Baby Walker: Pros and Cons. howto decide mom useful walker or harmful?

Вт, 01 май 2018 Автор: Анна Лунина

It’s no secret that walkers are a good thing for mom:
finally, you can “untie” your hands and do endless homework.
chores, leaving the child “in a safe place.” But here’s about bringing
Walkers benefit or harm to babies, spores do not subside. Pro supporters
and “against” give compelling arguments, defending their point

how же решить, нужны ли действительно ходунки или лучше обойтись
without them?

Walkers, as a way to move the baby

The opinions of parents about the use of this device, as well as
The opinions of pediatricians are mixed. Benefit or harm walker
may occur in any particular case, and it directly depends
first of all, from the physical development of the child. The most important thing
condition – the baby should already sit independently. Back muscles and
the spine should be sufficiently developed, strong to
the child felt confident, sat without falling one
the side. Otherwise, the fragile skeleton, the spine of the baby
bend in a very short time.

In the first year of life, the children’s brain develops too rapidly.
The child every day, and even every hour, learns something for himself
new, remembers and captures the impressions and sensations in the brain. By
The claims of children’s specialist doctors, it is very important that children
crawled independently during this period:

• firstly, the musculoskeletal system, muscles are strengthened
back, legs and arms;

• secondly, the crawling process contributes to the development of coordination
and connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain;

• thirdly, the child is getting up from all fours, the child learns
look for support, and sometimes falling, improves the preservation of balance,
learns sustainability and caution.

The damage of the walker is that the parents deprive the baby
opportunities to independently acquire these very important skills.

Possible harm walker for child

1. There is an opinion that walkers are harmful and can even slow down.
child development, especially during the period when they try
do the first steps yourself. After all, in a walker, a child is just
pushes off with his feet, while he does not produce a conscious
moving forward, not keeping balance, that’s why he
much harder to take the first step.

2. The wheels give mobility to the walker and the child is often
feels insecure, disoriented in the space of the room:
pushing off with legs, moves in the opposite direction from the interest
his subject.

3. The kid has to constantly be at the same level from the floor,
can’t sit or bend over, take a toy with
gender, coordinate your movements. It is also possible
categorized as harm walker for children.

4.If the baby is not mobile, it does not crawl on its own, and mom
uses walkers as a means of support – it is not only harmful, but also
very dangerous: increased load on the immature musculoskeletal
the apparatus will subsequently adversely affect the spine and
hip joints.

5.Although the support of the children’s device is wide enough.
radius, after all, the child is 100% not immune from tipping –
he can bend over, reach for the toy.

IMPORTANT! It is forbidden to use walkers for
children with weak muscle tone, as well as with rickets and
disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Byльза ходунков в развитии ребенка

The apparent benefit of this “cunning” device is practically not
exists. Honestly, many people think that for mom
real benefits are much greater than for acquiring any
skills toddler.

But, if your baby has already examined all corners of the room on
on all fours, crawls quite well and quickly – it means that he has
rather strong muscles and skeleton, and walkers, at least, will not cause
harm to the child. On the contrary, it will be useful to him for a long time.
moving vertically, discovering “new
horizons “, move from room to room (of course, under
parental supervision).

The broad base of the walker will prevent the possibility of interventions.
ubiquitous baby pens in unwanted places: electric
sockets, hot plates, etc. If the need arose for a couple
minutes to leave the child unattended, walkers will be very helpful in
this situation.

Various gaming devices that are equipped with modern
The walkers will also clearly benefit the baby – he will be able to remember
buttons and press him with a favorite song or sound
animals, etc.

From what age can walkers be used

The age when you can fearlessly entrust your child to walkers
highly individual and depends only on the full physical
development of the baby. On average, it ranges from 7 to 9 months. In it
the time of the skeleton bones is already quite strong, and for the child will be
very interesting to meet with a large toy, to experience new

In the first days, especially the child shows interest, activity,
tries to increase the speed of movement, to move in a certain
direction is quite useful physical activity. In any
case should not be rushed with a walker, give your little one
get stronger. Walkers should not be a “basket” for the child, but
This means of transportation!

The main thing is not to “overreact”

Obviously, there are many more minuses than obvious advantages.
use a walker, although if a rational approach to the issue
to find a middle ground, it’s very easy and simple to avoid negative
the consequences of adjusting on wheels.

The main guide when using walkers for caring
Moms should have positive feelings for the child, comfort and
voluntary desire to be in them. Alternation of different
ways of movement and physical exertion necessarily go to
benefit to the child. If the baby is sitting confidently, he sits down
lying down, it is already possible to leave it in the walker for a while.

Regular massages will help to strengthen muscles and increase their tone.
gymnastics, as well as active crawling. But no matter how prepared
there was no baby, you should not leave him in all sorts for a long time
devices. This can lead to deformation of the feet.
baby, or the habit of walking on the fingers.

Mom reviews about walkers

In fairness it should be noted that on the forums on the Internet
you can meet a huge number of enthusiastic and joyful
reviews of young mummies on the use of this “mode of transport”
for kids. Movement in the walker gives the child freedom
уверенность вертикального положения, расширяется круг обоview.
It goes without saying that from a normal standing position a review
much better than from the floor, being on all fours. Height of many
walker modern design involves adjustment in three
steps, so you can use them for quite some time

Of course, the walker approach should be
individual. It is possible that your child will not want
being in them for even five minutes is not comfortable for him,
uncomfortable. On the other hand, even if the kid really likes to sit
in walkers, time should be limited to 15 – 20 minutes.

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