Breast Cancer Prevention Products

Breast cancer is terrible and, alas, common
disease. Even the most famous, beautiful and
rich women. A few years ago, the breast cancer was experienced by the former
the lead singer of the cult group Spice Girls, Emma Bunton, and more recently
breast cancer singer Kylie Minogue. Now slightly
plump after chemotherapy, she gradually returns to
life, but that’s another Kylie.

Breast Cancer Prevention Products

Alas, scientists still can not find the cause of cancer
chest There is a lot of research, guesswork, but they are all so
vague, that can not serve as a panacea. It is believed that cancer
Breasts are more likely to occur in women who consume large quantities.
red meat or animal fats. But opponents of this theory will lead
you have thousands of perfectly healthy women every day
absorbing fatty meat, and as many supporters of healthy eating
cancer patients. Probably the cause of this disease
rather complex and not the last role plays here
psychological health of a woman.

In any case, it will always be useful to use in writing so
antioxidants are now fashionable, products that prevent the formation
tumors. Here are ten products that according to the British Daily
Telegraph can serve to prevent cancer:

Green tea

The king of all hot drinks, green tea contains a lot
antioxidants. It is believed that its use reduces the risk
get sick with lung cancer. Researchers from a number of American
universities have found that green tea acts on the cellular
protein actin, which is involved in chemical changes in the early
stages of cancer. Green tea препятствует этому процессу. In Japan,
where green tea is drunk a lot, lung cancer is much less
distributed than in the US, although the number of smokers in these
countries about the same. It is recommended to drink five every day.
small cups of green tea.


Carrot снижает риск развития рака благодаря содержанию
falcarinol, a natural pesticide with which this vegetable
protected from fungus. Scientists at the university of newcastle found out that
rats fed falcarinol in feed
tumors were a third smaller than their relatives. In a day
It is recommended to eat one small carrot: in large doses
Falcarinol is poisonous, so do not overdo it.


Proved that regular consumption of apples reduces the risk
the occurrence of colorectal cancer, and in New Zealand brought
New variety of apples, which is especially effective in the prevention
cancer. The growth of cancer cells is hindered by a chemical under
name “anthocyanin”. In 2005, scientists at Cornell University
(New York State) showed that if rats are daily mixed in
food portion of a substance equivalent to the content of anthocyanin in three
apples, the risk of breast cancer is reduced by 39%.
Each apple contains as many antioxidants as in
three tablets of vitamin C 500 mg. Yes, and the taste of apples nicer


Widely known for its beneficial properties, blueberries contain
natural antioxidant pterostilbene, which prevents
colon cancer as well as other substances
destroying cancer cells. During the experiments conducted in
Rutgers University in New Jersey, it turned out that the rats that
fed pterostilbene, 57% less at risk
colon cancer compared with the control group.
Pterostilbene slows down the growth of dangerous cells and blocks
certain genes that are responsible for it. This substance is not
can cure cancer, but for prevention it is irreplaceable, so
A cup of blueberries a day will be very healthy.


Bow содержит много флавоноидов — антиоксидантов, которые
destroy harmful free radicals. Just before him
eat, stock up on chewing gum: Cornell scientists
University in 2004 proved that in the prevention of liver cancer
and large intestine strongly smelling varieties of onions are more effective than others.


Cabbage is believed to reduce the risk of developing colorectal
cancer and breast cancer. According to a study
published in the magazine Gut, cabbage contains folate. Even
a small amount of this substance prevents the development
колоректального cancer. Researchers at Lancaster University
found that the combination of substances contained in different varieties
cabbage may be useful for the prevention of breast cancer.
This combination, which was called 13C, scientists used
along with chemotherapy. Sensitivity of cancer cells to
drugs increased, and they died. During the experiments
scientists used the amount of substance that is contained in
several kilograms of cabbage, but even two servings of cabbage a day
will have a positive effect.


Tomatoes богаты ликопином — антиоксидантом, который снижает риск
cancer of the breast, lung, bladder, colon and
prostate, because it neutralizes the action of free radicals,
which are disastrous act on the cells. Tomatoes также содержат
vitamin c. University of Illinois scientists believe the combination
Tomatoes and broccoli help prevent prostate cancer
because their active substances together destroy cancer cells. BUT
Dutch scientists found that lycopene slows tumor growth
half. The ideal dose is 22 mg of lycopene per day, which
equivalent to two teaspoons of tomato puree. Lycopene is better
absorbed from canned foods.


Rich in glucosinolates, which were once considered poisonous
substances. Now scientists believe that they destroy substances
causing cancer, and stimulate the immune system, in particular
Helicobacter pylori bacteria cause gastric cancer. Researchers
French National Center for Scientific Research and
Национального института рака СШBUT в один голос прославляют полезные
broccoli properties. It is recommended to eat 3-4 servings per week. It is better
Boil broccoli for a couple, so that healthy substances are not lost.
The most useful are considered varieties with soft heads: there are more
active ingredients.


Watercress повышает уровень лютеина и бета-каротина, которые
fight free radicals. It is believed that he especially
useful for smokers. A study on this topic of a dietitian professor
University of Ian Rowland was published in this
year It is recommended to eat every day 85 grams of water


Chile is known not only for its sharpness. Capsaicin, which they
owe their taste, kill cancer cells, attacking them
mitochondria. However, it does not damage healthy tissue. According to
Dr. Timothy Bates of the University of Nottingham, “is
explains why Mexicans and Indians, who love spicy food,
less likely to get cancer than Europeans. ” But the answer to the question, what
it is the amount of chili you need to eat, not yet.

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