Apple tree does not bear fruit, what is the reason? whatto do if a young or old apple tree does not want to give fruit:stimulation methods

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Every garden owner dreams of fruit trees in
his garden, but sometimes it happens that the apple does not even bear fruit
in 5-7 years.

Not only do you have to wait for the first fruits for a long time, but also
then the trees are able to please only a few
apples and beautiful foliage.

For what reasons can an apple tree not bear fruit?

When buying a seedling, you need to know in how many years this variety
will enter a mature age, and will be able to bear the first fruits.
There are early varieties that produce crops after 4 years, and
late varieties on which buds appear only on the eighth

In other cases, it is necessary to understand why.
Apple tree does not bloom, and eliminate the cause of infertility:

• Planting apple with violations of the rules;

• Incorrect crown shaping;

• Poor care;

• Unsuitable grade for region.

Any of these reasons can leave you without a harvest.

How to plant an apple tree

It is necessary to buy seedlings in specialized organizations,
it will give you the opportunity to purchase zoned and
quality seedling. During the purchase you need to inspect
a plant, it must have branched roots and a straight stem.
The place of vaccination should be noticeable, you need to know the name of the variety and
take an interest in its features.

The preparation of the landing pit begin one month before landing,
need to choose a well-lit area, low
groundwater. The soil should be well manured, dig a hole with
dimensions of 70x100x100 cm. She is 1/3 covered with fertile soil,
tucked it in 1/2 cup potassium sulphate, 1 cup woody
ash and superphosphate and several buckets of well-rotted
humus, it all mixes well.

An improperly planted tree will produce a small crop or
will not bring apples at all. For this reason it is necessary to land
an apple tree in a previously prepared planting pit, in which the ground is already
a donkey, and there is no risk that the trunk of the tree will fall into the ground.

A layer of nutrient soil is poured into the dug pit and well
water pit to seal the soil. On this pillow level
seedling roots and fall asleep so that the neck of the tree was free.
It is necessary to immediately install the peg and tie the stem to it.
trees. Watering the seedling and trampling the soil around it is good for her.

Crown formation

Apple pruning start at 4 years old, you need to restrain the growth of young
apple trees in height, you can not allow the branches to grow inside the crown, you need
regularly cut the tops that prevent the sun’s rays from penetrating
in the crown. Conducting pruning is necessary to protect short branches with
fruit buds, inflorescences will appear on the bottom in spring. Pruning tree
It must be remembered that the strong pruning of skeletal branches, on
next year, many new shoots will appear on the apple tree
will reduce the harvest.

Any tree has 2 main tasks – the need to continue
sort and free space capture, simply put
seeds (not the surrounding pulp that we need). Roots rarely
creep on the perimeter of the crown. The tree is trying to climb up,
to get more sunshine. While the shoots give a big
growth, all the forces from the roots of the apple tree is spent on the development of branches and
form a few small branches on which are laid

If there are many branches on the tree almost vertically, then
harvest should not be expected. It is necessary to gradually translate them into
horizontal position, by trimming (on the shortened
sprigs on the end to leave a bud downward). Can to
upright branch, hang the load so that it
gradually lowered, you can bend down shoots with
the ropes.

Branches need to bend down gradually, you need to make a cuff
from durable material. Over prepared and free
fixed on the branch cuff fasten the rope. Its end is attached to
oblique hammered into the ground peg. After that, start a little
reel on a peg rope. All summer the branch ducks, and
leave her for the winter in this position. Next year branch again
bends down, translating it into a horizontal position. After translation
in a horizontal position, spinning tops are formed on the branches (vertically
growing shoots). It must be immediately cut to the branch, or
translate into a horizontal position, orienting where not
growing other branches.

Occasionally, branches grow almost horizontally, and a tree is planted.
as it should, but there are no fruits on the apple tree. This may occur due to
lack of iron. There is an old popular recipe – you need a tree trunk
drive in 2 rusty, medium sized nails. You can hold this
the operation is not so radical, just buried under an apple tree
a few rusty cans or process the plant 2-3 times per season
a solution of ferrous sulfate (dissolved in a bucket of water 1 tsp
drug). Since many cans are covered with thin
aluminum layer, and in the soil almost does not rust, they need to be pre
burn in bonfire, then flatten out, after that

Можно приобрести препарат «Феровит», им
sprayed leaves in spring and in the first decade of June – in 1 liter of water
dissolve 4 drops of the drug. But remember that this composition
provokes the growth of shoots.

Attention! Густота кроны должна
to be such that after the leaves are circled on the apple tree, through it
I could safely fly a sparrow anywhere. It speaks of
correct pruning wood.

If inflorescences begin to fly around, then maybe just nearby
there is no other apple tree, and the flowers could not be pollinated. If flowers
deformed, unable to fully open – the larvae hurt

An effective way to help an apple tree if it does not bear fruit –
pruning of tree roots. Good plant provision
nutrients with a lot of nitrogen, enhances growth
roots to the detriment of the formation of fruits. For this reason it is necessary
reduce the amount of nitrogen in the feedings, and cut the root system
on the projection of the crown on the ground. As a result of stress, the tree will begin
think about the continuation of the species, and will begin to grow fruit

You can feed the drug, containing easily digestible iron.
If after this the apple tree does not bear fruit, then it is better to replace it,
sometimes instances that are not able to grow

Diseases provoking the fruitlessness of the apple tree

If nothing helped the tree to bear fruit, then
maybe an apple tree got sick. If several years on the plant
there are bacterial or fungal diseases and no treatment
is carried out, then the apple tree is greatly depleted. To fight the disease
a lot of energy is expended, and the formation of the fruit becomes secondary
challenge, all the resources of the apple are aimed at survival. Right after
the appearance of the disease crop is reduced, if the tree does not provide assistance,
then it stops blooming.

When buying a sapling, you need to immediately find out whether this variety can
приносить плоды каждый year. There are plants that form
substantial crop every other year. It is necessary to take care of fruit
tree, constantly adjust how much fruit will be poured on
branches. With a very large crop plants depletes all their stocks.
In this case, its existence is threatened by frost in the winter and
spring burns.

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