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Babies are considered children from birth to one year,
artificial, chest or mixed

The first year is the most important period in the life of each child.
It is at this time that the rapid growth and development of all
important organs.

Правильное питание baby — это гарантия крепкого здоровья,
strong immunity and normal development of the child.

Общие принципы питания baby

Существует несколько принципов организации питания baby,
one of which is feeding on demand. According to many
pediatricians is the best option for both mom and for
baby In the early days, a child may eat about 11-14 times a day.
a day, after 1-1.5 months – up to 10-12 times per day. And by half a year
The number of meals is usually reduced to 5-6 times a day.

According to most top pediatricians, first feed
It is necessary to introduce to 4-5 months old babies on artificial
breastfeeding, and at 6 months old, breastfed babies. AT
As a first course, vegetable puree and
chicken meat, after which you can enter in the diet porridge and mashed potatoes from
fruits. From 7-8 months you can give fermented milk products
for example, kefir or cottage cheese. And, starting from 10 months, injected into the diet

Breastfeeding Tips

Of course, breastfeeding is the best way.
питания, как для baby, так и для матери. Only with chest
milk baby gets the maximum amount of nutrients
substances, fatty acids, micro – and macronutrients. Regular nursing
feeding helps strengthen the immunity of the infant,
normal growth of the child and the healthy development of all systems

Besides this, breastfeeding is the best way.
establishing a close relationship between mother and child. It
promotes calm, relaxation and normalization of emotional

To benefit from breastfeeding
maximum, and the process of natural feeding as much as possible
long, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

1. ATажно научиться правильно прикладывать малыша к груди. AT
otherwise, the child may develop colic due to
air swallowed with milk, and the mother will crack on
nipples or milk stagnation in the breast.

2. Do not wash your breasts with soap before each feeding. It is only
will lead to cracks in the nipples and the destruction of the protective layer

3. You can not express breast, if there is no need
(for example, long absence of mother). Chest “works” by
principle, the more milk is gone, the more it came.
Consequently, this can lead to lactostasis in the chest.

4. It is necessary to find the most comfortable position for feeding.
So that it was convenient for both mother and child.

These are the main important points in the organization of breast
feeding. AT любых сложных ситуациях стоит обращаться к
педиатру или специалисту по ГAT.

Distinctive features of artificial feeding

Very often there are cases when mother’s milk disappears.
For this purpose, special milk formulas for infants have been developed.
It is necessary to note the advantages of artificial feeding:

• the possibility of feeding the child to other family members during
absence of mom;

• на ИAT мама может точно отследить объем порции, которую съел
the baby, while breastfeeding is difficult to understand, ate
baby or not;

• it is much easier to identify the allergen on the artificial than on

• artificial mixtures are digested longer, in connection with which
reduced the number of meals.

Despite all the advantages, bottle-feeding has
several disadvantages:

• risk of catarrhal and infectious diseases in
babies on artificial feeding is much higher than on

• requires regular sterilization of bottles and containers for
mix preparation and feeding;

• feeding mixtures often accompanied by bloating, colic
and increased gas formation;

• preparation of the mixture consists of several stages, which
completely uncomfortable on a trip or a trip;

• подбор подходящей смеси для baby является достаточно
complex process;

• financial side of the issue: artificial feeding
requires a certain amount of cash because the mixtures are completely
not cheap.

ATзвесив все преимущества и недостатки такого типа питания,
It is necessary to choose the type of mixture.

Artificial Mixture Classification

ATыделяют три типа искусственных смесей:

1. Adapted blends. Made from cowhide or
goat milk with the addition of demineralized whey. Such
mixtures are as close as possible to mother’s milk, therefore
идеально подходят для первых недель жизни baby Most
Popular Adapted Blends: Semper, Nestle NAN, Nutricia

2. Partially adapted mixtures. AT меньшей степени походят на
breast milk in its structure and composition. Contain not only
lactose, but also sucrose, and also have no stabilized
fat-mineral component. These include: Detolact, Baby,
Солнышко, ATиталакт и другие.

3. Non-adapted mixtures. Their main component is dry whole.
cow’s milk. AT составе также имеется крахмал и сахароза,
there is no whey. This kind of artificial mixture is less
just look like mother’s milk. Due to the content of casein in its
composition can cause colic, indigestion, bloating and
violation of intestinal microflora.

In addition, there are mixtures of acidity. There are fermented milk
mixes and sweet or sweet. And also produce dry mixes.
(instant powder) and liquid, which are extremely

Rules for the preparation of artificial mixtures

For normal digestibility of the milk mixture is necessary
follow cooking instructions:

1. To dilute the mixture, you must buy water,
designed for babies. Boiling ordinary water will result in
loss of all beneficial minerals and trace elements.

2. The correct dosage is the key to the health of the baby. Disadvantage
water or too much dry mix can lead to
gastrointestinal disorders.

3. The water temperature for dilution should not exceed 50 ° C, in
Otherwise, all useful fermented milk bacteria will be

4. For uniform mixing of the mixture and removal of lumps
shake bottle thoroughly, then cool
mixture to 35-37 ° C.

5. Ensure that the mixture does not trickle out of the nipple.
The infant must apply sucking force to the bottle, otherwise
case, there will be a complete weaning.

ATажно отметить, что смесь в холодильнике можно хранить не более
day, after which it should be heated in a saucepan with hot

Питание baby: варианты меню на каждый день

Приведем пример варианта рациона baby в возрасте 6-8

1. Breakfast. AT качестве первого приема пищи лучше всего давать
breast milk or artificial milk formula. Volume depends on
age of the child: from 160 to 225 ml.

2. ATторой завтрак (10:00). Baby can be given porridge (about
150-180 g), and then feed the breast milk or mixture. Also
You can feed 100-120 g of cereal and 50-60 g of fruit puree.

3. Lunch (14: 00-14: 30). This meal should be the most
nutritious and rich. Suitable puree from a mixture of vegetables, for example
zucchini, carrots and pumpkins, finely ground chicken meat, after
What the baby needs to give a mixture or breastfeed. Also в обед
You can give a puree of fruit: apples, pears, peaches or
a banana.

4. Dinner (18: 00-18: 30). ATо время ужина рекомендуется давать
child less heavy food. The ideal option would be a little
fruit puree and cottage cheese (about 30 g).

5. Last supper (21: 00-22: 00). Before bed, baby needs
only breast milk or formula (160–200 ml).

This is a sample menu for one day, in any case, you need
take into account the individual characteristics of each child, his habits and

Правильно организованное питание baby — это залог его
health, normal physical and psycho-emotional

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