April 14: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday April 14th.

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Holidays April 14

Air Defense Day (date for 2013)

Air Defense Day (air defense troops) – professional
holiday of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, established
the presidents of two states (In the Russian Federation – by decree of the President of
05/31/2006, in Belarus – by Decree of the President No. 175 in 1998) and
celebrated annually on the second Sunday of April. Despite
the specified dates, the event itself began to be noted back in the Soviet
time. And this is due to the fact that the formation of troops
air defense had it in April. Story
development of air defense in Russia originates from 1914, when in the period
World War I army of the Russian Empire for the first time applied
machine guns and cannons for the shooting of Austrian air objects. Day
Air defense is celebrated by all military personnel of the Russian Federation and Belarus, one way or another
related to the defense of the state air borders.

Day ГАИ в Украине

Six years after Ukraine gained independence, in the country
the approval order was officially documented and signed
State traffic police. Resolution of Kambin on April 14
In 1997 in Ukraine, the “Regulations on the State Traffic Inspectorate
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine “. Since then, the traffic police annually celebrate
your professional holiday. The duties of this service are quite
are extensive. The competence of the traffic police includes the implementation of many tasks
orderly maintenance on the roads: the service day and night monitors
the implementation of the laws of the road, prevents violations of the rules
on the roads and also partially participates in the state policy in
areas of environmental conservation from harmful effects
transport. Today in Ukraine there are about 25 thousand
traffic police officers.

April 14 in the national calendar

Marya – Empty soup

On April 14, people commemorate the memory of St. Mary of Egypt,
who was a Christian priest – patroness
repentant women. Reverend Mary was born in Egypt in the fifth
century. Hard life pushed her to leave her paternal home in a very
early age and become a harlot. Once upon a time in one of the Christian
holidays she tried to enter the temple, but some unknown power
held back the girl. Then she repented and began to pray hard
Mother of God. After some time, Maria was able to freely step over.
the threshold of the temple. She took the sacrament, settled in the wilderness,
where she lived the rest of her life in complete solitude, repentance and
prayers. In Russia, they turned to Mary of Egypt to defend
family from the evil eye and damage. Empty soup was not nicknamed this day.
As a rule, by the middle of April the peasants had run out of the last
cabbage stocks, so we had to forget about the soup. However,
resourceful housewives knew what cabbage could be replaced with. Instead
they put sorrel or nettles in the soup, which by this time were already
turned green. It turned out and tasty, and very useful. Maria also
watched over spilled water. If the rivers are widespread,
Means now the meadows will be rich in greens and grass – cattle
will be pleased, and the stocks of hay can be made additionally.
They also paid attention to how the ice comes off the rivers. Easy and fast
his convergence symbolized a good year, but the resulting
ice jams said the opposite – the year will be very difficult.

Historical events of April 14

14 апреля 1801 год — Упразднение Тайной экспедиции
Of the Senate and the abolition of the system of torture during interrogations on April 14, 1801
Alexander I liquidated a secret expedition in the Senate and canceled
torture during interrogations. From this point on, all cases of violations
law began to be transferred to local judicial institutions. For
common people court decisions were reviewed and approved
governors, and the fate of the “higher ranks” was finally decided
WITHенатом.14 апреля 1961 год — Учреждение в
Soviet Union title “Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR” In 1961, in the system
awards of the USSR Presidium of the Supreme Council introduced a new
honorary title of “Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR” in honor of the first flight
human into open space that took place
two days earlier. The first awarded honorary title was
Naturally, Yuri Gagarin. Soon he received other Soviet
cosmonauts. In addition to the title “Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR” heroes were also
awarded a diploma from the Presidium of the Supreme Council and a breastplate,
poured out of silver. And it was customary to wear it on the right side
chest, above all other badges (if any
to be). Just before the beginning of the 90s, 72 citizens visited space
THE USSR. All of them were eventually awarded the title
�”Pilot-cosmonaut”. In March 1992, by decree of the Government of the Russian Federation
the title was reissued at the “Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Russian
Federation. ” The badge has also undergone some changes:
In particular, instead of the old inscription “USSR” a new one appeared – “Russia”.
14 марта 1993 год — Пожар, охвативший Камский
automobile factory actually destroyed the companyPozhar,
sweeping the building in few minutes destroyed not only
production building, but also modern expensive
technological equipment. From the first hours of liquidation
the consequences of the terrible fire work went in two directions. WITH
one side needed to restore the power of release 100
Thousands of engines, and on the other – create the soil for production
power units based on modern equipment. Thanks
the support of the Russian authorities, the Kama plant is literally the mildest
deadlines rose from the ashes, and already in December of that year the enterprise
released the first products after the fire.

Were born on April 14

Денис Фонвизин (1745-1792 гг.) — основоположник
Russian comedy, who said the famous phrase: “Live forever, century
learn … “. About the stunning success of the first production of the play
�”Thinner” witnessed many facts, including
feedback from the viewers themselves. And the writings of Fonvizin provided an incentive for
creativity of such great Russian writers as A. Pushkin, N.
Гоголь, Л. Толстой и Ф. Достоевский.Петр WITHтолыпин
(1862-1911) – one of the largest state
figures reformers in the history of Russia. WITH 1906 года являлся
Prime Minister of Russia. The main achievement of his, according to the Minister
Маклакова, заключалась в том, что WITHтолыпин прекрасно осознавал
the need for fundamental social reform, he comprehended and calculated
its importance to the whole nation. У WITHтолыпина было множество
detractors seeking to “sweep” him from the political scene. AT
итоге в 1911 году Петра WITHтолыпина смертельно ранили, после чего он
скончался.Христиан Гюйгенс (1629-1695) —
Dutch mathematician, mechanical physicist and astronomer. Huygens possessed
rich knowledge in many areas, he was a man with a broad
terms of interest. The scientist was able to develop many theories
(for example, the wave theory of light), construct a pendulum clock
и запатентовать карманные часы, изобрести окуляр и др. WITH помощью
телескопа Гюйгенс детально изучил WITHатурн, обнаружив его кольца и
several satellites. In addition, the scientist developed the first prototype
planetarium, and also came close to the discovery of the law of aggression,
but, alas, did not have time.

Name Day April 14

Name Day April 14 отмечают представители имен: Мария, Ефим,
ATалерий, Авраам, WITHергей, Макар (Макарий).

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