Banana diet for weight loss

  • 1 Banana diet for 3 days
    • 1.1 Principles of nutrition
    • 1.2 Permitted Products
    • 1.3 Detailed menu

To effectively get rid of extra pounds, fashion already
long entered the special fruit diet for weight loss. Technique
can be based on a single product, or on several. AT
In this case, we consider the mono-diet, the main product of which
is a banana.

Despite the fact that this fruit is very calorie, its often
used as a product for weight loss. AT нижеследующем
material will get acquainted with the basic principles of a banana diet and
Consider the menu, designed for three days.


Banana diet for 3 days

Before you devote yourself to a diet based on the above
product, to get rid of excess kilos, let’s
read more with positive properties and disadvantages

So what is a banana? Despite the fact that many
accustomed to consider it a fruit, scientifically it is
herb plant. 95 products per one gram of product

Banana contains such useful

  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • iron;
  • fluorine;
  • phosphorus;
  • sodium.

Eating this tasty fruit is as follows.
beneficial actions for the body:

  • improves the cardiovascular system;
  • normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • increases brain activity;
  • effective in combating tobacco addiction;
  • improves hemoglobin;
  • relieves nervous tension.
  • treats an ulcer;
  • relieves obesity;
  • effective in gastritis;
  • normalizes blood circulation;
  • normalizes kidney and liver function.

In addition to the above list, bananas contain not only huge
the amount of vitamins, but also are a source of good mood.
That is, they can be used as an antidepressant.

Despite the presence of many vitamins and beneficial properties,
bananas should not be abused. AT данном случае, мнение «чем
Eat more, the more you will be healthy ”- erroneously.

When eating bananas, be extremely careful, as
This fruit has many inclined to cause allergic reactions.

Banana diet has many
contraindications. Immediately refuse
from the use of this fruit in the presence of such diseases,

  • varicose veins;
  • flatulence;
  • diabetes.

Also, do not indulge in such a risk for getting rid of excess
килограмм при индивидуальной непереносимости fruit

If you decide to devote your time to this diet for
slimming carefully read the information about
principles of nutrition.

Principles of nutrition

Getting to know the principles of eating a banana diet
похудения начнем с того, как правильно выбрать основной
: фрукт должен быть желтого цвета, средней длины.
Never buy unripe bananas, as they are bad.
digested by the intestines.

Before you start a banana diet,
подготовьте к этому свой
организм. This should be done as follows.
in the following way:

  • eliminate from the diet fried, fatty, smoked and salted;
  • the day before the start of dieting, eat a lot of green
    tea and mineral water.

If the body is not ready for this kind of change in
diet, getting rid of extra pounds with a banana diet
will be impossible. AT таком случае, подберите другое, более щадящее,

Теперь перейдем непосредственно к принципам
power supply:

  • diet for 3 days;
  • average daily consumption of bananas – one and a half
  • allowed to use water in unlimited
  • it is also allowed to drink a lot of tea, but without sugar;
  • The maximum calories per day – 1300 energy

При выходе из вышеуказанной диеты, в ближайшие
2-3 weeks your dinner should consist of only one banana. Not
Hurry up immediately to “throw on” the familiar fast food. So that
save the results you want to keep track of calories
consumed foods even upon completion of restrictive nutrition
for weight loss. ATводите «запретные» продукты в рацион постепенно, по
1-2 per week.

Permitted Products

In addition to the main product, banana diet for weight loss
допускает в рационе следующий перечень

  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • boiled eggs;
  • grapefruit;
  • chicken meat;
  • low-fat boiled fish;
  • milk;
  • kefir.

Of course, all these products need to be combined with a banana so
so that the menu is balanced and not exceeded
calorie intake. AT нижеследующем пункте ознакомим вас с
a detailed menu of the banana diet to effectively get rid of
extra pounds.

Detailed menu

Detailed menu банановой диеты на 3 дня выглядит
следующим in the following way:

First day

  • Breakfast: 250 g of cottage cheese, unsweetened black tea;
  • Lunch: a salad of banana, grapefruit and boiled eggs, a glass
    skimmed yogurt;
  • Dinner: boiled cod with lemon juice.


  • banana smoothie;
  • boiled egg and two bananas;
  • cottage cheese and grapefruit.


  • a glass of milk, 2-3 boiled eggs;
  • puree of 3 bananas;
  • grapefruit and herbal tea.

Eating on the “banana menu” and not neglecting the rules, you do not
just improve your condition health, but also lose weight by five
a kilogram in just three days.

In addition, even after the completion of the above methods of losing weight,
This fruit should be left in its regular diet. Even
you no longer need to get rid of extra pounds, use
the above fruit will always serve as a good prevention for
heart and other internal organs.

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