Angelica Agurbash accuses ex-spouse of non-paymentalimony

Wed, Apr 23, 2014

Angelica Agurbash has long since divorced her husband,
�”Sausage king” Nikolai Agurbash and even presented his
new lover. However, the scandals surrounding the separation of the former
spouses do not subside.

So, Nicholas claims that Angelica forbids him to meet
with their son Anastas. For her part, the singer rejects all
charges, stating that she is ready to submit printouts of calls and
sms from which it will be possible to see that the ex-spouse is wrong
persistent in wanting to meet with his son.

Moreover, Angelica claims that for almost a year now,
Nikolai does not provide any funds for the maintenance of his son. but
Angelica is not discouraged, because her fiance Anatoly Pobiyakho is very
wealthy person.

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