Alexander Gordon spoke about the relationship with20 year old spouse

Mon, Aug 25, 2014

Recently, 50-year-old Alexander Gordon married a 20-year-old.
student of the Institute of Cinematography Tajik Nose Abdulvasieva.
This marriage for the TV presenter was the fourth.

A girl who is much younger than her spouse is already
repeatedly commented on his relationship with him, arguing that
building a family with a man who is already determined in life is essentially
better than peers. According to Abdulvasieva, “Sasha –
amazingly interesting person “, which can be compared with

Gordon himself, who has long refused to comment on his relationship,
finally broke the silence and said that this marriage
considers it as the last, although it does not exclude the possibility of new
hobbies. About how happy he is, telling Alexander is not
became afraid to jinx it. It is known that the TV host acquired the land on
which intends to build a common house with Noza.


Valiya 09/25/2016 “Unequal marriage” It’s sad. The girl found refuge
money. Use, if not disgusting. Love is resting. Irina Al-on
09/14/2016 Here is a disgrace! Old man is furious, no way
calm down … The most annoying thing is why he is transmitting the request
family relations and there with E Strizhenova something utter
verb ?! They put a goat in the garden … How can he be useful in
such a subtle sphere of human relations. He, destroying so much
women’s lives and children! Yes, it’s close to let him go to TV. is he
already simply uninteresting and indecent. If we want to
the institution of the family was completely destroyed in our country, then you
invite him and those just as insanely annoying Urgant,
just like Gordon will not say anything new, except it will be without
the end of transcend yourself, already insanely crammed with everything. Drive
such, and as far as possible.! In general, I want new interesting people
on tv, intelligent., smart, decent. and not degenerate or
degenerate selfish and depraved Gordon 09.11.2016 that is looking for
he himself does not know love, he will not find problems, and so grab it
health Alex will be better stranger 09/04/2016 fool

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