August 31. News from the past.

Wed, Aug 31, 2016

31 августа 1798 года — в Санкт-Петербурге было
The College of Ship Architecture was founded, which for 214 years of its
existence has changed 13 names and since 1998 called
Naval Engineering Institute.

31 августа 1892 года — Купец и меценат Павел
Mikhailovich Tretyakov offered to donate to the city he founded
art gallery. Collect your collection of paintings by the Tretyakov
started in the middle of the century. The first two paintings by Russian artists:
�“The Temptation” by N. G. Schilder and “An Encounter with the Finnish
smugglers “V. G. Khudyakova Pavel Mikhailovich bought in 1856
year By the time when the gallery passed the city there were
already about 1900 works of art including 15 beautiful
sculptures. And about a hundred years later in the Tretyakov collection
galleries already had over 55,000 paintings purchased for her
by the state.

31 августа 1914 года — под влиянием
patriotic and anti-German sentiments in Russian society
Nicholas II issued a decree on renaming St. Petersburg to
Petrograd. The next day in the morning city papers you can
was to read: “We went to bed in Petersburg, and woke up in
Petrograd! .. The Petersburg period of our history ended with his
German shade … Hooray, gentlemen! .. “. As we know the city had to
change its name one more time to Leningrad (in 1924), before
than in September 1991, the former historical

31 августа 1827 Император Николай I издал закон
which forbade serf peasants and courtyards to study
higher parish and county schools. This injustice was
liquidated only after 98 years.

31 августа 1925 — в СССР был принят декрет о
introducing universal primary education. He gave opportunity to many
generations of Soviet youth at state expense get
brilliant, versatile education, and literacy rates in
society to make the highest in the world.

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