April 3: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday on April 3.

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Holidays April 3


Vodopol или именины ATодяного — праздник весьма древний, его корни
reach into the far pagan Rus. According to legend, on April 3, the entire water
animals (Waters, mermaids and other mythical creatures)
awaken after hibernation. Especially revered in Russia
grandfather-water, to whom people have dedicated several
rites so that he can gain strength for further control over
water kingdom. The people came to the river with fishing rods in order to cajole
and eat the “water lord”. And served as a treat for him
an old, unfit horse. Such klyach waterman brought in
a sacrifice every year, lest he send drowning and storms upon the villages,
and also contributed to the best fishing. Many pampered Water
and other goodies, such as vegetable oil. He was poured into
the river and at the same time sentenced: “Here you, grandfather, keep presents
on housewarming. Love and complain about our family … “. In a short time the peasants
expected ice drift and rapid flooding of the rivers. On this account even
существовало поверье: если лед на Vodopolа не тронется, значит и
fish in the spring will be small.

April 3 in the national calendar

Kirill Katanik

April 3 Orthodox world commemorates the memory of St. Bishop Cyril
Katansky There lived a monk in Sicily at the turn of the first and second centuries. Later
Cyril is popularly called Katanik. The nickname is like this
it was supposed to have a completely different meaning – April 3 was the last
in the afternoon, when people could ride sleds from a melting slide.
In the evening, the sleigh was cleaned, lubricated and cleaned up to rest before the onset.
next winter. And the crying children explained that the sledge took
Katanik. Valenki were also removed, replaced with bark sandals.
In general, bast shoes did not protect the feet from getting wet and, therefore, from
cold Began massive spring fever. Besides all
of other things, On Cyril Katanik (like on Lev Katanik)
It was forbidden to look at the night sky, so as not to see the falling
a star. She, in turn, foreshadowed a serious illness or large
family troubles.

Historical events of April 3

3 апреля 1860 год — Открытие в WITHША
transcontinental postal service “Pony Express” Service
�Pony Express operated between two cities, St. Joseph and
Sacramento. Personnel from several couriers worked hard
hands Regardless of the time of day and the weather, they were transporting mail in bulk
almost a centner, stocking up the necessary equipment, food and water.
For protection, they took revolvers and hunting knives. Mail was transported to
special containers that are locked. Keys like
the rule was not taken with them, they were in the starting and receiving
points. The courier service usually took strong young people
ready to take some risk. After all, you never know what can
wait for them on the road. The payment was small, about a hundred dollars
per month. However, wishing to get a mail courier was
quite a lot, but this is only at the beginning. Soon, due to frequent
gangster attacks as well as the development of a more modern level
mailing, the company “Pony Express” was disbanded. AT
1861 it was announced the termination of its postal
деятельности.3 апреля 1879 год — WITHтолицей Болгарии
Sofia Sofia was proclaimed – a city rich in history, founded
about seven thousand years ago. He is one of the oldest and
the busiest centers of Europe. By its location, the city connected the West.
и ATосток. Over the years, he has repeatedly changed his
title. AT 9 веке WITHофия являлась одним из крупнейших феодальных
cities and it was called Sredets. And the modern “name” is Bulgarian
The capital received in the 14th century in honor of Hagia Sophia. Like the whole country
Sofia, was under the influence of the Ottoman Empire. Over the years
Dominion the city became the most important administrative center of the country, and
soon – and the founder of the liberation movement. AT результате
of the war that broke out in 1877-1878, Bulgaria freed itself from
Turkish yoke and was forced to choose the capital. After a short
thinking the country chose Sophia. Played a decisive role in the selection
cost-effective location of the city, and in 1879
The State Assembly proclaimed Sofia the capital of Bulgaria. WITH
the same moment in the newly-made capital began rapid
процесс восстановления и строительства новых сооружений.3
апреля 1933 год
— Проведена первая в мире операция по
kidney transplant The world’s first kidney transplant surgery conducted
русский хирург Юрий ATороной. The patient was a 26-year-old woman,
admitted with acute renal failure. Transplanted
a donor kidney taken from a man who died that day has joined
into the bloodstream and started to function properly, however,
two days later, the woman’s body rejected the implanted
organ, and the patient died. The ensuing series of similar operations
led to the same result – all patients died due to
immunological rejection of organs. However, the significance
the operation was enormous, she showed that person
able to live with donor organs. There remained one more step in
solving this difficult task – to learn how to “turn off” during
immunity rehabilitation. ATедь именно он является ключевым звеном в
rejection of implanted tissues and organs. ATпрочем, с развитием
Immunology medicine has found a way out of a dead end, it would seem

April 3 were born

Матвей Мудров (родился в 1776 году) — один из
the founders of the clinical school, the founder of scientific medicine.
Adherent leech therapy. AT 1809 году Мудров стал профессором
Medico-Surgical Academy, and a few years later introduced
concept and developed a methodology for scientific survey of patients, as well as
compiling a history of the disease and the scheme of research patients. Besides
In addition, he was one of the first to put forward the theory that some
diseases can develop “on nerve soil.” Later эта теория
confirmed by clinical studies. – ATалентин
(родился в 1948 году) — выдающийся артист цирка,
developer of rehabilitation methods for the treatment of patients with
various injuries of the back and spinal cord. On so responsible
his case was pushed by his own injury and almost complete
immobility, however Dikul did not surrender. After few years
the actor not only got to his feet, but was able to return to the circus arena,
thereby gaining the favor of many followers.
ATадим Козин (родился в 1903 году) — певец, кумир
public 30s. AT сольных программах исполнял до сорока песен.
ATот некоторые из его романсов: «Утро туманное», «Мой костер»,
«Мчится тройка почтовая», «Дружба» и др. – Эдди
(родился в 1961 году) — американский актер
comedy genre. Born Murphy in the family of a policeman, aged
for eight years, adults noticed his comic abilities, and by
15 years old, Eddie began to earn good money thanks to the bright
talent, speaking in various clubs. AT 19 он прорвался на
television in the popular at the time humorous show. So his
noticed, and Murphy moved to the big screen. His best work
became roles in the movies “Beverly Hills Policeman”, “Golden
ребенок», «ATампир в Бруклине», «Чокнутый профессор», «Доктор
Dullitl and many others.

Name Day April 3

Name Day April 3 отмечают: Агапия, Мария, Ирина, Панкрат, ATладимир,
Иван, Домнин, Кирилл, WITHерафим, Фома, Филимон, Яков.

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