British musician got a job …scary!

Sun, Oct 09, 2016

UK residents do not stop surprising
unpredictable actions the whole world. The Independent reports that
Jamie Foxx is a native British musician by profession – with a lot
pleasure became a living garden scarecrow and for a small fee on
For several months he drove the birds away from the field with sunflowers.
What pushed a young guy who recently graduated from the prestigious
university go for it?

According to him, the whole reason was the lack of work on
professions. Hoping to become a famous musician and in search of
permanent earnings, Jamie was forced to be content with small:
он устроился на работу scary! Oh dear guy absolutely not
pity, because such an uncommon and unusual work was
easy enough and gave him the opportunity to pay attention to her

A twenty-two year old guy, dressed in a bright orange jacket, on
throughout the eighteen hour day, not only frightened off
fields with a total area of ​​four hectares of partridges that
pleasure would have enjoyed the seeds, but also a lot of time sitting
in a chair in the middle of a field, reading or playing the harmonica.

Being a scarecrow to Fox is not only beneficial, but also convenient. Him
the opportunity to dream and reflect on your
the future. As Jamie said, “I don’t want to work stuffed forever, but
this work gives me the opportunity to reflect. “His further goals
and aspirations are still unknown.

According to Jamie Foxx, partridges occasionally remind of
myself, so reading, playing the harmonica and bright reflections
have to alternate with the pursuit of arrogant birds.

The field owner is very pleased with the work of the young guy. By his
Foxes show good results and lead effective
the struggle for the harvest.

The guy’s earnings for the week is two hundred and fifty pounds.
Sterling. His main dream is to get to New Zealand, now he
saves money on the air ticket there. Who helped in finding such
Jamie’s work is unknown.

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