Air pollution cause low weightnewborns

Wed, 10 Feb 2016

Mothers living in atmospheric pollution
children with low weight are born much more often. So, Irish Health,
Recalling the results of research by American scientists, reports
that air pollution is the cause of low body weight

A study conducted at the University of California has become
The most extensive research of this kind. It included data
more than 3 million children worldwide. Scientists have discovered
The following pattern: in places with the highest level
Contamination rate of infants with low (below 1
kilograms) body weight was the highest. And low weight with
birth is fraught with increased risk of death and serious
health problems in later life.

Air pollution caused by microscopic particles. Their
concentration depends, in part, on vehicle emissions and
some power plants. Lead Researcher Tracy Woodruff
says that everywhere in the world the level of pollution by these particles
exceeds safe.

In different countries, there are rules that define safe
pollution level. For example, in the USA it is 12 micrograms per
cubic meter. In the EU, the norm is 25 micrograms, but in
The question of revising this figure in the direction of
reductions. While in Beijing, as shown by recent measurements,
contamination level is 700 micrograms.

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