Agar Agar – Useful for Creative Cooks andthose who want to improve their health. What makes agar agar different fromgelatin

Пн, 04 июн 2018 Автор: Анна Кедрова

Appetizing fruit jelly, festive aspic, soufflé
interlayer cake – all this will help create an agar-agar, a popular
сегодня заменитель gelatin. And its health benefits are no less
bright than for kitchen experiments.


How manufacturing techniques affect the benefits of agar agar

Plant-based gelling agent, agar agar, on
сегодняшний день считается лучшим аналогом gelatin, превосходящим
its on a number of properties:

– agar agar has neither taste nor smell, while
gelatin made from bones, tendons, cartilage and homemade skin
livestock, sometimes can transfer meat taste to dishes;

— если сравнить желе из агар агара и gelatin, то первое будет
more attractive looking, transparent;

– products from agar agar are obtained more dense texture (to
for example, it is part of chewing candies);

– Agar agar dishes begin to solidify well when
room temperature, keeping them in the refrigerator until
perfect consistency takes less time;

– having appeared in heat (even in the summer hot day) products from an agar
agar longer do not conceal;

— в отличии от gelatin, агар агар в блюдах термообратим —
for example, ready-made jelly with it can be heated and again
put cool to a dense state.

Agar Agar is in demand both in the food industry (known as
additive E406), and in home cooking, it is equally good as
in fruit jelly, desserts, and in meat inlets, aspic,
jellies. Agar agar can be found in marshmallow, sweets “bird
milk “, jams and ice cream.

Agar Agar is available in powder or plate form and is divided into
two varieties:

– the highest (which is recommended for home cooking) has
snow-white, light yellow or white with a grayish tint;

– the first – dark yellow or pale brown color.

This product is suitable for a menu of vegans and vegetarians.

Its origin is rather curious – red and
brown algae of certain species of which agar agar
obtained by the extraction method in the process of complex, multi-level
manufacturing technology.

The properties of algae and their composition naturally undergo
significant changes and comparing the benefits of raw materials and finished
product (agar agar) is difficult to talk.

But definitely about the composition of agar agar we can say that it:

– contains minerals – iron, calcium, sodium,
magnesium, iodine, potassium;

– contains several vitamins – B3 and B9;

– 90% consists of carbohydrates.

The energy value of the product is 300 kcal per 100 g,
which almost equalizes it to gelatin, but, like his, agar agar on
the dish is put in several portions little by little, measuring in teaspoons,
so gaining extra weight with it is almost impossible.

The positive effect of agar agar on the human body,
It is revealed in the following properties:

– cleansing the liver and enhancing its functions;

– improvement of tissue regeneration (disappearance of bruises);

– normalization of blood sugar levels;

– improvement of connective tissue;

– excretion of toxins and slags (agar agar acts as
mild laxative, non-addictive and non-flushing

– Prevention of varicose veins;

– lowering blood cholesterol levels;

– improvement of the thyroid gland (supplied with the necessary
for her health with iodine).

But the most pronounced use of agar agar for
gastrointestinal tract.

What is the benefit of agar agar for the digestive tract

Any food with agar agar, no matter how many calories it is
contained, quickly and thoroughly, for a long time
due to the high content in this gelling agent

If you eat something along with a dish containing agar agar, then it
ingest from carbohydrate food some of the carbohydrates and fats
will prevent their absorption, and also accelerate the output of undigested
food debris from the body, which together can be useful for
those who want to lose weight, but do not want to eat alone
salad leaves.

Bonus to this interaction agar agar with another food, you can
call it a property to prevent negative perception of the stomach
sharp, salty and acidic foods (which is especially important when
increased acidity of gastric juice).

Having moved to the intestines, agar agar begins to work as
prebiotic (favorable nutrient medium for beneficial microflora
– probiotics), as a result of which the stool normalizes,
putrefactive processes and those capable of arising are prevented,
theoretically, infectious diseases (for example, poisoning from
not well washed fruit in summer).

It is also worth noting that the positive effect of agar agar on
The gastrointestinal tract does not depend on the form of products with which it enters
an organism.

What are the benefits of agar agar somewhat exaggerated

In dietetics, agar is often described as a valuable source.
collagen, but choosing it to replenish the body’s reserves of this
substances necessary for healthy joints and youth (without
wrinkles and lethargy) skin, beauty and health of hair and nails, it is worth
Consider the characteristic features of agar agar:

– the protein itself in plant sources of collagen is contained
always less than in animals;

– plant collagen loses animal digestibility;

– the greatest resistance (slowness of natural
destruction in the body) only collagen from beef is different.

In fact, agar agar may be useful in this regard, but
count on some particularly pronounced and quick effects from it

Но и отказываться совсем от него, в пользу одного лишь gelatin,
not worth it – given the specific characteristics of both substances,
It is wiser to combine them in your menu.

Moreover, according to scientists, without being the most
A significant source of collagen, agar agar can stimulate
выработку of this вещества человеческим организмом, повышая
digestibility of amino acids from meat.

Also, do not rely on agar agar as a full-fledged
natural vitamin-mineral complex – simple
the calculation demonstrates that a regular portion of the dish with it cannot
satisfy the daily need of the body for any vitamin
even 1%.

The exception is iodine, and, this trace element,
contained precisely in seafood and oceanic edible
plants, characterized by high bioavailability (ultimate
effectiveness for the body).

What agar can bring agar harm

The recommended maximum intake of agar agar for
an adult, it is considered 4 g of product per day.

Превышение of this объема чревато проявлением вреда агар агара,
more precisely, a disorder of the digestive tract that
expressed, at least, prolonged diarrhea.

But theoretically, everything can turn into an imbalance
intestinal microflora, which further increases the risk
the occurrence of various infections.

Also, due to the abundance of fiber (coarse fiber), it is gelling
the substance is poorly digested so that in order to avoid harm from agar
agar, it should be used with caution when serious
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and, if available, this is better
consult with a specialist.

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