Bee pollen – a unique productbeekeeping. What are its healing properties, harm to pergafor the body

Чт, 10 май 2018 Автор: Анна Лунина

The benefits of natural honey for almost all
vital systems and organs of the human body are not
questioned. But after all the useful and medical is not
only honey, but also other products of the bees – propolis and
bee perga.

If many have heard of propolis, then bee pollen is less
a common product of beekeeping, but its most valuable useful
qualities deserve special attention.


Product origin

To understand what is the use of bee pollen for
man, you need to know what kind of product it is and how the bee

Perga is unambiguously called “bee bread”, as it
serves as a nutrient for insect larvae. In a certain
the development phase of the “kids” bees feed exclusively on this product, and
without it, the offspring can die in a matter of days. Yes, and for themselves
bees depleted during the winter; in early spring, the perga is rich
source of protein and carbohydrates.

How do bees “produce” pergu

As is well known, in addition to nectar, insect laborers collect
pollen and flowers, attaching it with saliva to their paws, bring in
hive. Flying insects that are constantly in the hive, re
process it with enzymes, mix with nectar, and
tamped into the honeycomb, and prefer the old, dark cells,
filling them in at 2/3. Then the honeycomb is “added” with honey and sealed.
waxing During storage, the original product is exposed
fermentation and fermentation using the milk it contains
acid – the product is conserved, pollen gradually turns into

As a result of these complex manipulations in the cells of the cells it turns out
bee pollen – a useful product, which consists of proteins,
amino acids, organic compounds, minerals,
vitamins. Total biochemists have identified more than 60 unique useful
substances, each of which is healing!

Biochemical composition of “bee bread”

Bee pollen – a useful product, natural antibiotic,
pollen and honey superior in quality several times
balanced substance that is completely absorbed
by the body. It is surprising that, being a derivative of pollen, perga
contains beneficial substances much more than the original product: in
She almost twice as much vitamin C and organic acids!

The composition of this wonderful product includes:

• monosaccharides – glucose, fructose, sucrose;

• amino acids, of which 10 are essential: aspartic,
glutamine, alanine, valine, proline, leucine, glycine, threonine and

• organic fatty acids: stearic, palmitic,
palmitoleic, oleic, myristic, lipoleva, etc .;

• vitamins – A, B1, B2, B3, B6, P, C, E, D, K, carotenoid;

• more than 50 different enzymes and hormones that
the human body is not able to produce independently;

• mineral salts, which include micro and
macronutrients: iron, copper, silicon, magnesium, potassium, calcium,
phosphorus, selenium, zinc, iodine, boron, chromium, etc .;

• heteroauxin – a substance that activates growth and regeneration

• more than 10 unique carbohydrate compounds.

Appearance of perga

The specific appearance allows you to protect the most valuable product from
fakes. Since it is extracted from honeycombs, perga is
hexagonal columns with multi-colored layers – determine the color
plants from which pollen was collected. Granules neat
removed from the honeycomb, dried in compliance with a special technology,
so as not to overdry too much.

Sometimes drugstores sell hex capsules – this
The pressed perga, cleared of wax. In this form, the product can
very long stored in the refrigerator, but unfortunately, as a result
recycling it loses an impressive part of the nutrients and
of vitamins.

It is best to use perga in its natural form, along with
honeycomb, honeyed, slowly chewing and enjoying each
a piece of priceless product.

Useful properties of bee perga

The effectiveness of this healing substance – fermented
flower pollen is very high. The benefits of bee perga, of course,
lies in its unique, extremely rich composition.

Apart from the fact that bee perga itself is very
a useful product, it contributes to a better absorption of valuable
nutrients and vitamins from food because it contains the most
full composition of biologically active components.

It has practically every organ or system of a person.
beneficial effect.

• Any type of anemia. Perga effectively treats organs
blood formation, improves blood structure, increases hemoglobin,
red blood cells, reticulocytes, normalizes the total number

• Cardiovascular system: vascular walls are strengthened,
their elasticity increases, blood circulation improves, decreases
blood pressure, normal rhythm of the heart, heart
muscles (prevention of myocardial infarction). In the treatment of perga
there is a decrease in the level of harmful cholesterol.

• Gastrointestinal tract: improves metabolism
restores intestinal microflora, serves as prevention of swelling
stomach, treats the advanced stages of constipation and diarrhea that are not
can even be treated with antibiotics. The tool is highly effective when
treatment of gastritis, colitis, heartburn, stomach ulcers, hepatitis and cirrhosis
the liver. Removes toxins from the body, cleansing and improving the overall
состояние the liver.

• Respiratory system. Helps in the treatment of colds,
bronchitis, sore throats, antritis, pharyngitis, pneumonia, etc.,
as it is a powerful natural antibiotic, it destroys
bacteria, strengthens the immune system.

• It has a strong effect on the immune system, especially
useful bee pollen to strengthen immunity and prevention
catarrhal diseases in children.

• It has been proven that “canned” pollen is capable of
reduce the risk of cancer, reduce the size
benign tumors.

• For the health of the male reproductive system: improves quality
seminal fluid, contributes to the treatment of infertility.

• For the female reproductive system: promotes harmonious
development of the fetus, eliminates toxemia, restores cyclicity

• Activates the brain, improves memory, improves
performance – very useful for older people.

Who is harmful bee perga?

Perhaps you can talk for a long time and in more detail about useful
qualities of this amazing “bee bread”. But necessary
note also the possible harm to humans. Perga

• in case of intolerance to honey and other beekeeping products;

• with cancer;

• in the presence of toxic goiter;

• with low blood clotting.

How to use

Perga put under the tongue and slowly dissolve or chew.
For prophylactic purposes, the average daily dose for an adult
a person is 5-10 g. The course of treatment is 25-30 days, a break
between courses – 1-2 months. For the treatment of diseases dose
double, but the exact appointment can only be made
Phytotherapist doctor.

The most valuable product of beekeeping – bee perga – is capable of
help in the treatment of many diseases, to restore even the weakest
an organism.

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