Baby care: how to bathe a newbornchild How to bathe a newborn for the first time: step by step instructions(video)

Ср, 21 сен 2016 Автор: Юлия Еркова

After the birth of the long-awaited children of young parents
often faced with confusion.

Looking at how skillfully treated their baby doctors,
on their own they don’t do anything at first

And the procedure of bathing is associated with something beyond, although
important enough for a new family member.

How to bathe a newborn child: what for this
is necessary

Regardless of whether the first bathing baby or the next
to be carried out by parents, such a process requires careful
preparation. Since this action will be carried out regularly,
it makes sense to stock up on all the necessary things to simplify
procedures. Bathing a newborn
will need:

• Bath. Modern parents in order to save or from other
motives often spend bathing a baby in a regular bath,
pre-cleaning it out. However, it is much more convenient for the baby and
parents will do it in a special bath designed
for these purposes. In addition, there are many varieties:
slide, classical shape, anatomical structure, with thickened

• Thermometer for measuring water temperature – attribute, without
whose first time just can not do. Over time, develop
skill to define it without a thermometer, but at first it will become very
helpful. The optimal temperature for bathing children is from
36.6 to 37 ° C.

• Baby bed – quite inexpensive and affordable
a device by which the probability of a child slipping into
bathroom will be minimized. And so that the tender skin of a newborn is not
натиралась, под его спинку is necessary подложить натуральную
the cloth.

• Water bucket – thanks to it, you can quickly and comfortably
baby wash off his calf soap suds. Well, if the bucket will
bright and light.

• Bathing facilities – this includes baby soap,
shampoo, washcloth or mitten minimal hardness, powder,
baby cream and butter.

• Towel – better to get a special attribute for babies
with a bent corner. Prepare and need diaper, which
handy at the time of putting on the diaper.

• Cotton pads and sticks are needed to clean the ears and nose of the baby
and rub his face.

How to bathe a newborn for the first time when to spend

In the first months of life, namely 6 months, bathe the newborn
should be every day. It is best to make a daily routine and
divert to bathing at the same time every day. So baby can
get used to hygiene procedures and positively on them
to react. It is better to take evening time for such an action, so
how warm water has a calming and relaxing effect
on the body of the baby. She is able to increase the appetite of the child,
therefore, you should not bathe children immediately after eating. After bath
the baby will eat with great appetite and be able to sleep strong and
quiet sleep.

There is an opinion among young parents that the earlier start
to carry out his hygienic actions to his child, the sooner
get used to them. However, we should not forget that bathe
the newborn should not be earlier than two weeks of his life. Him
umbilical wound can not heal for a long time.

The fact that it’s impossible to bathe a child for the first 14 days does not mean at all,
that you don’t need to look after him. Baby skin will need
hygiene procedures, however, without water. Like this
do? You can moisten the sponge in the water of the desired temperature and wipe
little body baby.

Refrain from bathing the newborn for a day should be
if he had been vaccinated the day before.

How to bathe a newborn for the first time: duration

The first bathing of a newborn child should not last long.
Such a moment can lead to stress in the baby that he
categorically contraindicated. Банные procedures должны вызывать
positive emotions and associated with a joyful event,
therefore, the process of habituation should occur gradually.

The optimal period for the first swim is considered to be 3 minutes.
С каждым новым купанием это время is necessary постепенно увеличивать
before reaching the figure of 15 minutes. Exceed this number is not
recommended, the main reason for this is the cooling of water.

To instill a love for bathing the baby, you must certainly be with him
play, talk out loud about your actions and give a smile. Will go on
benefit learned in advance bathing techniques or songs.

How to bathe a newborn child: the choice of means and additives

To facilitate the process of bathing newborns current
manufacturers produce bathing babies in colorful
packaged. However, the choice should be approached with special
care not to harm the delicate skin

To make bathing safe, do not use for
it economic, antibacterial or any ordinary soap. For
adults, they fit perfectly, but for vulnerable microflora
a newborn can be destructive, causing
appearances allergies or redness.

Therefore, the first rule of safe swimming – selection
special children’s funds.
For этого существуют
specialized stores, but it is not difficult to find them in pharmacies.

Often parents are interested in how to properly use
children’s cosmetics. Its flavor is almost not pronounced, but on the packaging
often spelled “does not cause tears.” Therefore, for the comfort of the baby in
время procedures купания можно не переживать.

Apply detergent should be soft smooth
movements that should embody serenity.
After all,
bathing time the status of the parents is transferred to the baby. Wash off the foam
you need to be careful too, so that the skin of the newborn can breathe
clean and fresh.

Gathering a bath for a baby bath, you can use
некоторые добавки.
Многие молодые мамочки считают, что
adding herbs to the baby bath will have a positive effect
on the condition of the skin of the newborn and its general condition. Partly
This method is effective, but you should not experiment on your
discretion, but it is better to consult a pediatrician.

Good effect on the skin of the newborn sea salt,
added to the bath.
She will have on his body
calming effect and remind of the times in maternal

Some parents use for bathing their children coniferous
раствор для устранения беспокойства baby Herbal Fees that
sold in pharmacies, can be effectively used for
eliminate skin problems of babies.

After any bathing with the use of additives do not forget
that the baby needs to be rinsed with clean water.

Self care for your baby: how to bathe a newborn
first time

Many young parents, returning home with the baby, are set
Frequently asked questions about when to start bathing, how to bathe
newborn baby and how to safely and safely for the baby
spend. It should be noted that kids love water very much.

The most important thing is to check the umbilical wound. If she does not
healed, then the child can not bathe, and you can only wipe wet
wipes until healing, because the infection can get even
bathing in boiled water. When the navel is in order, you can
приступать к купанию child Step by step

1. First, put warm water in the bath. Babe in her better
lowering in the diaper, gradually getting wet, it will ease the addiction to
water temperature.

2. To keep the child from slipping, support him far away from
you armpit. It is worth doing, even if you use ham
or slide.

3. It is better to wash the body of the child from the neck to the legs, only then
следует вымывать голову baby

4. Finishing bathing, the newborn should be washed a little more.
cool little water.

5. After bathing, so that the baby does not catch a cold, you need to use
prepared a large towel.

In many newborn babies, the back of the head is covered with a small yellowish
crusted. Therefore, after bathing the place where it is needed
lubricate baby cream with a fat composition. After crust
softens, it needs to be combed out with soft gentle movements.
Then the baby’s head should be wiped with hydrogen peroxide. If so
the procedure causes damage to the surface layer of the scalp,
остатки крема следует удалить и отложить procedure до следующего

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