Baby hairstyles for long hair – photo.Learn how to quickly make children’s hairstyles for long hair photos withinstructions.

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Every loving mommy wants her baby to look like
well maintained. Absolutely not important, be it a matinee in kindergarten,
New Year in first class or a normal day at school.

All types of children’s hairstyles for long hair with a photo can
divided into two types: hairstyles “in haste” or other
words for every day and hairstyles that will have to pay more
of time. The second type of hairstyle looks more solemn, therefore,
as a rule, they are chosen when they are going to visit some
event, in other words on holidays.

Children’s hairstyles for long hair: features

It is necessary to think in advance what hairstyle you want to see on
your child and discuss it with a girl. This is done so that
would then not have turned out as if she did not want such
hairstyle Such scandals will be followed by a spoiled mood.
one of the parties. If you have to redo not liked
hairstyle, this is an additional injury to the delicate scalp,
irritation of the hair follicles and nervous tension of the child.

Each type of hairstyle, whether complex or more simple and
concise, requires skills in handling hair. Same
for any hairstyle will require: a comb, gum, invisible or
hairpins Think over and cook everything in advance, because children do not like
sit long

Children’s hairstyles for long hair (photo): for every day

These hairstyles do not require much time and professional
skills, however, look as if made in the cabin.

Curls in the spit

This hairstyle implies a kind of loose hair, but with
this is fixed at the roots with an oblique circumference of the head. The main
The requirement of this hairstyle is not strong weave braids.
She should, as it were, not obsessively gird her head and keep her curls
in their places.

Weaving begins from the temple on the back of the head to the center of the head and
continues to another temple. Weaving style – spikelet.
The peculiarity of such a spikelet is that it descends
the lock is released every time and replaced with the same one taken from under

French braid

This style of weaving looks very gentle due to its
thin strands, flocking and connecting in one stream.
This creation looks much more complicated than it actually is.
If you have the skill of weaving a simple braid, then what kind of
will cause you difficulty.

Separate from both sides of the head, starting from the temples on the thin
strands of hair. Then take the same in the middle of the head. Get started
weave like a regular pigtail of three strands. Having made a couple of weaves
begin to add strands from the side. Separate the hair strand at the temple
on the left side and put it to the middle strand of weave. Right
we get the outer strand to the middle strand and to it in the same way
add a thin strand separated from the temple on the right side of the head.
In the continuation of weaving on the middle strand we start only a part of
extreme. This is done so thatбы коса по центру оставалась
equally thin to the bottom. Keep up the same
sequences to braid the whole braid to the tips.

Multistage tail

An extraordinarily richly looking lush, multistage tail. For
making such a hairstyle will take from five or more

For начала соберите все волосы в хвостик на макушке. Now,
divide the tail exactly in half, where there will be not the right and left part, but
top and bottom. This is important and will affect the result. Now
mentally divide the length of the tail into equal parts depending on
how many levels you want to make or in other ways.
This is necessary so that the steps would turn out to be equal. Fix
the first level on the upper strand (starting from the roots of the head)
rubber band. In the middle between the hair of the first level, pass the bottom
strand. Now зафиксируйте резинкой следующий уровень на той пряди,
which you share. After doing the same with the strand that
turned down. So continue over and over again until you get to
end of hair.

You can make the first step on the bottom strand and thread it
верхнюю strand. So it turns out twisted tail. Looks the same

For большего эффекта вытяните слегка пряди или распушите их, так
steps will seem more voluminous and spherical.

French braid наоборот

It looks very impressive. In greater delight lead strands,
слегка вытянутые из уже заплетенной braids. It seems
that the braid seems to hover above your head.

Braid such a masterpiece begins as an ordinary braid of three
strands. Here are just strands get the opposite. In other words it is
inverted weaving. Each extreme strand is placed on the middle not
through the top, as in the usual weaving, and through the bottom.

Weaving starts from the top of the head. Three identical ones are taken.
strands, intertwined one to two times, then each
the middle strand is added to the hair from the temple and weaves.
Adding goes alternately, then from the left side, then from the right. AT
during the whole weaving process, do not forget that the strands are wound one under
another from the bottom. This goes on to the bottom. Ready braid
фиксируется rubber band. From the finished braid strands slightly pulled out,
but not completely. This can be done with a thin comb.
edge or knitting needles.

Children’s hairstyles for long hair: on holidays

For достижения эффекта салонной прически висячие пряди
curl in curls. Even if a small tip sticks out
Be sure to pinch with curling iron or tongs.

Hair bow

Originally and gently look at the hair bows, but not from
ribbons, and from the hair. For бантика выбирается место на голове. AT
depending on the estimated size of the bow is taken a bunch of hair and
tied with a rubber band at the base.

If you want to make a big bow, take more
hair in a bun. Dragging hair with a rubber band, do not pull out the tips
hair, and leave a loop. Now разделите петлю на две части, это
there will be a right and left part of the bow. It remains to twist the remaining
the tip of the hair through the middle of the bow and pull it out from behind, skipping
под rubber band. Smooth or fluff the bow and spray with varnish, so
it will look bigger.

Curl or curl the remaining hair into curls and
Sprinkle lightly with hairspray.

Rose on the hair

The rose element on the head itself adorns any hairstyle, so for
нее в сочетании подойдут любые пряди и braids.

Determine the place on the head where the rose will be constructed. Collect
bunch into the tail at the base and start building a rose starting with
inner petals.

From the common tail are taken thin strands and wrapped around
center of the rose, imitating the petals. For того, что бы прическа
held, each petal is sprayed with varnish, and the tip
fixed invisible.

At first glance, this hairstyle element seems complicated and
almost impracticable, but not having long practiced, you have
everything will turn out. Festive hairstyles require more time
than usual, but because they are for this and festive, what would they do
rarely in cases.

Children’s hairstyles for long hair: professional advice

• Be especially careful with your hair when making baby hairstyles.
for long hair on the photo, because the slightest discomfort children
perceive “in bayonets.” Just a few times to hook or
pull out a hair, scratch your ear with a comb and conflict is guaranteed.
Есть риск никогда больше не уговорить дитя сделать hairstyle

• Long hair combed gently. Start combing
first the tips and when they are unraveled, you can gradually
rise higher to the roots. Squeeze all the hair at the roots into a fist,
in order that if some hair and twitch, then with your hand you
fix and do not let pull out. So the baby won’t hurt,
especially when the hair is very matted.

• Work with hair confidently. Trusting you child
surely feels like holding his curls. If you are sure, then
sure and child. One gets the feeling that you know what

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