April 10: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays April 10th.

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Holidays 10 April

International Day of the resistance movement

Under the “resistance movement” is commonly understood the resistance of many
countries against the invaders of the Third Reich and its allies during
World War II. The largest scale anti-Hitler coalition
encompassed Italy, the Soviet Union, France, Poland, Yugoslavia and a number of
other countries. Resistance movement significantly changed the course
war, bringing the inevitable victory over the fascist troops.
British resistance has developed a plan for the introduction of troops on
enemy territory. The General Headquarters of the People’s Liberation
The movement was formed in 1941 on the territory of Yugoslavia. Through
a few months the number of partisans in the country has exceeded
eighty thousand people. In Poland, in the center of the resistance
the movement was the Workers Party, organized in 1942, and in
Bulgaria – Patriotic Front. Resistance Day
considered to be international holidays since it is annually
is celebrated by many states – those who resisted
the Nazis in World War II.

Memorial Day of St. Hilarion

Rev. Hilarion of New from his youth devoted himself to the Lord.
He spent most of his life in retreat. For loyalty and
the sanctity of Illarion was appointed the hegumen of the Pelikit monastery.
Giving says that the miracles that the reverend performed were
commensurate with Eliseevsky: Hilarion could divide by the will of God
water, with the power of thought to drive away locusts and other pests from the fields,
fill the nets of fishermen with a good catch, banish disease and evil,
and also performed many other miracles. Saint Hilarion suffered in
754, when, during the period of persecution of the iconographers
Lahanodrakon commander attacked the monastery, suddenly breaking into
to the cloister in the process of divine service. Army of atheists
grabbed forty-two monks who were later exiled to
Ephesus region and killed. Monks remaining in Pelikit Monastery
subjected to severe torture and, as a result, died a martyr
by death. During these persecutions, the Monk Hilarion also perished.

April 10 in the national calendar

Hilarion – Turn the shafts

His nickname in the people Hilarion New received thanks to
established by this time, warm weather. People in Russia believed
that on April 10 the Reverend kindles the last snow, which means
– it is time to turn the shafts out of the sled and hide them away
until next winter. Also on this day was taken
clean up the ice-free ponds. In the fields and
verges, as a rule, began to disperse coltsfoot. This
the flower is very much loved by the people for its valuable healing properties.
The leaves of coltsfoot used to prepare a variety of
potions In combination with other medicinal herbs, it was
just an invaluable ingredient in a first aid kit. It was believed that
Illarionov the day when the first green rises, its magical power
Stepanov lost a wreath that the whole family trudged on August 15 and
hung in the corner of the hut. The intended wreath for guarding the house from
demons and ailments.

Historical events of April 10

10 апреля 1710 год — ATступление в силу закона об
Copyright 1710 by Queen Anne of England was signed
copyright law (first in history). Content of this
The document confirmed the rights of writers to their manuscripts. Besides
Moreover, the author could, at will, sell his creation only on
fourteen years, and at the expiration of this term copyright
returned to him, and the writer could again find a decent
buyer for your masterpiece. This закон привел Англию к бурному
book publishing development, and also had a beneficial effect on
periodicals. Soon after England, other bourgeois
country. Thus, France passed the relevant law in 1777
year, and a little later, in 1828, copyright got to
России.10 апреля 1908 год — Начало одного из
The largest floods in the history of Moscow
struck the Russian capital repeatedly. First written
the message of such a disaster dates back to 1496, when after
Moscow’s snowy winter was overtaken by the “great flood”. Similar
�“Pavodi” fell on the city at regular intervals,
especially a lot of them before the creation of bypass channels. However, one of
most powerful floods in Moscow, they could not stop.
The flood of the river on April 10, 1908 occurred extremely quickly and
took a monstrous scale that surpassed all
expectations. Flood that occurred as a result of the flood of the rivers Yauza and
Moscow, covered a significant part of the city (for some
estimated – about one fourth of the area). Spilled water
climbed nine meters above the norm. As a result
floods the work of the public at that time
transport was completely frozen, and evacuation actions
residents were transported by rafts, boats and high
телег.10 апреля 1981 год — Открытие в Moscow
Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in
Moscow является одним из интереснейших научных сооружений столицы.
Its opening was timed to the 20th anniversary of the flight of Yuri
Gagarin. The idea of ​​creating a museum of cosmonautics belonged to S. Korolev
– The chief designer of the Soviet space rocket system. AT
Memorial Museum to review presented the first samples of space
technology, genuine rocket and space vehicles (as well as their models
and duplicates), archival documents, including photographs and film materials,
spacesuits, equipment and personal belongings of famous Soviet
astronauts and other works of art that reflect the theme
space research. The overall exposure is complemented by a truly
unique exhibits – for example, stuffed dogs known to the whole world
Squirrels and Arrows. AT настоящее время Мемориальный музей открыт после
long and thorough reconstruction (2006-2009). ATо время
the restoration period of the museum exhibition was updated and
greatly expanded.

Were born on April 10

Самуэль Ганеман (1755-1843 гг.) — основатель
homeopathy. AT начале 19 века доктор Ганеман предложил новый метод
�”Treatments like like.” In parallel, he was looking for
drugs that justify his technique. Many doctors
and pharmacists took homeopathy very skeptical, and in 1820
the year Hahnemann was forbidden to practice it in conditions
polyclinics. After a little over a year, the doctor moved to Paris, where
his technique immediately found widespread use and, over time, acquired
мировую популярность.- ATарвара Аксенкова
(1817-1841) – a great actress of the first half of the 19th century.
She worked mainly in the Alexandrinsky Theater. Her acting
Talent admired everyone: Marya Antonovna (“The Inspector”), Sophia (“Woe from
mind “) and many other images brought her world fame. –
ATиль Липатов (1927-1976 гг.) — выдающийся
Soviet writer. His first stories (“Two in a vest” and
�”Aircraft fireman”) were published in 1956 in a fashionable
magazine “Youth”, two years later the first book was published
Lipatov. Several works of the writer were filmed.

Name Day April 10

Name Day April 10 отметят представители следующих имен: Иван,
ATасилий, Илларион, Николай, Илья, Степан, Дарья, Михаил, Макар,
Stefan, Lazarus.

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