Breast feeding is the key to a successful career

Tue, Jul 12, 2016 British researchers found more
one positive aspect of breastfeeding. It turned out that
if the infant is fed up to one year with mother’s milk, but not
artificial mixtures, his chances for a successful career
rise significantly. This is because breast milk
positive effect on the level of intellectual development of the child.
Scientists have conducted a comparative analysis of the lives of 16,700 people born
in 1970, and 17400 people born in 1958. Evaluated them
social status on a four-point scale (the lowest score –
unqualified, highest –
professional / managerial). If we talk about children 10-11 years old,
then analyzed the statuses of their fathers. Additionally investigated
studied diet in the first months of life, stability in
stressful situations and intellectual abilities of respondents. AT
The result was the following picture: in 1958, their kids
breastfed 68% of mothers, in 1970 the figure dropped by almost half
– Only 36% of mothers preferred breastfeeding. ATыяснилось,
that children who received breast milk were ahead of their
peers in career growth. Scientists estimate that the probability
high social growth with breastfeeding
increases by as much as 24%. AT свою очередь риск социальных неудач
reduced by 20%. AT чём же причина? Scientists claim that children
breastfed made a successful career
thanks to higher rates of intellectual development. BUT
mental abilities, as it turned out, depend on nutrients
which is rich in breast milk. It is also very important here.
direct contact of mother and baby. Researchers
confirmed that the optimal result is obtained when
combining these two factors. According to scientists, maternal
Milk improves the neurological development of babies, which increases their
mental ability and resistance to stress. Study
also discovered the following fact: breast milk helps development
key areas of a child’s brain that are associated with cognitive
abilities, emotions and speech.


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