Baby spits up after feeding – why is itgoing on. When regurgitation after eating is normal, and whendanger?

Wed, Jun 24, 2015 Why does the baby regurgitate after feeding?
A rare parent will be lucky, who did not ask such
question after the birth of a new family member.

What is dangerous regurgitation? Why does this process occur? For what
should pay attention? How to behave correctly? Answers to everything
You will learn these questions in this article.

Causes of regurgitation in babies

It is believed that the main reason is to swallow
large amounts of air. It simply does not fit in a small
stomach because it comes back in a form that scares and
alarming all parents.

Also, pediatricians point out such factors that cause

1. Wrong mode of the day and feeding. Remember if you are
If you want your child to feel discomfort as rarely as possible, then
the feeding process should be strictly by the hour. To eat
previously, the milk had completely digested.

2. Sucking too active.

3. When feeding the nipple is incorrectly applied. The result is
crevices form between the mouth of the infant and the breast. The same situation
can wait insidiously and artificial children. Large hole
in the nipple provokes regurgitation.

4. Increased gas formation in the gastrointestinal tract.
Here, everything is directly interconnected with nursing malnutrition.

Regurgitation can be caused either for one reason or immediately.
by several of this list. If you notice any errors in how
built day routine or do not limit yourself in food,
then try to correct the situation as soon as possible.

The exception to all rules is banal intolerance.
mother’s milk. Yes, yes, before you could think that milk –
This is the best thing you can give your child, but in fact
there are such unexpected turns. With such a problem should
See a doctor you can trust. His task is
appoint a mixture with anti-reflux action.

Physiological causes of regurgitation

By the way regurgitation in most cases is normal
condition, which will be held in 6 months. It’s all about certain
features of the structure of the upper digestive tract in
infants Among them:

• short esophagus;

• mild narrowing of the esophagus;

• weakness of the lower circular muscle;

• underdevelopment of the muscle sphincter at the entrance to the stomach;

• unformed food promotion system
gastrointestinal tract and so on.

But as with any process, there are also some underwater
stones, or rather factors that are worth paying close attention to
attention to avoid the occurrence of disease.

When burping after feeding carries danger

Of course, each case is individual, because
ideal when mom always knows who to
turn to.

• Regurgitation may pose a threat if it occurs after
each feeding, and the volume is constantly increasing (the norm – from 5 to
30 ml at a time). If you can’t figure it out,
that your child gives out, then just pour a couple of canteens on the table
spoons of milk and compare with the result of regurgitation;

• The mass has a greenish or yellowish color, in which
there are mucus or streaks of blood;

• Baby points you to pain in the abdomen when regurgitating;

• The child does not gain weight and noticeably lags behind the age norms
by modern standards.

Very often, this unpleasant and alarming process becomes more frequent.
with ARVI, fever or intestinal infection.

Why do we constantly indicate communication with experts?
Sometimes the regurgitation is normal, and after a couple of months
it is a symptom of the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, nervous
metabolism systems.

Systematic regurgitation “fountain”

This phenomenon in newborns is considered the most dangerous. If you
Noticed this kind, then rather to the doctor! No advice experienced
mommies on the world wide web won’t be a lifesaver, but
may lead to irreversible processes. Baby can even
choke on their own vomit.

What does the fountain regurgitate?

• obvious problems with the gastrointestinal tract;

• result of birth injury to the brain;

• enteric infectious disease or poisoning.

If there was a brain injury, it will only help.
children’s neuropathologist.

Belching through the nose

Rarely, but there are situations when a child belches through his nose.
This phenomenon is also very dangerous. It leads to the development
polyps and adenoids. In the future there will be a need
surgical intervention.

The integrity of the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses is broken,
thanks to hydrochloric acid and lumps of milk protein. If so with
your baby happens regularly – you need to get
pediatrician consultation

When not to worry about regurgitation after eating

But how to understand whether you should worry and consider regurgitation
part of the norm or is there a problem? Remember everything
a few rules that will come in handy To you in the future:

• After regurgitation, the child behaves calmly and does not cry. Not about
what irritability or lethargy and no speech.

• Everything is fine with the chair.

• Springwell does not sink.

• The baby does not lose weight, but systematically and constantly increases
its mass.

• The baby does not regurgitate the fountain.

• The baby does not regurgitate through the nose.

In these cases, there is no reason for concern.

How to prevent (reduce) regurgitation in a child after

1. Do not feed the baby in a horizontal position. Perfect
suitable semi-vertical. The head and upper body should
be at an angle of 60 degrees to the floor.

2. Before the procedure, practice a small massage of the abdomen, as well as
Put the baby on the tummy for a few minutes.

3. Always feed your baby at the same time.

4. Do not feed a crying baby. Soothe the baby so he
tuned in to a calm and pleasant procedure.

5. If the child eats milk formula, then be sure to do it.

6. Hold the bottle at such an angle that the nipple is completely
filled with a mixture.

7. After eating, raise the baby “column”. Sometimes
have to keep the baby and 20 minutes. In this state, regurgitation
occurs much less frequently. Baby just give the air.

8. Be prudent. Cool on shoulder or knee
diaper when feeding.

9. Forget about active games after feeding. Give the baby
a little time to rest.

10. Milk mixture should be selected, guided
recommendations of the attending physician, and not a discount in the supermarket or

What tests are needed if there is concern

If the recommendations do not help, and you are tormented by doubts about
what is the nature of the regurgitation of the newborn, the child loses in
weight, then you should understand what diagnostics will show
the most correct result and will give you accurate recommendations on

• ultrasound procedure;

• X-ray;

• general clinical blood test;

• analysis of feces.

There are other diagnostic tests that may
appoint a doctor if necessary.

It will take quite some time, and you will learn the main thing –
the reason.

Some conclusions

As statistics show, many children stop belching after
how to learn to sit. But recall, each case is
individual. Sometimes you will observe small puddles near
baby and in 7 months.

If regurgitation is a simple immaturity of the digestive
tract, and the child feels good, then you should not sound the alarm.
The organism will develop, very soon everything will be in its

Remember that now is your best friend and helper
should become a pediatrician. Anyway, at least one
conversation about the nature of regurgitation in a baby does not take much time, not
will become redundant, will allow you to calm down, and possibly save
child from the negative effects.

In conclusion, I would like to say about the method that helps
many modern moms avoid negative influences
regurgitation on clothing and furniture. May you always be at hand
there is a small bottle of water and soda. Simple enough
rub the fabric contents of the bottle. This combination will not give spots
lock in and relieve furniture, clothes from an unpleasant smell.

Child’s health is the most important thing you have. Be
attentive and then you will not have time to look back, and you have to
healthy adult who is sincerely grateful to his mom
for care. Burping babies – it sounds scary only if
when you gain experience with firstborn. But if detailed
understand the situation, it can be understood that the problem itself is not
is terrible and ineradicable. If you запомнили все, о чем мы
wrote today, then you know what to do in a disputed situation – put
visit to the doctor.

We wish you and your child good health and good

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