delicate paper butterfly
do it yourself!

Paper butterflies with their own hands or how to decorate a sad
the wall

Do not glue the wallpaper in the room if you want to make something new
in the setting. The interior can be changed by adding bright accents.

For the manufacture of such an illusion of life and flight will need:
paper or colorful pictures from old magazines, cardboard, pencil,
scissors, glue or clay (in both cases on the wall with time
barely noticeable traces will remain).

Step 1

On a cardboard contours of butterflies of a different form and the size are put. With
The help of the scissors is cut out.

Step 2

Now paper patterns can be applied to the appropriate pages.
from old magazines and cut butterflies in large numbers with their own
by hands.

Step 3

Paper blanks are folded in half. With the help of plasticine
the resulting butterflies are glued to a vertical surface.
After all these wonderful creatures take their place,
clay can be replaced by glue. It is recommended not to lower the work.
с пластилином и сразу клеить на the wall, так как после применения
adhesive mass you will not be able to adjust the position
butterflies on the work surface.

Paper paper butterfly pendants for baby

Pendants most often appear in homes where there are small children.
It is believed that such interior items help younger children
learn to focus on movable and immovable

These magical floating butterflies are made of dense
multi-colored cardboard. Thick cardboard is needed for the opportunity
bending wings so that the figures look alive and

Suspensions are popular because they are made simply and
quickly. And they look spectacular, without spoiling the decor of the room. Butterflies
strung on a thread and glued. Additionally, the thread can
to put beads.

Finished threads are hung at the window like a curtain next to
crib baby. You can instead make a module that is easy
move from place to place and hang from the wall by the hook.

Butterflies из бумаги своими руками или как украсить невесту

Delicate paper creations can beautifully decorate a bride. For
veils will require a simple lightweight transparent fabric, glue and paper.
Butterflies of various sizes are cut out of paper and glued to
tissue. Glue is needed in large quantities, as some are large
figures can fall under the pressure of its own weight.

Inexpensive wedding dress can be decorated with butterflies too. The most
plain paper. And this updated dress will sparkle royal
paints. Of course, not all paper models will survive until the morning, but
Wedding is not every day.

The technique of making paper butterflies with their own hands for such
The dress is not complicated, but durable. Figures are cut from the dense
cardboard. After that, all the resulting butterflies are repainted in
White color. During the drying of the cardboard, each model is attached
desired shape. Withчудливо изгибаются крылья. For фиксации краски
It is recommended to varnish each product. Can use
varnish with sparkles. This important action is necessary if the holiday.
an event to be held on the street where it may be wet or
it is rainy.

Butterflies ни в коем случае не Sew on the dress. It may
ruin the fabric. In this case, the perfect glue
and a gun. And if at the celebration of a few butterflies unexpectedly
come off – it will not be noticeable. Whereas the filament in the case of
sewing will be noticeable.

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