Basics of proper nutrition for weight loss

pravilnoe-pitanie-dlya-pohudeniyaEnable correct
nutrition for losing weight in your daily diet will not only help you
stay longer healthy and cheerful, but also allow you to achieve
very effective weight loss.

Maintaining proper nutrition ensures that as a
energy source during exercise your body
will use adipose tissue and not muscle tissue.

As we know, the body uses carbohydrates and fats to get
energy during daily tasks and exercises, and
amino acids in protein for muscle tissue repair
growth and maintenance of the immune system.

Well, now in more detail:

The basic units of any diet for weight loss are:


Consumption of both vegetable and animal protein has
incredibly important for proper weight loss. Sources
animal origin contain almost all irreplaceable
amino acids which are necessary for the further synthesis of proteins.
Herbal products have an incomplete set of amino acids,
therefore always have to be supplemented with another protein food,
able to provide your body with all those amino acids in
which he needs.


Carbohydrates являются основным источником энергии, поэтому
their use is recommended in the amount of 45 – 65% of the total
daily calories. Getting the “right” amount
carbohydrate will maintain a healthy balance of nutrition, and
promote effective weight loss, so be sure to
consult an experienced nutritionist before using
carbohydrate-free diets. Fat

Your body needs food fats for effective absorption.
vitamins from food and energy supply. High
fat content in food does not lead to weight gain, as long as
until the daily calorie intake is exceeded, which is calculated,
based on your physiological parameters and individual
physical activity.


And now let’s look at what the main aspects of the right
slimming food will help us successfully fight for the beautiful and
slim figure:

Proper nutrition for weight loss

Fruits and vegetables

Nutrition, богатое фруктами и овощами, не только помогает
control weight, but also provides our body with the necessary
nutrients, and even reduces the risk of
some types of oncology and chronic diseases. That’s why so
Fruit monodiets, such as the pear diet, are now popular.

Most people think that to lose weight eat
necessary in small portions, but this is not necessarily the case. The most
the main thing is what you eat. Small quick snacks contain
much more fat and calories than a few servings of fruit and
vegetables, which are known to have low calorie.

Water and fiber in vegetables and fruits will provide
additional volume, which means they will allow you to get enough of less
amount of food. Proper nutrition for weight loss подразумевает
consumption of at least five servings of fresh vegetables and fruits
every day to maintain optimal health.

Whole grains

Whole-grain diets are important for
successful weight control and proper weight loss. Consumption
whole grains in addition to weight loss, is also associated with
lower blood pressure and the risk of diabetes and
cardiovascular disease. Whole grains богаты клетчаткой,
which will help you maintain a feeling of fullness after


The human body for the most part consists of water, so its
regular receipt is urgently needed to properly
ensure the functionality of all internal systems of the body. Although
This may seem surprising, but many people do not consume
enough water as recommended
nutritionists, in the amount of eight glasses (2 liters) during the day.

Water не только помогает вывести из организма конечные продукты
vital activity, but also allows you to maintain a feeling of satiety. With
the choice of drinking water, pay attention to the sources with
the least amount of impurities.

Daily supplements

Daily supplements могут быть полезны для правильной потери
weight. Therefore, if you lack nutrients, they can
be taken in the form of certain dietary supplements, tablets, liquid and
powder forms and contain the necessary vitamins and minerals.
Vitamins A, groups B, C, D, E, K, as well as minerals such as zinc,
calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium are needed to maintain
general health, from head to toe, inside and out.

Of course, vitamins do not directly lead to weight loss, but they
contribute to the acceleration of metabolism in combination with physical
slimming exercises and a healthy diet.

However, if you exercise regularly, stick with
balanced diet then take daily supplements like
Generally, there is no urgent need.

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