Allergies in children

Tue, Feb 02, 2016

Unfortunately, the number of childhood allergic diseases with each
year grows. According to medical statistics, about 20% of children in
The world suffers from certain manifestations of this affliction.

Translated from the Greek word “allergy” means “reaction to
to a stranger “. Thus, children’s allergies are understood as
the hypersensitivity of the child’s immune system to
any substances or physical factors.


Causes of Allergies in Children

First of all, this disease in a child may appear due to
such reasons:

1. Hereditary factors. That is, in the presence of its signs
at least one of the parents is likely to have a child’s illness
accounts for 35 – 40%; if both parents are allergic, then
the probability increases to 75%.

2. Improper nutrition. It is proved that allergic manifestations
primarily affected babies who are on
artificial feeding. This is because protein
Cow milk has very strong allergic properties.
In addition, childhood allergies can be triggered.
unbalanced nutrition, poor in vitamins and microelements, and
abuse of the mother during pregnancy allergenic
foods such as chocolate, citrus, eggs, fish, strawberries and

3. The state of maternal health. There is a high risk
the appearance of the child’s disease in the event of a decrease in his mother
immunity, imbalance of intestinal microflora, transferred
острой респираторной инфекции и etc. In addition, the risk of developing
child allergic disease rises when parents smoke
abuse of alcoholic beverages, as well as in the case of various
pregnancy complications.

A frequent companion of childhood allergies is diathesis. However, this
not an allergic disease. Diathesis is the state of the child.
an organism that is characterized by unusual reactions from
skin, mucous membranes of the respiratory, urinary tract and
gastrointestinal tract effects of various stimuli,
including some food. It arises due to the fact that
children of the first year of life have a reduced protective function
intestines since at this time the production of digestive enzymes
and protective antibodies are still insufficient. All this leads to
the absorption of undernourished food components into the blood and
consequence – to start a chain of allergic reactions. In this way,
the presence of diathesis
susceptibility to the development of allergic diseases and
the need for careful observation by an allergist.

Symptoms and signs of allergy in children

In children, the most common allergies are as follows.
signs of:

1. Atopic dermatitis. Very common
occurs on the background of allergic diathesis. You can recognize him by
swelling of the skin, their redness, appearance on the skin
itchy rash. Usually occurs as a reaction to the introduction of complementary foods, and
when breastfeeding may occur when consumed by the mother
baby allergenic products. As a rule, with age, symptoms
atopic dermatitis pass.

2. Allergic rhinitis (runny nose). It is seasonal or
year-round. The first kind accompanies in children allergy to
house dust; the second – arises, for example, as an organism reaction
на пыльцу цветущих растений и etc.

3. Bronchial asthma. The most severe allergic disease
baby An attack of asthma looks like a sudden
the occurrence of choking and help the baby at home
not always possible, sometimes it is necessary to hospitalize.

Ways to treat allergies in children

When a child has signs of diathesis, the main task
parents is to identify and eliminate allergens coming from
food, through the lungs or due to direct effects on
skin Without this measure, all creams and ointments will be powerless.

When breastfeeding such a baby, the mother must comply
strict diet, and the introduction of complementary foods should be very careful. AT
in another case, the child should be provided with
corresponding to their age the amount of protein, fat and
carbohydrates with the exception of products with allergenic properties,
which are determined for each case

If you have noticed allergic signs in your child,
In any case, do not start self-treatment, which may
cause complications. Having been diagnosed by a doctor,
which will allow you to identify specific antibodies in serum
blood, you will receive expert advice on
further treatment.

First of all, it is necessary to ensure the cessation of contact with
allergen and start taking antihistamine antiallergic
drugs that the doctor will prescribe. To reduce the manifestation of local
symptoms, such as pruritus, you need to treat these areas,
using salicylic alcohol or any other alcoholic

AT случае необходимости оказания ребенку неотложной помощи,
for example in the development of anaphylactic shock or edema Quincke,
you need to ensure maximum access before the arrival of the ambulance
air to the lungs. It is strictly forbidden to use different
funds with a strong smell, contributing to the strengthening of bronchospasm.


ATика 12.10.2016 Согласна, что сорбент хорошо помогает почистить
an organism. Ulianushka 09/16/2016 and we have a long rhinitis
a sign of dust mite allergy. food allergies pooh
there was no nikad, others seemed to be the same, but here bam and on you … on the dust,
can say. read on the Internet that people write about it – in
As a result, I went to the doctor to ask his opinion about asit. the doctor got
just lovely, the hour told about the history of immunotherapy and about
that right now it is almost the only helping method. Well
actually since the girl is 6 years old, started the course. dripping under the tongue
the French have become stalierzhen – they are quite neutral in taste, so
that the child is not annoying, and the effect has already become noticeable (according to my
observations) month after 4. thanks to the doctor who convinced
me) rhinitis has passed, the rest of the symptoms also disappear slowly.
We will continue to Paradise 09.09.2016 And we, oddly enough, were saved
allergies vitamins Alphabet. Although not at all thought that this
will help. just once there is an allergy to food means
the body already a priori does not have enough vitamins, which means they need to
to fill up. that’s filled up. Along the way, it turns out that not on food
we are allergic, but simply a reaction to the fact that it has been papapihano and
a healthy body is struggling with this filth, but avitaminosis
throws out a white flag and a parade of rashes all over the skin is provided. Ira
15.06.2016 Совершенно верно написано, что прежде всего Wellжно
eliminate contact with allergens. My son has food allergies
started in 1g. and 2 months after they started giving sweet
фрукты и etc. We took tests to identify the allergen. Were treated
diet, the pediatrician also prescribed an enterosgel course to bring out
allergens from the gastrointestinal tract. Sorbent has no contraindications for small
children, avoids taking more serious medications. Now
follow a diet, after the start of treatment, the skin rash
a week later. I hope that with age the problem will pass

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