April 1: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays of April 1st.

Fri, Mar 25, 2016


Holidays 1 April

April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day, а в некоторых странах Day дурака, – это неофициальный
International holiday, celebrated annually on April 1st. there is
written evidence that he appeared about two thousand years
backwards Even then, in antiquity, people were averse to making fun of one another
over the other, over time, the ancient Romans set a fool’s day,
which tradition has become nice to poke fun at people and arrange
public jokes. How many Romans celebrated this holiday
– it is not known, now a similar event unites the whole world 1
апреля.В April Fool’s Day принято делиться с людьми прекрасным
mood, pin up relatives, friends and acquaintances. Jokes
must have a harmless neutral character and not be
stone thrown into someone else’s garden. The most common is
walk up to the man and say that he had a back. Day
laughter is not a day off, solemn
banquets, feasts, entertainment parties, but this day
really gives a positive mood and “flight” for fantasy.
In many educational institutions entertainment is organized today.
events, comic games. The media also does not
miss this day the opportunity to “postebatsya” over people. So in
1698 one of the newspapers of England started a rumor that today in
the city will be a representation of white lions, and in a few years –
message about the landing of a UFO in London. In general, Britain loves
play a trick on their residents on April 1st. And not only she!

International Bird Day

Environmentally significant event timed to the date of signing
International Convention for the Protection of Birds in 1906. Gradually to
convention has joined and Russia, but massively this holiday
started to celebrate relatively recently – since 1994, and it passes in
the framework of the program “Man and the Biosphere” under the auspices of UNESCO. One of
traditions of today – hanging birdhouses and installation
Feather feeders. Today, the world’s fauna has more than 9
000 species of birds, of which nest in the territory of the Russian Federation
about 500 species. Some of them are listed in the Red Book.
Promotions dedicated to the Day of Birds, sweep almost throughout the country.
Ornithologists and environmentalists strongly recommend paying attention to
problems of our feathered brothers, especially in the spring, when
on return, they need special support. More from school
Children try to inculcate love and respect for birds. Birdhouses and
feeders, mastered by common forces, probably remembered by many. After all
one feeder installed and replenished by you is able to save from
the death of many birds, especially in winter. This is impossible

April 1 in the national calendar

Daria Dirty

April 1 Orthodox community honors the memory of Saint Darius
Roman, who lived in the third century. According to her, she and her spouse
Chrysanthus adopted Christianity and led a righteous life. But soon
were captured and executed for their faith. Such a nickname for Daria in Russia was given
because to this day dirt reigned on the roads. Snow water
poured not only roads, but also courtyards, fields – the weather was, gently
speaking, very nasty. However, Darius won’t be dirty for nothing,
mud stuck only to those who urge impure thoughts, therefore
it was possible to determine the intentions of people by soiled clothes. On
Daria Dirty was made to start whitening canvas. It was also believed
that on this day a brownie is waking up, angry and displeased after
long winter sleep. Therefore, it was necessary to encourage and
cajole And they did it with the help of treats – bread and milk.
Some brave souls tried to play a brownie. However,
today was (and is still) a symbol of jokes and
draws. On this occasion, people put together many sayings,
For example: “If you do not lie on April 1, when will you find more time?”
Existed on this day and omen on the weather – April 1 was considered
reflection October 1.

Historical events of April 1

1 апреля 1734 год — В Канаде открылся первый
lighthouseOpening of the first lighthouse in Canada (and the second in the whole of North
America) was held in one of the provinces of the country. He represented
a 21.5-meter concrete structure located on the edge
large cliff in louisburg. The construction of the lighthouse began in 1730
and ended after three years. Some more time was spent on
design and implementation of the light device (lantern).
The building was intended to illuminate the eastern side of the entrance to
harbor louisburg. In conditions of good visibility light of a lantern
stretched out over eighteen miles. In 1736, one of
the compartments of the lighthouse captured the fire, but by common efforts it was possible
stop it. Until 1758, the lighthouse guarded the eastern side of the harbor,
until the guns of the British fleet demolished it. Today is the oldest in
Canada’s lighthouse is centered on Sambro Island. It was erected in
1759 году и до сих пор работает.1 апреля 1778 год
– The “birth” of a dollar. On this day businessman Oliver Pollock came up with
dollar image that has become subsequently financial symbol
America. The story of the world famous character S, taken as
The basis of the dollar is quite ambiguous. There are many versions
its origin, however most of them are rooted in
Spain According to one version, the S sign owes its birth to the number.
8, which was the image of the Spanish peso. Most
�The “American” version of the appearance of the mark says that modern
the symbol is nothing more than the overlay of the first two
букв от названия страны United States, то есть U и S.1
апреля 1938 год
— В Швейцарии состоялась презентация
instant coffee. In 1938, a massive start was made
spread around the world of instant coffee. It is believed that with
swiss presentation so common today
drink has gained the widest popularity. Recipe
instant coffee, or rather its improvement and bringing to
�“Crazy” is the seven-year painstaking work of the scientist Max Morgentaler,
representative of the Swiss company “Nestle”. It is worth noting that
Coffee was extended long before the presentation. By
unofficial data, the first person to develop a recipe
instant coffee, became the Japanese inventor Satori Kato. But him
Coffee was significantly different in taste and quality.

Were born on April 1

Николай Гоголь (1809-1852 гг.) — выдающийся
Russian writer, classic of Russian and world literature. Was born
великий писатель в семье помещика, проживавшего в Byлтавской
provinces. In 1821, the young Nicholas went to the gymnasium, where he
studied for 7 years and also studied in his spare time
painting, participated in performances and wrote. After graduating from high school,
Gogol decided to serve in the Ministry of the Interior, however
soon became disillusioned, but, as he himself noted later, “received a rich
material for future works … “about bureaucratic life and
the functioning of the state apparatus. – Александр Яковлев
(1906-1989) – an outstanding aircraft designer of the USSR, awarded
six Stalin prizes. He was the creator of the famous aircraft
�”Yak”. – Владимир Byзнер(родился в 1934 году) —
Soviet and Russian journalist, broadcaster, former
President of the Academy of Russian Television. As a TV host
gained popularity in 1985. Кроме того, Byзнер — автор
several books, including in foreign languages.

Name Day April 1

Valery, Matrona, Theodore, Vassa, Dmitry, Daria, Hilaria, Ivan,
Claudius, Innocent, Mariann, Laurel, Sophia, Matrona, Jason,

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