Anna Semenovich – three days on apples withby water

Anna Semenovich is full-bodied and has been dieting since childhood.
She says she knows everything about diets because she has tried almost everything.
existing weight loss recipes. Since school years Anya professionally
figure skating and when the other children were told
�”Until you eat, you will not leave the table”, the future star was kept in
tight mittens – they did not give me food for the night, they took away the sweet,
fed salads.

Anna Semenovich - three days on apples withby water

�“At night, I used to wait for everyone to fall asleep,” says
Semenovich in an interview Lose Weight correctly, – I am making my way to the fridge,
to sneak a patty and eat under the covers. And brother stint this
moment and shouts: “Mom, wake up, she eats the pie!” And mom runs with

Now Semenovich chooses her own diet. Unlike many
celebrity, she never disowns when she tries
to attribute the next one, that “Anna Semenovich’s Diet”, just
because there are almost no diets left that Semenovich is not
tried on myself.

She considers protein diet to be the best of all diets. Anna is on it
sat for two weeks. She ate only proteins with vegetables. Long on protein
the singer does not advise sitting on a diet because it is harmful to the liver and
for the kidneys.

Rice diet Anna disappointed – tasteless and useless. Much
she liked the diet more when you only need a few days
boiled chicken with cucumbers.

If Anna needs to lose weight dramatically, she uses the recipe “3 days
на яблоках с by water» и быстро худеет. Between courses strict
diets, Semenovich follows the principles of separate nutrition. Never
mixes carbohydrates with proteins. Eats steam food, nothing fried,
all stewed, boiled or steamed. And most importantly – trying not to eat
for the night.

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