April 21: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday on April 21.

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Holidays April 21

Local Government Day

AT России Local Government Day внедрен в систему праздников
most recently – in 2012 by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin.
According to the content of the document, a new date is introduced to increase
importance of the institution of local government, as well as
promoting democracy and developing civil society. AT
this day of 2013 the authorities of the regions and municipalities
for the first time celebrate their professional holiday – Day of the local
local government, and will conduct appropriate event events.
The date for the holiday was chosen not by chance. It is in the study day
1785 г. Екатериной ATторой была подписана Жалованная грамота
cities, which initiated the formation of the Russian
local government legislation. Its further development
was associated with the reforms of Alexander II. After 1917, the idea of
the formation of self-government was long forgotten, right up to the beginning
government reform in the late 1980s. And in 1993
local government was fixed by the Russian constitution.
Its development continues to this day.

April 21 in the national calendar


On April 21, the Orthodox world honors the memory of the Most Holy Rodion –
Apostle from seventy. According to legend, Rodion was a close
relative of Paul and with him took the martyr’s death in
the reign of Nero. In Russia, Rodion was nicknamed the Icebreaker,
since during this period the waters actively break the ice. how
As a rule, certain predictions were made on floating blocks. So,
for example, if the ice was set in piles, then the bread in the fall
expected a lot. It was also believed that today is the month
meets with the sun to tell each other what is happening in
the world. Two luminaries could well and quarrel on this day. AT таком
In the event, the weather was grim, foreshadowing
rainy, cool and rainy summer. April 21 the peasants
were taken for plowing: “Rodion brought water, plow, put
to plow oats, ”people said jokingly. Plowing works were
not easy, and for the crop to be born noble, they need
perform with great care, not lazy. �”The deeper you dig,
the more bread you reap, ”that was the truth. And the sowing itself
started when the first frog starts to ferment or when the moles
starting to pop out of holes. Good time for sowing also
considered the period of leaf blooming on oak and birch.

Historical events of April 21

21 апреля 753 год до н.э — Основание города
Rome’s Discoveries in Archeology, Epigraphy and Manuscript Analysis
revealed that many facts about the ancient history of Rome, described in
primary sources proved to be reliable. City erected around
Old Russian fortress, surrounded by various settlements (Latin,
Sabins, etc.). Local settlers sheltered outcasts and fugitives, and
to obtain citizenship rights, aliens had to go through a ceremony
initiation, the rite of “adoption” – as the local community called it.
To do this, it was necessary to kiss the chest of the statue of the mother goddess,
considered the patroness of the settlers. ATероятно, именно поэтому
ancient legends describe the nipples of the Capitolian wolf and
it fed the founders of Rome – Rem and Romulus. Annually 21
April, Rome celebrates Foundation Day. AT рамках этого события
various festive events are held, however the holiday is not
is a day off. And since 2004, a tradition has been born in the city.
hold the annual contest “Goddess of Rome”. AT нем могут принять
Participation of the contestant who has reached the age of majority (18 years) and
living in Italy or countries that were formerly part of the Roman
empire. 21 апреля 1954 год — ATступление
Of the Soviet Union to the organization of UNESCO (UN branch on
culture, science and education) The formation of UNESCO was carried out with
participation of the Soviet Union, but he became an official member of the organization
only in 1954. Today, about 200 states belong to
The composition of UNESCO, on its platform formed more than sixty
various bureaus and units. The headquarters of the organization is located
in Paris. Since Russia joined the ranks of UNESCO members,
Moscow is a stable member of its Executive Board. Without
participation of Russian representatives the organization is not entitled to accept
any important decisions. Agreement on the interaction of the Russian
The Federation with UNESCO was redesigned and re-signed in 1993, and
a year later in the capital opened its office. Since then it
cooperation covers a variety of areas and industries
cultural and social life of the country: the creation of general educational
systems, preservation of cultural and historical heritage,
work in the field of information technology. In addition, UNESCO
has a direct impact on the adoption of state reforms by
education, legislation, etc. In this way,
UNESCO plays a huge role in the development of the Russian state.
21 апреля 1972 год — Космический аппарат
�”Apollo 16″ fell to the surface MoonStart American
the Apollo 16 ship, operating under the Apollo program,
It was carried out on April 16, 1972. April 21, the unit reached
lunar orbit, however due to some technical malfunctions
the landing of the fifth lunar expedition had to be delayed by 6 hours.
The ship landed on the planned portion of the lunar surface.
(Descartes Plateau), which was chosen because of the possibility in this place
detect traces of volcanic activity. �”Apollo 16″ held on
The moon for three days, and after completing the mission headed for the Earth, where
splashed down 2 kilometers from the aircraft carrier Tikonderog, setting
thus, the landing accuracy record for all Apollos.

April 21 were born

Елизавета II (родилась в 1926 году) — английская
Queen since 1952. She is the head not only of the United
Королевства ATеликобритании и С. Ирландии, но и еще пятнадцати стран
Commonwealth of Nations. AT 21 год королева обвенчалась с Филиппом
(prince of greek and danish). The royal couple reproduced on
the light of four children: Charles, Andrew, Edward and Anna. Over the years
Elizabeth’s reign in the country was replaced by ten prime ministers.
However, the celebration of the birthday of Her Majesty prefer
spend in the summer in an atmosphere of warmth, flowering and
благоухания.Фридрих Август Фребель (1782-1852 гг.)
– an outstanding teacher in Germany. Creator and founder of children’s
gardens. The vast experience of teaching children brought the teacher to the idea that
that they perceive information better in games and in conditions
equal team. To put his theory into practice in
In 1837, Fröbel organized the first children’s group. ATскоре эта
the theory was recognized as highly efficient and ingrained
the world.Иван Кулибин(1735-1818 гг.) — знаменитый
Russian mechanic inventor. AT 1767 году он смастерил часы с
clockwork, the first musical apparatus with a multitude of
various melodies, as well as an automatic mini-theater with moving
doll figures. AT 1772 году Кулибин спроектировал модель
300-meter bridge, which was designed to be installed on
Neve. Also among his inventions are the flashlight,
waterway, a crew with a pedal mechanism and much more. Today name
�”Kulibin” is a household name, they are called self-taught masters,
achieved success in your favorite craft.

Name Day April 21

Susanna, Felix, Arnold, Conrad, Nifont, Marfa, Phlegon,

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