August 22: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday August 22.

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Holidays August 22

Day of the National Flag of Russia

For the first time, the tricolor Russian flag was hoisted over the White House in
Moscow in 1991. The red cloth was forever lowered, his
replaced the flag with three stripes – white, azure, scarlet. This
The coloring appeared for the first time under Peter 1, in the 18th century, time for his
the decree on all ships of the Russian fleet raised such flags
sampled from the first Russian warship “Eagle”. But
the sample of tricolor was written by Peter himself. It is believed that each
the color of the flag has a special meaning. Some versions explain
colors in this way: white is freedom, blue is the Mother of God, which
is considered the patroness of Russia, and red – courage and courage,

Education Day of the Komi Republic

Few people know that Komi-Zyrians are different from
Komi-Perm. In the 15th century, the district officially entered Russia;
entering at different times in different provinces – Arkhangelsk,
Vologda, Vyatka. After the revolution of 1917 was adopted
Declaration of the Rights of the Peoples of Russia, according to which the region of residence
the small nation was first transformed into an autonomous region,
and then to the autonomous republic of Komi. Komi representatives could
gather from different counties in the same region, and already 5 years after
Transformations of the republic were inhabited by 90% only Komi. Was created
the alphabet of the Komi people, the national intelligentsia was formed.
In the republic, the language of the people has status on a par with the Russian language.

Folk calendar August 22

Memory of the Apostle Matthew, replacing Judas Iscariot

Another name for this holiday is Matthew-Serpent. Just one time
the name of the saint is mentioned in the apostolic book – when carried out
election of the apostle instead of Judas at the suggestion of Peter. Two people
suitable for these actions – Matthew and Joseph Barsawa. According to legend,
decided all ordinary lots. Other Matthew data is from
later sources compiled by Dmitry Rostovsky. Matthew
witnessed the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the earth, and then became
preacher He died for the faith condemned by the Sanhedrin to death.
Matthew’s day is believed to be very dangerous – to the cow.
the udder can suck snakes and suck all the milk. On this day
especially careful to follow the cattle, and if possible, not
let her out. Observe and customs when milking – the hearth is not
put on a special chair for milking, try to milk the cow
without witnesses to avoid the evil eye. Obviously approaching
autumn – the air cools, summer rain interrupts the heat. Matthew
admits bad weather – so it is considered by the people.

Historical events August 22

22 августа 1864 года – подписание первой Женевской
Conventions The first of the four signed conventions in Geneva is
to the fate of the wounded and sick during the war. Similar
agreements between states have met since the 16th century. During
of the war in Italy, Henri Dunant witnessed the agonies of the wounded
warriors after the battle of Solferino and took the initiative
signing the convention. Rules have been developed for all participants.
conventions prescribing behavior in respect of the wounded in the military
conflicts. It became possible to establish societies that could
voluntarily take care of the wounded during the war. So
The foundations for the education and work of the International
Red Cross Society. First Geneva Convention prescribes
rendering assistance to the wounded regardless of the side of the confrontation.
Hospitals and facilities became inviolable, also
selected special sign – on a white background, a cross and a crescent of red
цвета.22 августа 1922 года – открытие первого
the festival of theatrical art in Salzburg
over 90 years at the festival is not just a review
theatrical achievements, and you can hear the best musical
works. Homeland famous classical composer
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart presents concerts of the most illustrious
bands and major conductors of the 20th century. Russian teams and
composers began to participate in the festival since 1928. 22
августа 1941 года
на довольствие военных Красной Армии
vodka was delivered. It was the birthday of the very “Commissariat
a hundred grams. Decree on the daily extradition of 100 grams to the soldiers
40-degree vodka was signed by Joseph Stalin himself. Provide soldiers
Anastas Mikoyan gave a lot of strength and attention. Butрмы выдачи водки
changed insignificantly, the circle available to the cherished
one hundred grams of categories of military. Radical change during the war in 1943
brought the final decree – fighters on the front line
выдавали 100 граммов, остальные получали по 50 грамм.22
августа 2004 года
– подписание Закона Президентом России о
preferential payments. Changes and additions concerned 6 codes and
sets of legislation. The purpose of the federal law –
delimit and secure guarantees to citizens in the framework of securing
local government. Previously approved liabilities
States have been revised. Existing
differences, strengthened targeted assistance to persons with disabilities and veterans. Instead
benefits were paid compensation, but the law caused a large
public response. On the one hand, there were protests
on the other, innovations were supported.

Born on August 22

Рэй Брэдбери (1920 — 2012 годы) – американский
science fiction writer Douglas Bradbury decided to become a writer back in
12 years, and with great perseverance to achieve his goal. Confession
it did not come to him immediately, at one time he even had to live off
wives. His first works: “Martian Chronicles”, “451 degrees
Fahrenheit. He has achieved real glory – the whole world knows him
a writer with great imagination, although his work can be attributed to
extra-genre literature. Ирина Скобцева родилась
(1927) – Russian actressThe first film debut brought her
Cannes Film Festival Award. Desdemona, played in the film
�Othello made her Miss Charm of the Cannes Film Festival. In the movie
her husband Sergei Bondarchuk she “War and Peace” she played Helen
Bezuhovu. Today, the people’s artist of the USSR, the owner of many
премий и наград продолжает свою работу в Москве.Клод
— (1862-1918 годы) — французский композитор и
pianist, conductor. Claude Debussy was able to translate his music
impressions of impressionist painting, Russian poetry and music,
fragility of moods and refinement and sophistication. His works
– the opera “Pelleas and Melisande” and others had a great influence on
the development of musical taste among many composers of the time
and who worked a little later – Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Puccini,
Бартока и многих других.Михаил Ярошевский (1915 —
2002) – psychologist and historian of Russia. Psychological sciences in
while the Soviet authorities were persecuted, in every way they braked
development and branded followers. Although he defended
in Moscow at the department of psychology doctoral thesis, Michael
Yaroshevsky had to fight almost his whole life, move to
Tajikistan due to the inability to develop science in the center of the country. is he
organized the Department of Psychology in Tajikistan, as well as a laboratory
study of psychological sciences.

Name Day August 22

Alexey, Leonty, Makar, Ivan, Irina, Peter, Samuel, Gregory,
Dmitry, Maria, Julian, Jacob.

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