August 26: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays August 26th.

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Holidays August 26

Abkhaz Independence Day

Abkhazians believe that this day of 2008 finally triumphed
historical justice – Russia recognized independence
Abkhazia. It was a difficult process – after learning the news, Sukhum stopped
work. A huge mass of people gathered in Freedom Square. AT
framed by three destroyed buildings stood a pedestal from the monument
Lenin, traditionally held rallies around him and various
stock The President of Abkhazia also attended the meeting and congratulated the people. is he
noted that the dream of the people finally came true, and the achievement
the result is the result of collective effort.

South Ossetia Independence Day

On August 26, 2008, Russia decided to recognize
independence of South Ossetia. After the attack by Georgian troops
the capital of South Ossetia, Tskhinvali, Russia sent its troops into
Republic, and then recognized independence. Georgian side
carried out shelling areas of the city, while there were human
the victims. About 1,632 people died, mostly from among the refugees.
Georgia broke off diplomatic relations with Moscow, considering two
independent republics of the occupied territories.

Women’s Equality Day in the USA

ATпервые американские женщины отметили праздник в 1971 году. USA
is a real fighter for the rights of women around the world. Bella
Abzug, politician and lawyer, who first initiated the celebration
– Feminist, having Russian roots in its origin. First
A Jewess, summoned to the American Congress, looked very
unusually – her head was always adorned with a wide-brimmed hat. About equality
women thought back in the 19th century. Group of enthusiasts
proclaimed that men and women are alike, started
real national movement. AT 1920 году была принята 19
an amendment guaranteeing the rights of women when participating in elections. Women
received voting rights. American women fight for rights
women all over the world, speaking against circumcision, prostitution,
child marriage.

August 26 in the national calendar

Tikhon Passionate Day

Timofey Zadonsky in the world wore the simple last name Sokolov. Famous
Church leader and theologian lived in the 18th century, was a major
Orthodox educator. Starting my education at the department
rhetoric, Tikhon took the veil and eventually became archimandrite
Assumption Monastery, then the bishop. With him a system of spiritual
Education has risen to a new level, he also worked
arranging temples and exerting moral influence on the social
жизнь общества.AT 1861 году был канонизирован как святой. At his
The relics have taken place many miracles. is he считается помощником от
all despondency. AT этот день нужно обойти дом с иконой «Страстная»,
therefore, two names appeared in the title of the holiday. AT этот день
the peasants cleaned up the sheds, spoke the hallway from the evil eye,
any evil spirits. If the winds blow quietly – a few days ahead
will be windy. Burevei foreshadowed rainy September days. If a
There are a lot of mushrooms in the forest – you can hope for a good harvest of bread.

Historical events August 26

26 августа 1377 года – Сгорела Москва от рук
young Tatar Khan TokhtamyshFighting between the Golden Horde and
other parts of the Tatars tensed, Tokhtamysh was able to capture Mamai
large territories, starting from Azov, with its capital in Saray, and
went to Moscow. Moscow rules Dmitry Donskoy, and he decided not to
to take the fight, fleeing to Kostroma with my family, and leaving the defense
Moscow on the young prince from Lithuania Ostea. Muscovites did not surrender the city
within two days, but Tokhtamysh outwitted the Muscovites, promising
pardon at the surrender of the city. The promise could not be fulfilled –
the city was plundered, a mass of people died. Nearest cities and
Москва были обложены данью.26 августа 1155 года
Икона Божьей Матери перенесена в Москву из ATладимираЕвангелист и
the apostle Luke wrote this icon on the board from the table at which he dined
Jesus with the Theotokos, in the 12th century, she was presented to Yury Dolgoruky,
хранилась икона в Киеве, в ATышегородском монастыре. Moved her to
Assumption Cathedral son of Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky, and already Moscow
the prince decided to move the icon to Moscow. The path to Moscow took place in
for 10 days. On the sides of the road were kneeling people and
prayed. Tatar Khan Tamerlan at that moment had a vision – with
high mountains to him in a dream went down several saints with
golden batons. This, as the sages explained to khan, became a defense
Russian land itself is the Mother of God. Today the icon is kept in
Третьяковской галерее.26 августа 1736 года
�”Note about potatoes” (the first work of nerds about
potatoes). A new-exotic dish stuck on Russian
tables not immediately. At the court banquets he began to serve as
exotic dish. A little later, when the potatoes learned
use properly, a special decree was issued, prescribing
to grow potatoes in order to prevent starvation. By
some areas have swept real potato riots – this
peasants, not yet understand the benefits of potatoes, expressed their
protest. Today, potatoes are considered the second bread, and in those days
Andrey became the first scientist agronomist to describe the properties of potatoes

Born on August 26

Петр Тодоровский (1925 -2013 годы) – российский
кинорежиссерAT его фильмах – простые люди и житейские события,
however, feelings manifest themselves in difficult circumstances. Byэтому
The stories and directorial work are breathtaking. Peter Efimovich
survived the war, reached Elba, and this left an indelible
imprint on his life and work. Favorite viewers films –
�”Two Fedor”, “Never”, “Urban Romance”, “It was the month of May”,
«ATесна на Заречной улице», «Моя дочь».Мать Тереза
(1910-1997) – Mother Teresa of CalcuttaAgnes Gonja
Albanian descent, but at the age of 18 became a member
monastic order of Catholics “Irish sisters Loreto”. Own name
she received in honor of the saint who was canonized in 1927 by Theresa of
Lizier A merciful nun worked in India for a mission
disaster relief organizations in economically
неблагополучных регионах.Георгий Георгиу (1915
Years – 1991) – Soviet actor.

A vivid and memorable actor made his debut as a bully, and in
further had no end to the proposals removed. is he получил
the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR, starred in huge numbers
films: “First Joys”, “Secret Mission”, “Ordinary Miracle”,
«Старая, старая сказка».Ян Арлазоров (1947 -2009
годы) — российский актер и юморист.AT то время, когда он впервые
came out on a big television scene he had over 30
years of work in the theater of the Moscow City Council. AT начале 90-х годов он стал очень
popular with the theme “Man”, his famous word “Gospidya!”.
His method of work is to go out and get people involved, he was the only one
an artist of this kind in the conversational genre. He was also the author
many of their monologues, led a small show on the radio. ATалерий
(1937 год) — советский боксерATалерий
ATладимирович сделал в спорте первые успехи еще в возрасте 12 лет —
he became the champion of the Union. AT 1959 году он становится чемпионом во 2
average weight. For the next 5 years, he becomes the undisputed champion
USSR, claims international gold in the Olympics in Tokyo, but
becomes the owner of the technical cup. AT его послужном списке
There are 200 victories in 213 fights.

Name Day August 26

Именины в этот день Иван, Константин, ATасилий,
Evdokia, Maxim, Ksenia, Alexey, Nikolay, Paramon, Tikhon,

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