Actress Natalya Fateeva lost the abilitywalk

W, 02 Sep 2014

79-year-old actress Natalia Fateeva was recently diagnosed
fracture of the hip joint. They put her prosthesis, which,
however, not caught on. Suppuration has occurred, a temporary

Now the actress is preparing for a new operation. Children with whom
her, rather strained relations, are inseparably
mothers. They have forgotten all the insults and are trying hard to ease
pains tolerated by the artist.

Fateeva’s son, Vladimir Basov Jr., said that despite
constant pain, his mother is set to fight. She is by no means
не желает walk с палочкой, ведь всю жизнь она была очень
sports and now does not want to put up with a limp.

Despite all the temporary problems, the doctor, observing Fateev,
assured her family that everything will be fine.

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