Benefit памперсов для мальчиков и девочек:safe use rules Diabetic Harm Myths fornewborns

Ср, 22 ноя 2017 Автор: Оксана Шеповалюк

Since the advent of disposable diapers, care for your baby
it became much easier. And the life of young mothers is very simplified. Lost
the need to frequently wash and iron diapers, and the dream of a child
became calmer. But often the question arises about the harm
diapers. So, we will debunk some myths.

What is the use of diapers?

To make the child feel good and calm, it is important and
Mom’s well-being. She must take care of her health and
have time to rest. Here the answer to the question about the benefits of diapers
becomes obvious. The baby will sleep in dryness and comfort. And not
need to change diapers and sliders every half hour. Velcro and
the diapers on the diapers allow the child to move easily with their hands and

Useful qualities of diapers:

– calm and healthy baby sleep;

—The possibility of a long walk in the street. What is especially convenient in
cold season;

– excellent moisture absorption;

—The diaper fits well and allows the child to freely

“Mom has more free time;

—No irritation and diaper rash on the skin with proper
using. Due to a special layer that is beautiful
absorbs, skin contact with feces and urine practically
is excluded.

Benefit подгузников очевидна, только если их использовать по
certain rules. It is important to comply with them and then everything will be in
okay First, the diaper should not crush or be very
free. Secondly, the skin of the child should rest. For this
It is useful to arrange air baths a couple of times a day for half an hour. AND,
thirdly, diapers must be changed on time. Preferably every
three hours, and immediately after the baby poked.

It is also important to choose the right diapers. Choice should
be carried out in accordance with the weight of the child. Still need to take into account
and the complexion of the baby. For example, if the weight is 8.5 kg, but
Baby is plump, it is better to buy diapers from 9 kg. In such
case, the belt and velcro will not press on the tummy.

It is advisable to prefer to purchase a good quality product.
have tested brands. Carefully inspect the integrity
packaging. Do not take a lot of packs in stock, because kids quickly
grow up. Also, do not choose a strong odor diaper. Or
experiment frequently by choosing different brands. Because
Some models may provoke allergies and skin irritation.
baby Another important recommendation – you can not give the child to play
with diapers. If the product breaks and the adsorbent enters the mouth,
there are the most unpleasant consequences.

What is the harm of diapers

After dermatological tests, it was found that
with normal use of diapers, there can be no harm
для baby But if diapers are not used as recommended
pediatricians, the risk of causing newborn discomfort increases.

In infants, the body heats up faster due to imperfect
thermoregulation. Therefore, in order not to overheat the child, you need to follow
for air temperature in the room. The room should not be very

Damage to diapers – probable causes:

—Tactile reaction is violated. For a child, contact with
mom, your body and different materials. If there are no such sensations,
then natural reactions can be lost. After the
a number of experiments, it was discovered that with prolonged wear
diapers your baby may feel afraid to touch new things.
The emotional sphere then suffers, therefore the harm
diapers are obvious;

– Loss of control over the process of urination. When children
wear diapers after two and three years, may appear

—No opportunity to study your body fully. It may
contribute to developmental delays, as the presentation picture
baby about yourself lubricated.

To prevent this from happening, you cannot keep the baby in diapers.

Diaper Harm Myths

Due to the fact that some parents are poorly informed, there are
the myths that the use of diapers is exaggerated. And they are more
harm But with reality these representations have nothing.
in common.

The most common myths are:

– in diapers, the skin is not able to breathe normally. Is not
is true. After all, modern diapers are of good quality.
excellent breathability, so baby’s skin will always be
healthy. To avoid the appearance of diaper rash, it is important to do in time.
air baths;

– diapers can contribute to the curvature of the legs. This information
can be considered false. She was invented by supporters of swaddling infants.
Such a problem may occur with any disease, but
no way from wearing a diaper;

– ordinary diapers are more useful than diapers. Such
judgment is fundamentally wrong. After all, when using fabric, leather
baby will be wet. Pampers hold all the liquid inside.
special layer. The main thing to change his time. To not be
irritations, it needs to be done every three hours. Besides, when
the diapers get wet, they get rougher. And this can lead to
diaper rash on the skin of a baby, which in the first months of life is especially
tender. Therefore, the benefits of diapers are obvious;

– the so-called greenhouse effect from the use of diapers.
Such a judgment is false. A series of dermatological tests was performed.
After which it was revealed that the temperature of the child’s body and his
genitals is the same for several hours
correct wearing of a diaper. Over time, this ability
�”Breathe” decreases. Therefore, we should not forget the rule about regular
his shift. In extreme heat, as well as with increasing temperature,
it is advisable to refrain from dressing the diaper;

– it will be difficult to teach a child to the pot. This is also a myth. Such
judgment can be valid only if you wear diapers
baby after two years. You need to gradually try to move on
the next stage of development, however, without pressure on the child. Otherwise
negative experience that can be adapted to
pot more complex;

– The occurrence of cystitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system.
The use of diapers cannot contribute to this. Medical
research suggests that such violations may occur
as a result of improper and poor hygiene. To prevent
diseases, pediatricians recommend changing diapers in time and doing
cleansing water procedures. It will also be a good measure.

– diapers can contribute to infertility
boys A scarecrow that is better to keep the testicles in the cold, and in
diapers they overheat. There is a specific for this myth
denial. Until the age of seven, sperm cells do not form,
respectively, and damage them is unrealistic.

Rumors and questionable recommendations should be ignored. Benefit
diapers are indisputable. With the proper use of them about harm
You can forget. The main thing is to choose a good quality product,
store it in a dry place, regularly monitor the condition of the skin
under the diaper and in time to change it. This will protect the baby from
various dermatological problems and other risks. And if there is
difficulties in choosing the right brand of product, it’s best to ask for
advice to a good pediatrician or a dermatologist for children.

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