Blueberries during pregnancy: the benefits and harm. howuse blueberries during pregnancy for the benefit of themselves andbaby

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Blueberry is a wild berry with a rich vitamin

Leaves and fruits are often used in traditional medicine for treatment.
many ailments. From bilberry can be cooked medicinal broths,
Kissel, mors and infusions.

Not only the berry itself has beneficial properties, but also its
leaves in dried form.

Bilberry is recommended during pregnancy, as its use
favorably affects the maternal organism and the general
the health of the fetus in the womb. It is necessary to use it carefully
excess berries can lead to constipation and other undesirable
the consequences.


Fortified Bilberry Composition

1. Antioxidants – have effects on the body
cellular level. Maintaining normal balance contributes to
prevent the development of tumors (malignant).

2. Malic, citric, oxalic acid, favorably
affecting immunity.

3. Of the vitamins – PP, K, A, B6, ascorbic acid.

4. From trace elements – phosphorus, copper, iron, potassium, copper,

5. Pectic substances whose presence in the body contributes
improvement of the gastrointestinal tract, the elimination of toxins and

6. Tannins have a beneficial effect on
structure of mucous membranes.

Also worth noting is that fresh blueberries are
low-calorie product, energy value per 100 grams
makes only 44 Kcal.

Blueberries during pregnancy: a beneficial effect on
an organism

When a woman wears in the womb of a child, she needs more
the amount of vitamins in order for the fruit to develop normally.
Bilberry is a berry that is consumed in a certain amount.
благоприятно сказывается на an organismе будущей матери и ее чада.

1. The composition contains calcium in large quantities, due to
чему укрепляются кости baby и матери. The condition also improves.
hair and nails of a woman, skin gets a healthy shade, disappears
tired look

2. The work of the cardiovascular system is stimulated.

3. Черника при беременности помогает женскому an organismу бороться
with infectious and viral type diseases.

4. An infusion made from berry leaves regulates the level
blood cholesterol.

5. The iron content in the composition prevents development
in pregnant anemia.

6. Bilberry compote prevents the onset of toxicosis.
The same effect will be achieved when using fresh fruit juice
berries, cooked at home.

7. Улучшаются обменные процессы в an organismе, успокаивает нервная

Abuse of blueberries during pregnancy: negative

In addition to useful properties, blueberries during pregnancy can and
adversely affect the state of the mother and her offspring.

This happens in case of abuse of the product. It is important to understand
that even the most harmless berries will not be useful if you eat them
too much.

The Effects of Blueberry Abuse

1. The manifestation of an allergic reaction. She can
come out in the form of a rash, anaphylactic shock or urticaria. Each
из приведенных случаев опасен для беременной женщины и baby в

2. Hypercalcemia. Calcium is useful for
an organismа, но не в переизбытке. Excessive intake may
lead to complications during childbirth.

3. Oxalaturia. Overuse of blueberries
leads to the accumulation of oxalic acid in the kidneys. When it is a lot
she does not have time to be displayed. This leads to an accumulation in
an organismе вредных веществ и образованию камней в почках.

4. Переедание черникой при беременности
leads to constipation and the deterioration of the gastrointestinal

! When urolithiasis or in the presence of individually
intolerance to the berries, use them to women in the period
Carrying a child is strictly prohibited.

How much can you eat blueberries during pregnancy

There is an opinion that if a pregnant woman wants to eat something, she
should not deny myself. This is actually the case, but it should
be in moderation. Blueberries during pregnancy have a positive effect on
mother and her baby only if you eat her

Allowed to eat no more than 3 tablespoons of berries per day
after the main meal as a dessert. Also not prohibited
decoctions of the leaves of berries, jam, or ground with sugar blueberries.
In any case, you must follow the basic rule – not

Blueberries during pregnancy: recipes for future mothers

1. Blueberry preventive infusion

Cooking is very simple, the drink is extremely useful for
pregnant women. You will need to crush finely 1 tablespoon
fresh berries, then the resulting mass is poured boiling water.
Capacity must be covered with a saucer and let stand until complete
cooling down To make the infusion more pleasant to drink, into it
You can add a small amount of honey. The resulting drink
It is recommended to drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day after meals. is he
is an excellent prevention of colds.

2. A decoction of blueberry leaves for pregnant

1 tablespoon of ground dried blueberry leaves
steamed with boiling water (one glass), left to infuse
20-30 minutes Broth must be filtered and consumed in half
cup 3 times a day. This tool saves pregnant from
diarrhea, solve the problem with constipation.

3. Berries ground with sugar

Blueberries are very useful fresh, but in winter
It’s really hard to find a natural product
prepare in advance. Purchase blueberries in the summer and grind it with
sugar – it is perfectly stored in the refrigerator in this form. On
a glass of berries need 1 tablespoon of sugar. To use such
A dish can be no more than 3 tablespoons per day with
of pregnancy.

Blueberries during pregnancy: important points of eating berries

1. Berries, which are sold in the store in frozen form,
absolutely useless, therefore, for women in the period of gestation
baby not recommended. It is better to buy blueberries in the summer and freeze
independently in a plastic container, or rub it with
sugar and eat in the form of jam.

2. Even if a woman has not previously been allergic
reactions to the product, during pregnancy, everything can change. By
therefore, in order to avoid the appearance of a rash, you must first eat
several berries and watch your reaction during the day
an organismа.

3. Blueberries during pregnancy can be consumed not only fresh
the form. It is also useful to add dried leaves to tea.

4. Eating berries causes frequent urination, therefore
It is necessary to drink 1.5-2 liters of water to make up the balance. it
it must be pure non-carbonated water.

5. Often pregnant women face such a problem as
hemorrhoids. In order to reduce the risk of the formation of the disease
it is recommended to drink a glass of fresh during the period of carrying the child
blueberry juice per day. is he улучшит перистальтику кишечника и его

Blueberries during pregnancy will be useful in any form, as for
future mother, and for her offspring. The main thing is to comply with the daily
permissible rate of berries (3 tablespoons) in order to avoid negative

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