April 18: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday on April 18.

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Holidays April 18

International Day of Monuments and Historic Sites

The holiday The day of monuments and historical places traditionally declares
imagine annually on April 18th. It was established by a UNESCO initiative in 1983.
year, and a year later, the company celebrated it for the first time. From year to year
more and more people will learn about the important event needed for
mankind to pay attention to the problems of conservation
our cultural and historical heritage. On this day are organized
various activities concerning the protection of cultural
wealth from acts of vandalism, as well as guided tours and educational
lectures for schoolchildren and youth. In the context of this discussion
It may be noted the great Karl Rossi, whose compositions are
the true heritage of Russia. Is it possible to imagine Peter without
created by him the Mikhailovsky Palace, the house of the Senate, the house of the Arts,
Synod (St. Isaac’s Square), Alexandria Theater or Building
General Staff on Palace Square? This is not a complete list of works.
Carla Rossi. After all, the great architect worked not only in
St. Petersburg, but also other Russian cities. Today, to
Unfortunately, in the Russian Federation the situation on the conservation and
restoration of historical monuments is not the best way.
The result is deplorable – nature reserves and other notable areas
destroyed, monuments collapse. Russian authorities are not enough
time is given to this aspect, and in this respect they are worth
to learn from Europe, where it’s customary to address memorial places
much more careful.

Day of military glory of the Russian Federation

The event is dedicated to the day of victory in 1242, Alexander’s troops
Nevsky over the Livonian knights in the vicinity of Lake Peipsi (this
the battle went down in history as the “Ice Battle”). Military Day
Glory officially established by the law of the Russian Federation of 1995. So, Ice
The massacre took place in 1242. Many historians have come to the conclusion that
The key factor that ensured the victory of the Russian troops was the good
weapons and excellent training of the Russian militia led by
A. Nevsky. The battle plan invented by the prince turned out to be quite
thoughtful and very flexible, making heavy cavalry
opponents, which is a slow-moving clumsy
mass, was completely crushed.

April 18 in the national calendar


On April 18, people commemorate the martyrs of the deacon Agathopod,
Reader Feodul and many other brave souls who gave their lives for
faith in the year 303. Since that day in Russia, warm beginnings
spring winds, but the weather on Fedula was observed somewhat
overcast. It was not for nothing that the people talked about this: “I came
Fedul and lips pouted. ” It was believed that from this day in the gardens began
settle butterflies-urticaria, crickets, ladybugs, earwigs and
other insect living creatures. On Fedula the peasant woman threw it all
windows in the house, while pronouncing a spell that drives away the evil
cold winds, evil spirits and all the hardships of the family. Yes, and after
the long winter of the hut needed a thorough ventilation.
Farmers on that day watched the ravines: if at their bottom until
now the snow is the size of a cow, it’s time
tackle plowing.

Historical events of April 18

18 апреля 1902 год — Впервые в следственных целях
dactyloscopy method was usedFirst dactyloscopy
(personal identification by a unique pattern of fingerprints)
was applied in Denmark in 1902 to identify the perpetrator. Soon
method of fingerprinting has become widely practiced as the main
the indicator of guilt around the world (in Russia, the method began
applied in 1906). First fingerprints specialists
compared “by eye”, over time, this principle was automated.
Today, each country has its own database of prints, which
divided into two types. The first type is owned by individuals ever
detained by law enforcement agencies, and the second – to those who
I decided to surrender my “fingers” voluntarily, “for every fireman”.
However, if a volunteer leaves fingerprints at the crime scene,
it is immediately calculated using a common database. Opportunities of modern
fingerprints are very wide. Its use today
helps not only to calculate criminals, but also, using
fingerprint instead of password, verify identity and
protect any information from outsiders
вмешательства.18 апреля 1906 год — В результате
powerful earthquake fell part of the city of San Francisco
founding San Francisco more than once underwent earthquakes of various
gravity. However, such large-scale destruction of none of the inhabitants and
I waited … until April 18, 1906. Nothing foreshadowed trouble in the morning this
day. The weather was unusually beautiful. She called thousands
residents to visit parks, restaurants, theaters, attractions, and
just to have a good time outside. Soon пронесся первый
push, and after a moment – a terrible wave rolled – the most
powerful and destructive. Then followed a few more jolts,
but less intense. Мbutгие здания были полbutстью разрушены, целые
lanes “rebelled.” Experts felt that the strength of this
disaster amounted to 8.3 points on the Richter scale. The city plunged
во тьму из-за порожденbutго землетрясением гигантского пыльbutго
the clouds that blocked the whole world. In seconds, big
part of San Francisco turned into ashes and debris. It took
plenty of time to clear the city from the effects of the earthquake and
заbutво отстроить его. 18 апреля 1922 год — По
Moscow began to ply the first buses Predecessors
автобусов были мbutгоместные конные экипажи с минимальным
number of amenities. Moscow residents complained to the authorities and
неодbutкратbut обращались с предложением ввести автомобильные
omnibuses, which all Europe used at that time. So in 1898
year on the streets of Moscow began to ply the first cars, and in
the beginning of the 20th century at the Moscow Automobile Plant began the design and
construction of the first buses. В 1922 году было изготовлеbut сорок
such machines. April 18 in Moscow was launched the first bus open
type His route connected Komsomolskaya Square and Belorussky
railway station. In the same year, several more began to be routed.
buses. Через два года автобусbutе движение в России стало

Were born on April 18

Леопольд Стоковский (1882-1977 гг.) — знаменитый
american conductor Epatirue public complicated writings.
Кроме того, Стоковский совместbut с Уолт Диснеем участвовал в
разработке техbutлогий паbutрамbutй звукозаписи, которая успешbut была
применена в начале 1940-х годов в мультипликационbutм фильме
«Фантазия».- Светлана Немоляева (родилась в 1937
году) — советская киbutактриса, Народная артистка России. Most
Nemolyaeva considers her role in the play “The Streetcar
желание», однако мbutгие из нас запомнили ее по фильму Э. Рязаbutва
«Служебный роман», где она прекрасbut передала все эмоции и
suffering of your character – Olya Ryzhova. She empathized all
a country. – Джозеф Голдстайн(родился в 1940 году) —
American geneticist who won the Nobel Prize for
medicine and physiology for constructive research
сердечbut-сосудистой системы. He managed to uncover the “secret”
metabolism of cholesterol in the human body as well
develop a methodology for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.

Name Day April 18

Plato, Natalia, Mark, Semen, Fedor, Samson, Stepan, Rudolph,
Alexey, Nikolay, Fedul, Feona, Victoria, Victor.

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