Baby vitamins – does the child need a “magic”tablet? What vitamins are necessary for children: indications,contraindications

Вт, 08 авг 2017 Автор: Мила Кочеткова

Whether to give the child extra vitamin complexes
or not? Until now, heated discussions have not subsided on this issue.
disputes between supporters and opponents of pharmacy “for children”
of vitamins.

How to determine whether the child needs additional vitamin
recharge in the form of a balanced ready-made complex from a pharmacy and
What vitamins are necessary for children? We will understand this
question in the most detailed way.

What health problems can a shortage cause?
vitamins in a child?

The body of a little baby can react very sensitively even
on a small change in the work of different systems and organs, or on
lack of some substance in the body. Most problems
begins with the child’s increased excitability, right up to the strong
obesity, and they occur mainly due to a lack of vitamins in
the body. The reason for this may be wrong and
unbalanced diet, and many other factors.

Как узнать, What vitamins are necessary for children?

You can find out if your baby has enough vitamins not only in
clinic, having passed an advanced blood test, but also based on
characteristic signs. When the body lacks a specific
Signs and symptoms appear that are difficult to confuse with
other diseases. Consider the most common causes of shortages.
specific vitamin in the body of the baby.

The lack of a specific vitamin causes the following

Нехватка витамина В1 — снижается аппетит, нарушение
blood supply in the limbs (the arms and legs of the baby are constantly
cold), there are problems with the digestive tract;

Нехватка витамина В6 — к общей слабости, нарастает
anxiety and nervousness;

Нехватка витамина С — малыш часто болеет, постоянно
bleeding gums and bleeding from the nose;

Нехватка витамина D — снижается аппетит, сон малыша —
intermittent. Often there is obesity, or vice versa –
the child is gaining too little weight.

Signs of beriberi and vitamin complexes for elevation
child immunity

In order for the baby’s immune system to work properly and smoothly,
all vitamins and minerals are needed, and
quantity must be in full. If the diet is poor
– then the child will receive less of these substances, and this immediately
negative impact on his health.

Given all the above symptoms, even with a small
lack of vitamins in the body, a small child can seriously
get injured. In this state, the child will often be sick, he
more difficult to deal with various infections. If the baby has vitamin deficiency,
then even a banal cold with a cold can last a long
time and lead to complications.

Принимаем решение, What vitamins are necessary for children?

Even a healthy child is not harmed by additional vitamins.
will be if parents are not abused by adding different
forms of vitamin complexes in the child’s diet. When is it reasonable
�”Feed” the baby’s body with an additional set of useful
substances, and what vitamins to give the child?

When making a decision, you should rely on such factors

• Give the child vitamin complexes during the off-season, in
cold season or early spring (due to weakening of the body)
when foods are already undernourished

• After an illness – cold and inflammatory
processes, taking antibiotics and potent drugs.

• In addition to vitamin D, the child can be given independently vitamins,
starting from 2 years old, not before. If you have doubts, it is necessary
seek medical advice.

• It is necessary to organize a diet and daily routine –
good sleep, air baths and walks, sound sleep no less
important in the life of the baby.

When it is necessary to do the opposite, and refuse to accept

Vitamins and minerals are certainly necessary for man
full and active life and well-being, but also
do not abuse them. So how to determine which vitamins
needed for children?

What factors should pay attention to take
the opposite side in taking vitamin complexes?

1. • Possible tendency to allergic reactions, manifestations

2. • Specifying the history not only of the child, but also of his parents –
is there a propensity for chronic or genetic

3. • Parents should know exactly how often a baby has
reaction to the introduction of a new product into the diet, are there any
irritation of the skin on detergents.

However, it is worth noting that even a full sleep, long walks
both hardening and a varied diet will not help in other
situations that can greatly affect the state of immunity in
baby For example, frequent stress or lack of complete for
his age physical and mental stress can also harm
his health. And parents, not paying attention to these factors,
begin to load his body with synthetic vitamins, and only
aggravate the situation. So, when and which vitamins are needed for

Specialists in child development have noted that a strong shortage
витаминов у здорового ребенка может возникать only в период
rapid growth, from about 8 to 15 years old when a child
turns into a teenager. As a rule, at this age his life
full and active – learning, additional developmental and sports
classes. And at this age, pediatricians agree that the child needs
additional vitaminization. But what vitamins to give the child,
there are a lot of manufacturers, different forms of administration, dosage
and composition.

Which vitamins should be preferred?

If the parents did make a decision, then at least
consult with a pediatrician to clarify the need for this
procedures for the baby. However, not everyone will go with this question to the doctor,
поэтому совет в такой ситуации only один — покупать комплексы,
which are designed specifically for children. They are specially
designed so that the baby can receive all the necessary
a single dose of the minerals and vitamins that he needs to
one day.

If the baby is less than two years old, parents should prefer
в выборе жидких of vitamins.

From two years old, babies manufacturers already offer a wider
choice – vitamins can be “hidden” in lozenges or marmalades,
chewing candies in the form of funny animals.

If the baby is more than 4 years old, you can already use it for
pills or dragees.

Most vitamins are designed so that taking
divided into 2-3 doses throughout the day, and many vitamins for better
digestion enhanced by minerals. Others have a different composition, in them
added healthy macronutrients or medicinal herbs. All this
Be sure to consider when choosing a complex for the baby.

A few tips when parents know exactly what
vitamins are necessary for children:

  • Most important – if after taking the magic pill in a child
    having problems with well-being, for example, the chair has changed,
    nausea or vomiting, rash, then medication should be
    stop immediately and consult a doctor.
  • Giving complexes is best in the morning, immediately after breakfast. But
    more accurate information will be in the instructions.
  • Remember that an oversupply of vitamins is not less dangerous than
    lack, at least the baby will have the strongest allergic

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