August 9: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday August 9th.

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Holidays August 9

Day of Military Glory of Russia

The first in the history of the naval victory of the Russian fleet occurred in the battle
Cape Gangut in 1714 in a battle with the Swedes. After the shootout
guns and handguns began boarding. Commanded
the troops himself Peter 1, the battle lasted only 2 hours, Russian
Swedes galleries captured, at the end of the battle the main Swedish
the ship “Elephant” was forced to lower the flag. Swedish army losses
amounted to 361 people, Russian in battle killed 127 people. All of them
buried near the place of the fighting took place on the shore.

Day of the Indigenous People

By resolution of the UN General Assembly in 1992,
a holiday designed to pay special attention to development problems
and preservation of indigenous culture. Small nations
face tremendous difficulties but are full
members of the family of nations of the world. The day has been celebrated for almost 2
decades, for this position of indigenous people
has improved. Today, efforts are aimed at supporting lands, language,
development of sources of existence of culture.

Day of forest protection from fire in the USA

Unusual name – Dymnyashka Day was given to this day in honor of
cute bear – a kind of symbol of firefighters. is he
depicted on posters in jeans and a t-shirt, and says the phrase –
�“Only you can prevent forest fires.” Forest Protection Service
operated in America for over a century, but the bear became a symbol
much later – after large-scale fires in 1950. In the fire
The fire was attended by all who were in the fire zone. Present
living bear found in a fire in the hollow of a large tree, with
burnt paws. is he был вылечен и отправлен в Национальный

Edinburgh International Arts Festival

The largest festival in the world is considered very unusual. In the capital
Scotland can simultaneously see the views of various
theaters, hear music and attend concerts of artists of different
genres. For almost a month of the festival on the grounds of the city you can see
more than 1000 performances of theatrical, opera, dance and
music art. Leading creative teams from different
countries of the world participate in the formal and informal part of it. By
scale spectacles festival listed in the Guinness Book of Records as
the largest in the world. It was established in 1947. Guests
holiday are annually more than 2 million people. Some
troupes perform on the streets of the city.

August 9 in the national calendar

Memorial Day of Panteleimon the Healer, (Panteleimon

Holy Panteleimon is canonized martyrs who died for
faith. Born in the family of a noble pagan, he became a doctor. TO
Christian faith led him St. Ermolai. is he рассказывал о
faith, then baptized Panteleimon. Byводом для этого послужило
healing with the help of the prayers of a sick child bitten by a snake.
Byсле этого Пантелеймон лечил всех безвозмездно. Upon learning of this,
Emperor Maximilian argued that a doctor could not cure
heavy patient. TOогда Пантелеймон выиграл спор, в христианскую
many pagans turned to faith. Panteleimon was executed by cutting him
head at the olive tree. At this moment, the olive was covered with fruits, and this
was a real miracle. Panteleimon is considered the patron saint of warriors,
revered as a healer. Прозвище TOочанный он получил из-за того,
that at this time the cabbages began to be tied, therefore from
cellars got the remnants of last year’s cabbage and dodali – cooked
soup, baked pies and made salads. On this day, go for herbs,
mushrooms. Day is considered unsuccessful for work.

August 9 in history

9 августа 1945 года — день памяти жертв удара
atomic bomb in Nagasaki. No one could even imagine that in
minutes will stop the arrows on the clock of the whole city. Sky
over Nagasaki lit up with a giant flash, shot up into the sky
a huge mushroom and destroyed buildings, scorched clothes, melted glass. AT
11 hours 02 minutes the city calms down for a minute memory of the victims of nuclear
bombs. This sad date is celebrated by residents of the city, representatives
authorities. There is also a delegation from another victim.
the cities of Hiroshima, the horrified atomic bombing of three
days earlier – August 6, 1945. August 9, 1905
— состоялось 100 свадеб в АстраханиByводом для таких
events were rumored: Tsar Peter 1 is going to issue a decree that
that Russian girls will be forbidden to marry Russian
the guys. Marriages were ordered only with the Germans sent
из TOазани. ATо время свадеб молодежь начала настоящую резню
foreigners, which grew into an uprising. TOроме этого, жители
were unhappy with the order to wear foreign dresses and shave a beard,
и это должны были контролировать authorities. Especially distinguished local
voivode Timofey Rzhevsky. ATосстание разрасталось, вначале жители
they sent a petition to the king with a complaint, then they began to kill the military,
governor, nobles is heо было подавлено с помощью казаков, которые не
only did not support the uprising, but also with their troops helped
government troops. 9 августа 1945 года
начало маньчжурской операцииByсле окончания ATеликой Отечественной
war Russia sent its troops to war with Japan with the aim of
eliminate aggression and economic base on the Asian
continent. The operation was carried out in different directions, there were
blows were inflicted on the ship’s artillery and aviation, on the Trans-Baikal
the front was defeated by the enemy, freeing the approaches to Manchuria.
Massive airborne assault forces were also landed. AT результате
Japanese troops began to surrender en masse. AT результате
разгрома TOвантуньской армии Япония капитулировала, и вторая мировая
the war was over.

Born on August 9

Жан Пиаже (1896 — 1980 г. ) – швейцарский биолог,
psychologist, author of over 60 books on biology and child psychologyPiaget
began his scientific activities as a biologist, but with time
teaching in children’s schools, he became interested in the theory of developmental stages
children. is he отмечал, что люди на разных стадиях развития имеют разные
opportunities and reveal a different approach to expressing cognitive
abilities. Since 1921, Piaget has served as Director of the Institute.
Руссо в Женеве.Туве Янссон (1914 – 2001 г.) —
шведская писательница и художникis heа автор повести «Муми-тролль и
comet ”, an autobiographical narrative“ The sculptor’s daughter ”and
sets of stories. Her books are published in 20 languages, mostly in
northern and central europe. The image of the characters from the Swedish fairy tales
reworked and supplemented – the life of the inhabitants of the country Moomin is like
on the life of Janson as the child sees it. The basis of art
image is an image of a house, with a lot of loved ones, light and
warmth Уитни Хьюстон (1963 — 2012) — американская
singer and actress Whitney Elizabeth began her creative career
as a model from the famous manager D. Harvey, after a couple of years having established
contacts in the music world, she began her solo career.
ATпервые в 1985 году она заключила договор с компанией «Arista
Records, ”and received three top singles at once. Record number
sales and huge popularity allowed her to start performing in
show programs that previously did not allow black artists into the program.
Whitney won many awards, including the Grammy.

Name Day August 9

Анфиса, Герман, Иван, TOирилл, TOлимент, TOонстантин, Наум, Николай,
Panteleimon, Plato, Sawa

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