All the pros and cons of a liquid diet

zhidkaya-dietaFor many modern people, the desire to lose weight
is quite an urgent problem, so depending on
The main goals and needs were developed by a huge amount
various techniques and programs.

One of them, about which the entire blogosphere is buzzing, includes
drinking liquid, as the main source of calories, for
a certain period of time and, you guessed it, wears
The name is a liquid diet.

Of course, first of all it was designed to clean
digestive tract on the eve of surgical interventions but
many people see it as a means of helping them
get rid of excess weight.

But regardless of the true reason, yet such a program
supply should be applied only under the supervision of a medical


So what is the essence of a liquid diet?

Special features

Depending on its type, all meals are replaced with
a certain kind of liquid, which may include water, juice,
broth, honey, gelatin, popsicles and even coffee or tea, but
it is the dietician who determines that from all this will become part
your new program. Also in your meals can be added
ready-made cocktails or powdered mixes that are needed
dilute with milk or water.

During the diet you are not allowed to eat any solid
food and you can not drink anything except the established list
liquids. Tasks

The meaning of this diet, as a rule, is intended to
body preparation before examination or surgical procedures.
It is also used to alleviate the symptoms of the disorder.
digestion and as a tool for recovery in
postoperative period.

If a diet is prescribed to treat obesity, it is usually
Used for quick weight loss, limiting total daily
caloric in 600 – 800 units, well below the amount
calories recommended for standard weight loss.

Adhering to this program, it is important to provide your body
nutrients, even if used for
short time. Therefore, your best decision would be
taking different multivitamins or other supplements to make sure
That you get all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
substances necessary for optimal health.

Warnings: Due to the extremely restrictive nature of the diet,
you should take it very carefully.

This will help you avoid potential problems with
health, such as nausea, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, disturbances
cardiovascular, pulmonary, or renal functions of the body.

The most common diet options

Lemon juice based

A lemon-based diet is rightfully one of
most popular in the world, on the other hand, although it allows
lose weight quickly at home but many people overly
abuse it and stick to the liquid diet for weeks,
depriving yourself of essential nutrients.

Lemon juice has undeniable benefits for the body,
being a strong antioxidant and possessing anti-cancer
properties. The diet consists of mixing maple syrup, red
hot pepper and lemon juice.


This form was developed by a New York cardiologist.
Alejandro Yunger specifically for the famous Hollywood actress
Gwyneth Paltrow. It consists of a 3 week nutritional program,
which prescribes the intake of liquid food for breakfast and dinner, and solid
products for lunch.

Consumed products should not be allergenic and from daily
ration excluded all flour products, including all types of bread,
allowing the body to direct its efforts at detoxification and loss
weight. The advantage of this diet, according to Paltrow, is that
it provides the body with nutrients that
necessary for her regular exercise.

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