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Plants constantly absorb the necessary elements from
soil and convert them into substances available to them. This is not only
life processes are provided, but increases
disease resistance. During the burning of wood, branches, large
part of the components becomes ash. Ash is rich in calcium, potassium,

In addition to minerals, ash contains many trace elements – iron,
copper and sulfur. All these plants are necessary. This substance affects
chemical and physical composition of the soil.

Ash has different forms. Doctors in antiquity knew it
and used a substance of a certain kind. And for dressings on
It’s necessary to know that wood contains a lot of calcium.
bark, stalks of potatoes, hay – phosphorus, and herbs contain

The only thing that almost does not contain ash is nitrogen, because
it is taken from other sources.

The ashes brought in in the form of fertilizer in soil become good
breeding medium for beneficial microorganisms and bacteria.

Ash properties

In addition to a large number of useful components, ash acts
on the ground and changes its properties – reduces acidity, makes
lighter, friable, contributes to the maturation of the compost.

Thus, you need to define it before entering into the soil.
the reaction. Summer residents have noticed that if there is a lot of horsetail in the garden or
wild sorrel, the soil is sour, and you need to add a lot of ash.

In the heavy soil ashes contribute in the fall – until the spring will be the soil
soft. If the sandy light soils, then close up in early spring,
as the minerals melt away the waters.

The benefits of ash in the garden

1. Proper growth: potassium strengthens plants, they do not go to
overgrowth, do not ripen ahead of time, the mineral contributes
photosynthesis processes.

2. Top dressing: the substances in the composition have already acquired optimal forms and
immediately absorbed by the roots.

3. Treatment: many types of insects and bacteria scare away

Use ash to improve soil

During digging close up on average up to 0.8 kg of ash per 1 m,
but its volume is calculated in terms of acidity and crops for
landings. In addition, nitrogen is not added, as it evaporates at

The composition is made in the wells for planting on 1 st. l For trees on
the contour of the circle is made grooves and poured into one
tree 2 kg of ash. The procedure is repeated every three years, until
The beneficial properties of this substance act.

Seed preparation

Замачивать семена можно в таком растворе – 1 ч. l put in 1
l soft water.

When adding to wells before planting, you need to take into account
that this substance can corrode thin roots, because the top need
put some ground. Potatoes with excess ash can hurt
scab, so it is poured no more than 20 g per one

When planting seedlings, about 0.8 kg of ash is poured into the hole, under
currants – 0.5 kg, raspberries can grow on acidic soils, therefore
make shoots of 150 g.

In the ash is no chlorine, and therefore it is useful to fertilize them such
plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkins, currant bushes and
raspberries, which is contraindicated in this element.

To bring ashes and organics at the same time gardeners do not recommend
due to the fact that calcium in the ashes absorbs nitrogen in the mullein. because
when feeding plants, manure is closed up in the fall, and ashes are introduced when
Digging in the spring. It is allowed to make infusions of mineral fertilizers with
adding ash.

Pest ash

Colorado potato beetle larvae on potato bushes die in 2
days, if you sprinkle them with dry ashes, you can powder, applying

Sprinkling soil around the cabbage will save it from slugs. But
the procedure is carried out in dry weather, as in the rain
The ash loses the property of scaring mollusks. It can be replaced
spraying hot pepper solution.

Anti-pest treatment solution

400 g of ash pour water and boil for half an hour over low heat.
Strain the solution and dilute in 10 liters of water. So that he
kept on the leaves add a liquid soap (50 g).
Wear gloves as the solution is caustic. Effective against
aphids, powdery mildew, caterpillars.

Как keep золу

When autumn harvesting ash is stored in a dry place in
paper packaging. It must be remembered that when this substance is moistened in
it is destroyed by potassium, a very valuable element. It is only suitable for
add to compost.

It turns out that it is not necessary to buy potassium, since each
gardener can get it by burning the remnants of garden plants. it
natural safe remedy that is available to everyone in any
quantity, and will bring absolutely no harm to the soil on the garden
plot. Если keep это ценное для растений вещество в пакетах,
where moisture does not penetrate, then the ash will retain its substances
some years.

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