Arthritis and Arthrosis Diet

  • 1 Medical diet for arthrosis of the joints
    • 1.1 Principles of nutrition
    • 1.2 Product List
    • 1.3 Menu for the week
    • 1.4 Recipes

Unfortunately, a disease such as arthrosis is a phenomenon
common and often caused by overweight. As with
fight them without causing the joints even more harm?

In order to avoid the development of arthritis joints, it is recommended more often
knead limbs and eat right. Consider a special
a diet that favorably affects the joints and helps to reduce

Medical diet for arthrosis of the joints

With a disease like arthrosis of the joints,
A special therapeutic diet is recommended.

Recommended products in the diet menu do not completely eliminate
diseases, but contribute to the improvement of the joints.

Osteoarthritis appears in old age, but you can save yourself from
probability of occurrence of this disease now, with the help
Special therapeutic diet for weight loss:

  • limit alcohol, fatty foods,
    semi-finished products;
  • knead limbs;
  • develop correct posture.

Osteoarthritis occurs due to bruises, sprains and fractures
extremities. Often this is due to falls.
careless movement. To ensure that each of your new steps does not
provoked the appearance of arthrosis, recommended shoes with soft and
elastic sole.

Women with arthrosis are strictly forbidden to wear high

Principles of nutrition

Diet for osteoarthritis of the knee suggests fractional
food, 4-5 times a day. Last admission – no later than 3
hours before bedtime

First of all, the menu should limit consumption
of bread. Dairy products only fat free.

To keep an amount after a diet
kilograms under control, you need to calculate the mass index of your
body. To do this, divide the weight by the height in square
meters away

Normal is the result from 20 to 25. Obesity first degree
It is considered from 25 to 30, the second – from 30 to 40, the third – more

При артрозе, категорически запрещено совмещать
in one dish protein and carbohydrate foods.

In order to prevent poor digestion of food, while dieting
не рекомендуется есть фрукты после мяса.

Grocery list

To maintain the joints in good condition, from the menu
should be excluded:

  • spicy and salty, spices;
  • fresh bread;
  • peas;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • strong hot drinks;
  • fried
  • dried fish

Dietary products for arthritis of the joints look like
in the following way:

  • jelly;
  • lean meat;
  • pure water without gas;
  • products containing calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins of groups B
    and C.

Вышеуказанные питательные вещества содержатся в
The following products:

  • cheese, cottage cheese, milk;
  • Fish and seafood;
  • avocado;
  • nuts;
  • buckwheat;
  • eggs;
  • oranges, bananas;
  • apples, pears, plums;
  • cabbage, broccoli, greens.

Menu for the week

Menu for a diet for arthrosis of the joints for a week
выглядит in the following way:


  • Breakfast: cottage cheese with honey and black unsweetened tea;
  • Lunch: buckwheat porridge, a glass of orange juice;
  • Dinner: baked potatoes, herbal tea.


  • fresh pomegranate, boiled egg;
  • mashed potatoes, berry jelly;
  • fruit jelly, nuts, kefir.


  • steam omelet with greens, applesauce;
  • millet porridge with prunes and dried apricots, tea;
  • broccoli salad, milk.


  • avocado and tomato salad, boiled egg, a cup of weak coffee
    with milk;
  • low-fat chicken cutlets, orange fresh;
  • orange jelly, berry kissel.


  • cottage cheese with sour cream and weak coffee;
  • stewed zucchini, kefir;
  • citrus and nuts, herbal tea.


  • avocado, pineapple and cottage cheese with honey drink a cup of cocoa;
  • buckwheat porridge with low-fat fish cutlets;
  • chicken meat, cucumbers and tomatoes.


  • ryazhenka and citrus;
  • vegetable puree, carrot juice;
  • lettuce leaves and dietary bread, low-fat kefir.

Orange, pineapple and pomegranate are your best companions subject to
diets for arthrosis, as they have all the necessary
vitamins that improve the patient’s condition.

Greens, in the form of parsley, dill and broccoli will provide the body
minerals. Try to add them to the dishes more often.


Рассмотрим рецепты самых вкусных блюд в меню для диеты
with arthrosis:

Quick jelly with fish and tomatoes

Quick jelly with fish and tomatoes

Ингредиенты: полкило рыбы, желатин, 150 мл томатного сока, одна
onion and one bay leaf, ground pepper, salt, dining room
spoon vinegar and lemon juice.

  • pour gelatin with water;
  • pour half a liter of water into the pan;
  • chop the onion and put in water;
  • add lemon juice;
  • put fish in boiled water and cook for 15
  • cut in small pieces;
  • to the remaining broth add all the ingredients and
    heat up;
  • heat the gelatin and add to the broth;
  • pour broth into a large shape and refrigerate until
    full curing;
  • lay on minced shredded fish.

The most useful recipe in the menu of this diet:

Steamed prawns with vegetables

Steamed prawns with vegetables

Ингредиенты: полкило креветок, ваши любимые овощи, одна луковица
and one pepper, 2-3 cloves of garlic, three tablespoons of olive
oils greens and spices.

  • peel the shrimp and add the garlic and spices to it;
  • pour olive oil over ingredients;
  • chop vegetables;
  • grease the form with oil and put vegetables on it, then
  • Cover with foil and steam for 20 minutes.

Potato Casserole with Mushrooms

Potato Casserole with Mushrooms

Ингредиенты: килограмм картофеля, полкило грибов, один лук,
low-fat cottage cheese, a tablespoon of butter.

  • half a kilo of vegetables “turn” into mashed potatoes;
  • finely chop the onions and mushrooms and stew them in the pan for
    15 minutes;
  • layering ingredients in a baking dish: potatoes –
    mushrooms – potatoes – mushrooms;
  • peel off the remaining half of the potatoes
  • the above vegetables are placed in a baking dish in the form of
    last layer;
  • the finishing touch is to put cottage cheese on top of the potatoes;
  • put the dish in the oven and cook for 50
    minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

Diet for arthrosis involves strict adherence to the menu rules and
своевременное избавление от лишнего weight.

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