Astrantia: landing and care. Grow and decorategarden “asterisks”. Features of landing and care for astrantion

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Astrantia got its name from stellar
forms of their flowers (in Latin aster – star). By
for the same reason, its popular name is a star. Its areal
natural growth are Europe and Small

The plant belongs to the family of umbrella (inflorescence form
forms an “umbrella”). Astrantia, landing and care of which is not
are of particular difficulty, known for their unpretentiousness and
long effective flowering. In addition, she is a wonderful honey plant,
attracting bees. Astrantia flowers are gathered in an inflorescence umbrella.

Types and varieties of astrantia

Astrantia has about a dozen species, of which
Floriculture grown such:

астранция крупная — раскидистое растение
height up to 0.7 m. Inflorescences reach a diameter of 5 cm. Most
Popular varieties: Moulin Rouge, Diva, Ruby Wedding, Rosea,

астранция малая — свое название получила не
for its height (grows up to 1 m in height), and for its small size
pale pink flowers. The flowering period lasts from July to

астранция карниольская — многолетник с
palmate split leaves. Byпулярный сорт — Рубра;

астранция наибольшая — компактное растение
height up to 0.7 m. The leaves have tripartite. Blossoms in August –

Features of landing astrantia

Zvezvetovka svetolyubiva, however easily transfers a penumbra. Byэтому
it is often planted under trees or near shrubs.

The intensity of the color of flowers depends on the lighting: the more
sunlight, the brighter the color.

Byчвы это растение предпочитает рыхлые плодородные суглинки.
Sandy soils are not suitable for her, in them before planting
Astrantia need to add clay and humus.

Growing astrantion from seed

Zvezdovka easily propagated by self-seeding. Seeds that have fallen to the ground
undergo a natural stratification. Spring shoots appeared
will only need to thin out.

If you use seeds purchased in the store, then
home conditions will have to be stratified artificially. For
This seed for 2 months is stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. AT
March, they are sown in boxes with loose fertile soil (peat,
turf ground, humus in a ratio of 1: 1: 1). Byсевы увлажняют,
covered with film or glass and kept at room temperature
+ 20-23 ° C. When shoots appear (2-3 weeks after sowing),
the cover is removed, the boxes are moved closer to the window to ensure
plants sufficient lighting.

Byсле появления всходов укрытие с контейнера с посадками

Thick plantings thin out, leaving between seedlings 7-10 cm.

When sprouts get the first pair of real leaves,
conduct a dive in separate pots.

Further care for seedlings astrantia is simple: watering as
necessary, loosening the soil to increase soil aeration.

7-10 days before planting seedlings in open ground begin
the process of hardening, bringing them every day to the balcony or terrace with
a gradual increase in the duration of the procedure.

The timing of transplanting seedlings to flower beds depends on weather conditions.
from the last decade of May to the second week of June.
Such plants will bloom in the third year of the growing season.

ATыращивание астранции делением куста и корневища

ATегетативный способ позволяет сохранить сортовые признаки
maternal plants, which is difficult to achieve with seed
growing The division of the bush is used in the reproduction of rare and
valuable varieties of astrantia. AT садовых магазинах в основном реализуют
deenkey rhizomes (both open and closed). AT первом
case, it is important to visually assess the condition of the root: it must be
healthy, elastic to the touch, without the presence of putrefactive stains.

If the plant is in a container, then its health
evaluated by the aerial parts (turgor of leaves, their color, absence

When buying rhizomes in the spring they are planted immediately after
acquisitions. If this happened in winter, the roots are planted in pots with
light and nutritious primer and left until spring at home

The division of the bush is carried out in early spring before the growing season or
in the autumn after cutting the tops. For этого растение подкапывают, делят
into parts so that each delenka has 2-3 growth buds per

How to plant astrantia

When planting astrantia should be aware that this plant can
live in a permanent place for several years.

AT зависимости от вида этого культивара диаметр куста в
diameter can reach up to 0.5 m.

Byэтому если планируется сажать этот цветок в рабатках или
curbs, the distance between the bushes should be at least
0.3-0.5 m

The holes are made so deep that the roots fit freely

AT посадочные ямы добавляют перегной или компост, сажают
plant, compacting the ground and watering abundantly.

Secrets of care for astrantion

Astrantia is one of the undemanding garden plants. Caring for her
is minimal. With periodic rains in the summer you can water the sprocket
once a week, as it is drought resistant.

On a note! If a maintain the soil
under astrantion slightly moist, then after the first flowering the plant
will bloom again.

Byчву под кустами после дождей и поливов рыхлят, чтобы
обеспечить аэрацию корher.

When growing astrantia on fertile lands, feed it
once is enough (after the snow melts in spring) complex
mineral fertilizers. If a почва в цветнике бедная и
depleted, then to stimulate re-flowering plants
fed with potassium phosphate fertilizers in July.

ATажно! Any fertilizer is applied only.
after watering, otherwise there is a high probability of chemical burn

To re-bloom, you should immediately cut off
flowered inflorescences. This pruning stimulates the formation of new

Once in 5-6 years, astrantia needs a rejuvenating transplant,
which is optimally timed to vegetative reproduction (division
bush). By this age, the appearance of this perennial deteriorates,
decreases flowering intensity.

If a есть желание собрать собственные семена, то на кусте надо
leave the largest inflorescence. Byсле его увядания надеть на него
gauze bag so that the seeds do not crumble. When they mature,
the stem is cut with it, dried in a dry place. Seeds
stored in a paper bag.

In the autumn after the end of the growing season, the above-ground part is cut off almost
under the root, leaving hemp 2-3 cm high. For the winter adult bushes
stars do not require shelter. Only young plants harbor
spruce branches.

ATредители и болезни астранции

Astrantia is resistant to many diseases. However, at
improper care she can get sick. So, with excessive watering and
dense planting of its bushes are affected by the fungal etiology of rot.
If damaged stalks are detected, plants are sprayed.
фунгицидным раствором (Топаз, Фундазол). By him
shed the land under the plant.

Of the pests astrantia at a young age may undergo
attacks slugs and snails. For борьбы с ними устраивают специальные
traps (beer cans dug into the ground, the smell of which attracts
slugs), create mechanical obstacles (brick chips,
scattered under the bushes), collected by hand. If a нашествие слизней
chemical products are used (for example,

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