Blood clots after childbirth: norm or pathology?What to do when blood clots appear after delivery

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Роды — это непростой физиологический процесс,
which is associated with a large physical and psychological stress
on a woman’s body and a certain degree of risk to its health.

Full recovery of the body occurs not earlier than through
6-8 weeks after the birth of the baby.

One of the natural manifestations of cleansing the body
are blood secretions from the uterus, starting immediately after
Очень часто выделения схожи с обильной менструацией
and go along with clots. Many women, without knowing the reasons
clots after childbirth, are afraid, considering them
solely as a pathology. However, in most cases this is not
So. Consider how much discharge and clots is the norm and
what to do with blood clots after giving birth when they are threatened
health of the young mother.

Causes of blood clots after delivery in the uterus

During labor the uterus is subject to much more
load and change than all other bodies.
the birth of the fetus is the release of the placenta – fetal membranes,
placenta and umbilical cord. Placenta remnants, mucus and blood clots
continue to emerge throughout the entire postpartum period.
Blood clots are also called lochia. Normal by the end of the first
months after giving birth, they become scarce and transparent.

The cause of blood clots, especially when they become
very intense, it is breastfeeding baby.

During the process, the uterus is strongly reduced. It contributes to her.
rapid purification and recovery. During feeding many
women, especially hypnotized, feel moderate pain
sensations of a pulling character in the abdomen, which is
evidence of uterine contractions. In such cases, blood clots,
that stand out from the uterus are considered as natural
the physiological process of returning the uterus to its prenatal

After 2-3 days, women are usually prescribed
Ultrasound examination of the uterus. It is necessary to make sure that
the process of cleansing the reproductive organ is in accordance with
the norm. It is not uncommon for the doctor to detect the remains of fetal
shells and large blood clots. In this case, the clots are alarming.
a sign, since favorable conditions are created for penetration and
reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. In severe cases, it may
lead to endometritis (inflammation of the inner layer of the uterus).

Fear is caused also by those cases when in some days after
Lochia genera are significantly reduced, if not completely terminated.
The cause of this phenomenon can be a large blood clot, which
interferes with a free exit of allocations from a uterus. It also happens
that clots do not appear immediately, but after several “clean”

If these phenomena are accompanied by pain,
unpleasant smell from the vagina and fever, this
may indicate the beginning of the inflammatory process. Such
cases, you must immediately contact your doctor,
who knows exactly what to do with blood clots in the body of the uterus,
who are “not in a hurry” to go outside.

What to do with blood clots after childbirth and poor contraction

Normally, the uterus after a day after birth is at the level
navel and drops daily by 2 cm. There are cases when the presence of
a blood clot is indicative of a bad reduction in childbearing
body. Among the factors affecting the rate of reduction, taken
highlight the age of the woman, the size of the fetus, passed childbirth
naturally or with a caesarean section, how successful
breastfeeding process is carried out.

Скопление кровяных сгустков растягивает оболочки uterus,
throws it backwards, thus preventing the discharge of secretions.
The uterus is badly reduced by the presence of fibroids in her body, after
Multiple pregnancies if a newborn weighs more than 4
kg There are many ways that can improve
сократимость uterus:

• earlier getting up and moving after childbirth (if
passed without complications);

• performance of special postnatal gymnastics;

• putting the baby to the breast in the first half hour after

• feeding the child not by the hour, but on demand;

• frequent abdomen;

• applying ice or a cold water bottle to the lower abdomen, which
reduces smooth muscle;

• regular emptying of the bladder;

• eating peristalsis products

• fighting constipation to reduce pressure on the uterus;

• oxytocin administration intramuscularly.

For a healthy woman whose birth was completed on time and without
the pathologies mentioned above are quite enough to
the release of blood clots gradually decreased. But even if after
discharge young mother feels satisfactory, she should
find time and visit the ultrasound to make sure that the process
the discharge goes fine. It is especially important to do this if the ultrasound scan
for any reason was not produced in maternity hospital. When
обнаружения вялого сокращения uterus и большого количества сгустков
назначают лечение, а порой и выскабливание uterus.

Что делать при сгустках крови после родов: чистка uterus

As noted above, the presence of clots is not always
is the basis for scraping. If immediately after delivery
there were doubts about the complete afterbirth, carry out manual cleaning
uterus. It is also necessary after cesarean section.

With pathological discharge of blood clots in women
antibiotic therapy is prescribed.
Lactation is taken into account. In order not to disrupt the process of natural
breastfeeding, women are recommended to feed the child before taking
medication. Also prescribed oxytocin through an IV or
intramuscularly. The drug is administered under the supervision of a physician.
which for several days will control the size
uterus и успешность сокращения. It has good performance
extract of water pepper.

Для очищения uterus проводят вакуум-аспирацию.
Many women are very afraid of this procedure, rightly considering it
unpleasant and painful. In order to eliminate discomfort
vacuum aspiration is performed under general anesthesia. Duration
procedures do not exceed 20 minutes. Afterоперационный период проходит
under the supervision of a physician. Within two weeks after
scraping should observe certain

• strictly follow the rules of personal hygiene;

• do not take a bath, use a shower;

• Do not swim in the pools, river or sea;

• do not use baths and saunas;

• Do not use a vaginal tampon.

• do not douche;

• eliminate any weight lifting;

• minimize physical exertion and exercise;

• exclude sex (intimacy is not
recommended earlier than three to four weeks after delivery).

After чистки uterus от сгустков крови выделения могут усилиться,
which is not surprising, because the uterus turns into an open wound. But already
after a week they become moderate and then, according to
normal, become brown.

Blood clots: folk remedies

При слабом сокращении uterus, что является причиной сгустков
blood after childbirth, have proven themselves proven time
folk remedies. To them belong:

• nettle – 3 tbsp. spoons brew 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist and
drink 100 mg three times a day;

• Flowers of a clear-white blossom – 2 tbsp. spoons pour 0.5 liters of boiled
cooled water, insist night and take several times in

• shepherd’s bag – 3-4 spoons of grass brewed in a glass of boiling water,
the mixture is wrapped and infused for 3-4 hours;

• birch leaves – dried leaves pour boiling water,
add baking soda, insist in a warm place, drink a glass
3 times a day.

Excretion of blood clots after delivery is quite normal.
physiological phenomenon that should not be frightened. In the same time
throughout the postpartum period, you need to be extremely
listen carefully and look closely at your body,
not to miss the symptoms that may indicate
negative processes in the uterus. Caring for a small child who
takes a lot of time and effort, should not be an excuse
the indifference of a woman to the state of her health, after all
baby needs a healthy mom!

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