And what is your grandmother?

And what is your grandmother?
Mon, Dec 22, 2014

And why children often love grandmothers more than nourish them
parents? The answer is extremely simple: the older generation
practicing in pedagogical techniques on their own children, on
in their declining years, they become softer and more patient. They are calm, even
a little from the outside, perceive children’s whims and are ready for them
indulge in to please the long-awaited granddaughter. Grandmas always
understand and regret, never scold and always cover from
vigilant parents. You say that this is a stereotype? And you will be right.
There are much more types of parents of parents. let’s consider
some of them.

«Тиран» — безусловный авторитет, безапелляционно
forcing him to do what he says, because “Tyrant” is always
right and knows better. Most parents don’t want to talk to
type of the older generation and therefore protect their children from them,
because such an onslaught is difficult to withstand even adults, not to mention
about kids. Tyranny fosters addiction and excessive

«Компьютер» — бабушка, постоянно поучающая и дающая
evaluation of everything and everyone. With this type it is very difficult to communicate, especially
a little man who has not yet fully formed his
point of view. �”Computer” presses, strains and does not teach grandchildren to
the main thing is to be compromised and respect others.

«Мученик» — это заядлый альтруист, для которого жизненно
it is necessary to serve others. Often this type of grandmother loves
repeat: “Do not worry about me, the main thing is that you have everything
OK”. The “Martyrs” have corresponding behavior and
grandchildren, which leads to the egoism of the kid and pampered, because he
everything is possible in the world.

«Приятель» — это бабуля, которая потворствует в шалостях
and games without accepting any responsibility. �”I could not do anything
do you have such a child, “are often justified
�“Friends” when parents accuse them of not looking for
a kid who dabbled and “walked on his head.” Over time, this
the older generation is bored with the pranks of a child, but they cannot
find them an alternative.

«Слишком занятой» – это бабушки, которые не хотят или по
for various reasons can not pay attention to their grandchildren. Maybe im
like loneliness, they don’t like little children or a lot
work, and maybe try to put the interests of their families on the first
place, therefore, do not let grandchildren in their lives. No need to judge
This type of old people, because everyone has their own worldview and their own
life circumstances.

«Проводник» — это, пожалуй, самый лучший тип старшего
generations for kids. This is a sensible grandmother who, by virtue of her
life experience knows all the pitfalls, so boldly
leads grandchildren along the road of life. However, at that moment when she
will feel that the baby has already grown and can do something himself, goes away
aside and gives you the opportunity to express themselves. The guides are sober and
wisely able to balance the various methods of education, thereby
harmonizing relationships with grandchildren. In other words, this type
Grandmothers remain flexible, it allows children to be different,
train and try yourself in different roles.

And what is your grandmother?

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