Blood type of the child – the table. Determined byblood type of parents which blood type the child will have.

Чт, 30 июл 2015 Автор: Ирина Силенко
Dad’s special pride, along with finding a baby
a reduced copy of his own nose is
newborn similar blood type. Perhaps he hopes in vain
and she will be my mother’s? What determines the blood type of the child, which
indicated by not entirely understandable characters? Consider all these
the questions in this article and below you can calculate the group
blood of your child on a special table.

A bit of history

Future winner of the prestigious Nobel Prize, Austrian
researcher Karl Landsteiner, conducted an interesting experiment.
Taking blood from a few like-minded employees, including
including himself, he divided it into a liquid component, serum, and
red corpuscles – red blood cells. Mixing in various ways six
samples, the scientist found that in the serum of some red blood cells
evenly distributed, while others are glued together and then deposited on
bottom. During the experiments, scientists identified three different
human blood groups, which they labeled A, B, and O.
The fourth, discovered six years later by Dr. J. Jansky, is more likely
all, just absent from the participants in the experiment.

Czech researcher proposed to designate blood types
in a different way, in Roman numerals, and in 1928 symbolism was adopted,
which is used now – 0 (I), A (II), B (III) and AB (IV).
It has been proven that not all donated blood is suitable for a patient when
its transfusion is required, and only the corresponding group. In honor of
Landsteiner’s greatest discovery that helped save lives
million people, International Day of the donor is celebrated on the day of his
Birth – June 14th.

What is blood

The division of blood into groups is based on the presence of
erythrocyte specific antigens a and b and looks like the following
in the following way:

– I (0) – no antigens in the blood;

– II (A) – the presence of only antigen A;

– III (AB) – the presence of antigen B;

– IV (AB) – on the surface of the erythrocyte there are both, A and B.

Antigens are reliable body guards located in
surface red blood cells. When a virus invades, they
instantly start active production of antibodies that reliably
stick to it and immobilize.

What determines the blood type of the child

Timely determination of the blood type of the child is extremely
important. After all, if necessary, its transfusion can be
make only a similar kind of life-giving moisture. Extremely important
This is for young children, which is why they take blood for analysis already in
maternity hospital. Determine what will be the blood type of the child, curious
Parents can before the birth of the crumbs. Years of research
geneticists have proven that this indicator, like many other
signs inherited from mom and dad. Gregor Mendel considered
founder of genetics and known for his experiments with peas, in
mid-19th century formulated the laws according to which the group
the child’s blood inherits the parental parameters (you can clearly
see this in the special table of the child’s blood type). Short
it looks like this:

– mom and dad are owners of the same blood group I (0) –
antigens A and B of the heirs will be absent;

– parents have a combination of groups I (0) and II (A), or I (0) and III
(AB) – the blood type of the child is similar to the parent;

– spouses IV (AV) – possible options, the blood type of the child
any except I (0);

– if the parents of the baby have II (A) and III (AB) – predict
It is quite difficult, in the kids any group is equally possible.

baby blood type

Interesting! I (0) owners are considered
hunters and meat eaters, II (A) – farmers, vegetarians and
lovers of different berries, the third blood group in nomads and
lovers of bread, but the owners of IV (AB) are quite capable of becoming
vampires for unique omnivorous and compatible.

Rh factor and blood type of the child

On erythrocyte membranes in the vast majority of the population
the planet is a lipoprotein, a special protein, this is the mysterious
Rh factor, which designate in Latin letters Rh. Its availability
confirmed in approximately 85% of the world’s population, their blood
therefore, they are called Rh-positive. In the absence of protein, why
blood does not get better or worse, they say that a person
negative rhesus. The letters Rh are used with “+” or
�”-“. If the potential parents of the baby have no protein, then
the long-awaited child he will not appear, whatever the blood type of the child
was not.

The presence of + Rh in both parents guarantees its appearance in
heirs in 4/5 of all cases, although 1/5 remains possible
the option of having -Rh. But if the father of the baby -Rh, and the mother
+ Rh, or vice versa, then the crumbs are quite likely both the presence and
lack of lipoprotein. Thus, the Rh factor, as well as
blood type of the child depends on the factor of heredity.

Blood compatibility of potential parents

Creating a family and dreaming of a firstborn, future parents sometimes not
They know that the success of conception, the health of the future of the little ones and
the well-being of a gestation period is directly dependent on their
compatibility for blood type and Rh factor. Ideally desirable
the same Rh, regardless of the presence or absence of protein. With
Different types of Rh factors are possible ambiguous development options

1. Mom has + RH, dad -RH. In this case, sometimes
quite a long time to wait for the desired pregnancy, and after
this also be prepared for possible difficulties. Often for
Mum bearing a child must be in the hospital for a long time, and
inherited from the father of the Rh factor and the blood type of the child can
cause problems with baby’s health.

2. Negative mommy’s RH and father’s positive, what about
details will be discussed below, can sometimes lead to death
fetus and miscarriage.

Rhesus conflict

Most of the trouble happens if mom
has -Rh, and dad has + Rh. In 75% of cases, the fetus will have
paternal positive rhesus factor that will cause active
maternal immune system resistance. Perceiving red blood cells
babies, as alien, she will seek to destroy them actively
produced by antibodies. In turn, the child’s body, losing
red blood cells, produces new, with the spleen and
the liver is very significantly increased. Gradually arises
oxygen starvation, brain damage, even death is possible
born baby. With ожидании первенца реальная опасность еще не
so great, bearing serious troubles Rh-conflict can
and not occur, but with each next pregnancy risk

In this situation, the future mom should be under
constant supervision of doctors. In the female consultation she will have
continually donate blood for the amount of antibodies hostile to
erythrocyte kid. Immediately after birth, the blood type is determined.
child and its Rh factor. If the baby has + Rh, then mommy is urgent
inject antirhesus immunoglobulin, which will avoid
trouble if you want to have another child. Same
the way to do if the first pregnancy ended in miscarriage
or artificial interruption. This innovative doctor method
began to apply only at the end of the last century.

Blood type – is incompatibility possible

Not only the Rh factor plays a crucial role in the prosperous
conception and birth of a strong baby. Compatibility is equally important.
future parents by blood type, as convincingly
This is indicated by the table below. She lets you see
that conflict may occur in the following cases:

– I (0) and negative Rh factor in mom determine
the possibility of conflict with proteins of the second group A, the third group B and
positive rhesus;

– II (A) with negative RH – conflict with proteins possible
positive rhesus, third and fourth groups B;

– III (AB) and negative rhesus may conflict with proteins
of the fourth group A, the second group A and protein positive

– IV (AV) – the most non-conflict group, trouble can
occur only with -RH in mom and + RH in dad.

If the mother, for example, I (0), and the child’s blood type
inherited from the father and different from the mother
the pregnant woman will start to produce antibodies against him – antiA and
antiv. It becomes clear the indispensable blood test at the first
visiting female consultation. Indeed, in this case, you can advance
determine the presence of immune antibodies in moms with the first group and
prevent the possible development of hemolytic disease in
новорожденного крохи по группе blood.

Attention! If there is a suspicion of development
hemolytic disease, do not shy away from regular blood tests
on the level of antibodies! Optimal timing for normal delivery in
In this case are 35-37 weeks.

Many experts are convinced that if Dad’s blood type is higher
maternal, baby born strong and healthy. Conflicts due to
inconsistencies in each other in blood type do not happen
rarely, however, they are not as dangerous and global as
incompatibility for Rh accessories. Done on time
surveys, regular attendance at the antenatal clinic and obedient
the implementation of all the recommendations of the doctor will allow you to conceive safely
take out and give birth to a healthy baby.

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