Black food is tasty but unhealthy:beware of these dark products

Black food is tasty but unhealthy: beware of these dark products

Black food is food that is colored black with
using activated carbon. Nutrition experts warn
что чрезмерное употребление черной of food вредит здоровью. Coal
interferes with the absorption of many beneficial substances and impairs the overall


The harm of activated carbon, or why it is better to avoid black
of food

Burgers, pizzas, smoothies, and more and more products are painted in
black color activated carbon. Consumer Advocates
предостерегают от так называемой «черной of food». The use of such
products can sometimes be detrimental to health

Activated carbon is a substance consisting mainly of
elemental carbon. It is characterized by a very large area.
surface per unit mass (up to more than 3300 ² / g).

For medical purposes, activated carbon is used to
eliminate toxic substances from the gastrointestinal tract.

The main purpose of the gastrointestinal tract is to digest and
absorb nutrients: fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and
vitamins and minerals.

Digestion includes both mechanical and
ферментативную деградацию of food. Mechanical processes – chewing,
gastric arousal and constant mixing of the small intestine.

Ферментативные процессы – расщепление of food до усвояемых
components. The final products of digestion are absorbed.
intestinal epithelial cells.

Malabsorption is a violation of nutrient absorption.
due to various disorders in the digestive tract. According to
clinical research, long-term use of activated
coal can cause malabsorption.

Black burgers and pizza – what’s the danger?

Numerous images circulate on social networks.
soot products. The exhibition presents black cocktails,
hamburgers, pizza, croissants, ice cream and waffles or just black

The trend comes from the Japanese food stalls. Now black
food reached Russia. Black color gets by adding to food
activated carbon. Consumer Advocates считают эти
products problematic.

Isn’t everything so bad?

Activated carbon is formed by partial burning
carbon raw materials – wood, peat or coconut shell
nuts. In food, it is approved as an additive, which
denoted by code E153.

The characteristic of activated carbon is that it binds
substances with you. Because of this property charcoal tablets
are effective against diarrhea and poisoning.

Coal адсорбирует загрязняющие вещества, вирусы,
bacteria and their toxins. The body releases pollutants
associated with activated carbon through the intestines.

Because of the positive effect, black smoothies are advertised as
means not only cleans the stomach or intestines, but also other

Black food impairs absorption of vitamins and minerals.

There is no scientific evidence that
activated carbon in food purifies blood or other

According to consumer advocates, activated carbon
in food causes serious disorders

It binds not only toxins, but also valuable vitamins, minerals
or phytochemicals. Therefore, nutrients are no longer
available to the body.

Black food severely disrupts drug absorption.

Absorption of drugs from the intestine or stomach is also
нарушается высокой дозой activated carbon. In people who do not
suffer from diarrhea, the consumption of activated carbon in high
doses leading to constipation. In the worst case, an obstruction develops.
intestine, which sometimes develops into peritonitis.

The amount of activated carbon used in food at first
the look seems small.

However, some homemade black cocktails are sometimes
use more than 1 tsp of activated carbon per 100 ml
drink. This corresponds to up to 12 wood tablets.

With a high dosage there is a risk of
severe abdominal pain. There is nothing wrong with once
try the food with activated charcoal. Also, it makes no sense
отказываться полностью от употребления черной of food. However experts
categorically do not advise regularly to use large quantities
such products.

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