Broccoli for weight loss: benefits, recipes,reviews

brokkoli-dlya-pohudeniya-pravila-i-sovetyHow often do we
We meet this product on store shelves and, for sure, not even
guess how useful and tasty it is!

Broccoli is a wonderful and very unusual green vegetable,
who has justly managed to be loved by many women from all over
of the world.

With it, they learned how to successfully deal with unnecessary
kilograms, improve health and put in order your diet
power supply.

The history of broccoli begins from the time when Rome
proclaimed himself an independent republic, which gave rise to
for a bloody war that made people to the last forces
to defend their settlements. In one of these fights, when residents
the villages had already been a month firmly holding the defenses, the Roman
commanders wondered what helps them to stay that way if
for the arrival of provisions were long overlapped.

It turned out that the peasants unwittingly met with incredible
the nutritional value of broccoli that was not previously given
values, but during the shortage of products began to actively
use it for food. This helped the villagers survive in
difficult times for them. After that, broccoli became for the Italians.
vegetable number 1.

Today we will learn how to fight with broccoli against
our main enemy – extra weight.

Useful properties of broccoli cabbage for weight loss

Broccoli belongs to the cabbage family, so is
one of the most beneficial vegetables for the human body. it
A real storehouse of various vitamins and minerals.

Nutritionists around the world recommend eating broccoli to people
wishing to bring your weight in full order. The main reason is
low calorie content of this product (no more than 30 kcal per hundred
gram). And thanks to the high content of coarse dietary fiber,
broccoli also reduces appetite and cleans the intestines faster
naturally. In Italy, the homeland of broccoli is considered the main
rival olive, which is rightfully for its unique properties
is the name of the product number 1 worldwide health benefits

In addition to the high content of micro and macro in broccoli,
such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, manganese, copper,
zinc, it is still very rich in vitamins of group C, A, beta-carotene,
E, K, PP, B and U, which is responsible for the anti-ulcer factor.

It also contains a large amount of fiber, proteins (by
composition is not inferior to animal protein), amino acids
(valine, threonine, tryptophan, lysine, leucine, methionine),
antioxidants that actively prevent cell aging in
body and are responsible for beauty and youth, so many stars
cinema and show business are losing weight


It contains a whole list of components that are very
have a positive effect on the rate of fat and carbohydrate metabolism
substances. And the B vitamins in it in combination with
chlorophyll is very actively contribute to the absorption of carbohydrate foods,
forcing the body to work more actively, and therefore faster
expend calories, thereby speeding up metabolic processes.

In addition, few people know that in fact broccoli is
product with a negative calorie because on its
digesting the body spends more energy than out of it

This wonderful product is also ready to fight not only with your
weight, but with some diseases. For example, doctors recommend
use broccoli for people with heart failure, while
nervous system disorders, constipation and intoxication.

It very well strengthens blood vessels and cartilage tissue, cleans
the body from toxins, toxins and free radicals, rejuvenates
organism and blood, copes with avitaminosis, raises a tone of all

And recent studies have shown that broccoli contains
special substance “sulforaphane” which is responsible for the destruction in
stomach ulcers bacteria, which means that it favorably affects
the work of the gastrointestinal tract as a whole and also opposes
the growth of cancer cells.

How to cook broccoli for weight loss?

Earlier we found out that broccoli is a variety
cabbage, although in its taste it is closer to
cauliflower. Therefore you can try to use it in
as a substitute for those recipes that you are familiar with.

For example, it can be fried, boiled, stewed, baked, served with
sour cream, sauce or butter. However, note that when losing weight
the best cooking option would be boiling or baking.

More people have learned to cook delicious broccoli
diet soup, so our advice to you: experiment,
invent new masterpieces and then your broccoli diet
will acquire something unique and more perfect, thanks and
vitamin and mineral diversity.

Besides, losing weight with this product is very easy! After all you
you can eat it as much as you want without worrying about the extra
calories, that you will agree, is a very significant argument in
fasting days.

Broccoli diet

This diet has a duration of 10. days and in fact
consists of 5 phases of two days. If you decide to lose weight with
broccoli, then the main and only condition will be the following:
vegetable in any form must be consumed daily.

And drink during the diet as much as possible non-carbonated
mineral water (at least 2 liters per day).

So, the first and second day

Breakfast: broccoli, steamed or boiled,
preferably without added salt and spices, green tea without

Lunch: 180 gr. white boiled chicken meat and a plate
chicken broth, 100 gr. broccoli in boiled form, berry juice
без Sahara.

Dinner: 200 gr. broccoli steamed, one grapefruit, black tea.

Day Three and Four

Breakfast: broccoli and Bulgarian pepper salad or vegetable stew,
черный чай без Sahara.

Dinner: vegetable stew with broccoli and tomatoes, 200 gr. tomato

Dinner: repeat today’s breakfast.

Day five and sixth

Breakfast: light broccoli and boiled beef salad
seasoned with 10% sour cream or natural yoghurt, 200 gr.
skimmed kefir.

Lunch: steamed broccoli, some buckwheat cereal, a plate
chicken broth, mineral water.

Ужин: отварная брокко�”и, чай без Sahara.

Day Seven and Eighth

Завтрак: са�”ат с брокко�”и, 2 яйца, черный чай без Sahara.

Lunch: vegetable soup with broccoli, one loaf, green tea without

Dinner: some boiled broccoli, 2 tomatoes, 200 gr. tomato

Day Nine and Tenth

Завтрак: винегрет с брокко�”и, черный чай без Sahara.

Lunch: boiled broccoli and 150 gr. boiled fish to your taste
berry juice.

Dinner: steamed broccoli or 150 gr. boiled beef and steamed
Baked Potatoes, 200 gr. kefir.

Important: Try not to change the products in the menu, because every
Two days – this is a kind of mini-diet. If the program is given to you with
work, and you feel all the time weakness or general malaise,
then you should stop it immediately.


Broccoli diet reviews

Kitty: “… About a year and a half ago, before one very important
my life event, I decided to lose weight. I sat down to read me
information and found an article about broccoli for weight loss. Immediately decided
try these recommendations for yourself. To be honest, psychologically
I was incredibly difficult to stick with it, since I
period simply could not tolerate this vegetable. The result I, of course,
received! And what is most surprising is that she loved broccoli, so much so that
now I buy it all the time! ”

Julia: “… A diet for those who love cabbage, although I don’t
quite like it! I know that many of my girlfriends love cabbage
so much so that you can’t take it by the ears, so I fully understand all those
who sticks to this broccoli diet … “

Marlene: “… I can not imagine how you can chew broccoli ten
days in a row … Girls, it would be better not be lazy, but go to study
gym, the effect, in my opinion, will be much more! …

Катрин: « … По совету дието�”ога попробую сочетать такую диету
вместе со спортза�”ом. К тому же, мне нравятся по�”езные диеты д�”я
здоровья, к которым, безус�”овно, относится и эта! I’ll start with
завтрашнего дня с надеждой на резу�”ьтат. Кстати, я с�”ыша�”а,
наско�”ько брокко�”и по�”езна женщинам в возрасте! … �”

Сашу�”я: « … С самого детства я ем брокко�”и и не то�”ько, поэтому
никогда не страда�”а проб�”емами �”ишнего веса. My mom since childhood
приуча�”а к прави�”ьному питанию, поэтому я даже не представ�”яю, что
значит питаться «п�”охо�”. After all, there are a lot of good products
которые и по�”езные и вкусные, как их можно заменять гамбургерами и
чипсами не представ�”яю!!! … �”

Очень по�”езно: «Х�”ебцы на страже �”ишнего веса!�” и
«Употреб�”ение хурмы д�”я здорового похудения: все за и

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