Apple from seed – how to grow your favoritean apple tree? Getting a healthy apple seedling from seed and methodscare for him

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If you liked the apple purchased on the market
and I wanted to have the same variety on my own plot, then you can
try to get a fruiting apple from a seed. Receive
A full-fledged tree is a long process, and you need to take into account that
exactly the same fruits are likely to fail due to

Most seedlings are grown from seed breeders to
get a new variety.

Selection and preparation of seeds

The apple tree in nature propagates with the help of seeds, but at home
conditions, it is important to choose the appropriate seed, and correctly
prepare it for sowing. For this you need to take a few
large, fully ripened fruits, and from them to get seeds,
which need to be stratified before landing.

Stratification significantly improves seed germination, and
seedlings will be stronger. To create the same conditions
like during the autumn-winter period, it is necessary on a certain
period, place the seeds in a wet and cool environment. AT
the initial period, you need to keep the temperature around 5-7
degrees, and the seed must be free to access
fresh air.

In order for the seeds to germinate faster, it is advisable to put them in one of

1. Apple seeds are placed in a moistened mixture of peat and sand,
so kept for 6 days, during this period they should well

2. To improve gas exchange, you can apply instead of the substrate
a mixture of moss and sawdust;

3. Sand mixed with charcoal and sawdust. it
The substrate provides excellent protection against the development of mold.

After a week, the wet substrate with seeds, transferred to the bottom
shelf of the refrigerator, here they are kept at low temperature
about 2 months.

At the end of the stratification, the seeds will release white seedlings –
rudiments of roots. Stratification, carried out 3 months before transplantation
seedlings in the ground, for this reason, prepare seed
and you need to sow in January. By the onset of spring, seedlings will be
prepared for transplant to a permanent place.

ATыращивание сеянцев

For planting germinated seeds in the tank, choose the most
viable and strong sprouts. If you land
several varieties, it is desirable to stick special containers
tags, so as not to confuse plants in the future. At the bottom of the tank,
lay the drainage layer, pour the soil mixture and sow
seeds. You can buy in a specialty store ready
soil mixture intended for the cultivation of fruit trees.
Germinated seeds can be sown immediately in peat pots, they
will subsequently allow to plant a sapling without injuring him
the roots.

It is necessary even when growing a sapling, pay attention to the twigs
seedlings. If they have thin spines, then surely from a seed,
The apple tree has grown, it is impossible to wait for normal ones
apples. They can be immediately destroyed, so as not to waste time and

Cultural seedlings on which normal fruits can grow,
distinguished by a thick stem, large leaves and symmetrical
the location of the kidneys.

We must not forget that it is possible to plant a wild annual tree and
в впоследствии вырастить урожай вкусных apples.

ATыбор места для посадки сеянца

For an apple tree, it is advisable to choose a sunny place, best of all,
so that the young tree is illuminated by sunlight no less than
6-7 hours during the day. Great if it grows small
elevation, waterlogging, or stagnant water can destroy
apple tree It is also undesirable to plant an apple tree in the open,
blown by cold winds, in such places the soil is fast
dries out, blown out, and the roots may become bare. Clay and
wetlands, for planting apple are not suitable. Need to remember
that a tree derived from a seed will not have signs
dwarf and can grow to 9 meters, it must be taken into account when landing.
Apple trees should be planted no closer than 5 m from other trees. ATысаживая
apple tree near the fence or building, you need to retreat 3.5 m.

Planting apple seedlings in open ground

Replant seedling to a permanent place, you need to make sure
One hundred soil is already heated and there is no risk of night frost. ATыбрав
suitable plot, they dig it up, everything is pulled out within a radius of 1 m
roots and weeds. It is not necessary to fertilize before planting.
только нанесет вред растения, обжигая the roots. Prepare
planting pit 2-3 times the volume of the roots of the seedling. Inspect
seedling, carefully remove dried roots, and planted apple tree.
After that, layer-by-layer fill the hole with soil, gently pressing down
primer to remove air voids. After planting, the soil is good
watered, and mulch pristvolny circle with hay or peat to
prevent drying of topsoil and prevent growth

Expert advice

An apple tree made from seed can be obtained if you know a lot of details
and experienced gardeners say that these experiments are not always successful.
But There are several recommendations that can increase the chances of

• After the seeds are removed from the apples, they must be immediately
rinse well. It is advisable to do this in running water;

• ATо время замачивания семян, необходимо ежедневно менять воду.
AT застоявшейся воде, семечки начнут плесневеть, и станут негодными
for sowing;

• To make the seedling grow better, they can be treated with stimulants
growth. it комплексное соединение, обеспечивает растение
nutrients and enhances it;

• For stratification, use only fresh
seeds. If they are stored for a long time, the chances of getting the seedlings are strong.

• To strengthen the plant, you can immediately grow it in the soil,
taken in the place where the apple tree will grow. Thanks to this plant
enhances its winter hardiness;

• It is necessary to choose the place suitable for landing on a site –
seedling should be provided with sunlight, it is undesirable
place it in a place where cold winds blow. To improve
pollination of future apple trees, you can plant several nearby
seedlings of different varieties. Before transplanting seedling soil, fertilize
wood ash and humus, it will provide it with nourishing
substances for a long time;

• Apple tree from a seed, quite often turns out stronger and
healthier than vegetatively grown plants. it
due to the resulting mixture of genes from 2 completely different plants,
at the same time, the strongest plant qualities are victorious

ATырастить взрослую яблоню из семечка возможно, но каждое такое
wood will require a lot of work. Timely and correct
care, gives the seedlings a chance to firmly root in the ground, and
after a while the host will be able to try the first apples.

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