Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Яблочный уксус издавна применялся в народной
medicine, in particular for the treatment of skin diseases. American
Doctor D.S. Jarvis, who studied the healing effects of various products
nutrition, paid special attention to apple cider vinegar.

Observations have shown that it contributes to the rapid recovery
human forces because normalizes acid-base balance in
the body. Jarvis suggested using apple cider vinegar in
сочетании с диетой – рекомендовал, в частности,
limit the consumption of meat and fat, use more fish,
seafood, vegetables, fruits, cereals.

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Apple Cider Vinegar Really Improves
digestion, and in combination with diet food it can
use in the treatment of obesity. Apple Cider Vinegar is useful for
those with inadequate gastric secretory function are impaired
exchange processes. There are several cooking recipes.
apple cider vinegar. Here is one of them:

Apples wash, remove points and dents, rubbed on grated. Raw
apple gruel is placed in a glass jar and bred warm
boiled water (for 1 liter of water – 0.8 kg of apple gruel) For each
a liter of water add 100 g of honey or sugar, and to speed up
fermentation – 10 g of yeast or 20 g of dry rye bread.

The first 10 days the vessel with this mixture is kept open at
temperature 20-30 C, two or three times a day, stirring apple gruel
wooden spoon.

Then put the mass in a gauze bag and squeeze. The juice
filter through gauze and pour into a vessel with a wide neck. With
If desired, 50-100 g of honey or sugar is added to each liter of juice.
After that, the jar is closed with gauze, tied and put in a warm
a place to continue fermentation, which usually ends
in 40-60 days. Then the vinegar is filtered, bottled and
tightly closed with traffic jams. Ready vinegar stored in the refrigerator
at a temperature of 6-8 C.

To improve digestion and metabolic processes 2 teaspoons
vinegar diluted in a glass of water and take one or two times

With ожирении рекомендуется пить по 2 чайные ложки яблочного
vinegar in a glass of water 3-4 times a day after meals. Effect usually
comes gradually, after 2 years.

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