Acne of newborns: the main causes andeffects. Newborn acne – what to do if it appearsacne

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Acne of newborns (neonatal cephalitic
pustules) looks like small white or yellowish pimples on the face
and the neck of the infant and can be detected on the skin immediately after the appearance
a child into the world, even while in the hospital.

In many cases, acne appears 2-3 weeks after
of birth. Rashes can be single and multiple,
covering the whole face of a child. It is observed in approximately 30%

These pimples are physiological in nature and special treatment is not
require: in a few weeks they pass spontaneously.

Causes of Acne in Newborns

One of the main causes of newborn acne is
hormonal background of the child.

Hormonal crisis

This is explained by the imperfection of the endocrine system and high
content at the time of birth in the child’s body, in addition to
produced by the mother’s own sex hormones. This is true
called the hormonal crisis of the newborn that develops with
3 to 7 day of the child’s life. In such cases, in addition to rashes on
the skin, the newborn may experience symptoms of sexual

• physiological mastopathy;

• swelling of the vulva;

• dropsy of the testicle in boys;

• metrorrhagia in girls.

This is due to the large amount of estradiol entering into
the child’s organism at the end of its prenatal development if
women during pregnancy produced a high level
estrogen. They are necessary for the baby to form subcutaneous
fatty tissue, and contribute to the appearance of acne. In such cases
hormone therapy, if necessary, to level
hormonal background of the child.

Other reasons

In addition, for acne in newborns, the causes are:

• genetic factor (if the mother has in the past different
forms of acne – hereditary predisposition plays a role);

• underdevelopment of sebaceous glands – they do not cope with an excess of
produced under the influence of hormones in large quantities
thick fat, blockage occurs;

• increased reproduction of lipophilic yeast, which leads to
the development of the inflammatory process.

Newborn acne – what to do

With the development of acne in newborns, what to do – the pediatrician will respond,
having examined the child. As a rule, this rash does not need treatment,
since is a temporary phenomenon associated with
hormonal adjustment of the child’s body. Rash on the skin of a child
It is not contagious, it is not transmitted to others in any way.

With the normalization of the endocrine and reproductive system will be restored and
function of sebaceous glands. The rash will gradually disappear on its own, without
additional treatment. This period takes about 2
up to 6 months. With the right mode created by the child, the timing
reduced to a few weeks. Important all the time from the moment
birth, follow a number of rules for baby skin care.
It is necessary to adhere to several basic principles:

• hygiene procedures (washing, bathing) should be
Regular, for their use only means
intended for children;

• air and sun baths – avoid direct sun, and
also – dust, wind, cold.

What not to do with acne in newborns

Contraindicated in acne:

• Applying to the skin with rashes creams, lotions, oil,
including children’s cream – it is greasy and can aggravate the course of acne:
under the oily film may develop inflammation due to
blockage of sebaceous ducts. Also not recommended
powder or creams and ointments with antibiotics. The skin should be dry and
clean. If the rash is too much, you can use
use Sudocrem, Bepanten, Eplan or zinc ointment (after
consultations with the pediatrician) – they are well dried inflammatory
items. Apply them to dotted, in small quantities, twice.
in a day. Zinc ointment is applied every three days. Permissible
use of cosmetics marked: “From the first days
of life. “

• Extrusion of rash elements – infection and
development of inflammation. Later in the place of the inflammatory process
ugly scars may appear, which is difficult to get rid of.

• Lubrication with antiseptics (brilliant green, chlorophyll and

• The excitement of the mother who breastfeeds – it stimulates
production of the hormone cortisol. It helps to increase skin
child problems.

Treatment for Acne Complications

If a complication has occurred, and a purulent process has developed
the presence of acne in newborns – what to do, determine the pediatrician. is he
prescribe complex treatment, because without adequate therapy
terms of normalization of the skin condition will be delayed for a long time. Self-medication
to engage in this case is not recommended. Therapy at the onset
complications include:

• antibacterial drugs;

• vitamin therapy;

• antihistamines;

• immunostimulants;

• local treatment (antiseptic treatment).

Neonatologist or pediatrician selects dosages drugs
according to the age and weight of the child, assigns the multiplicity and
the duration of their reception. In rare cases, when the rash is not long
laser therapy is cured.

Such treatment has to be prescribed for weakened premature babies.
children, in the absence of good care and nutrition, as well. if mom
I tried to squeeze out the elements of the rash. There is a danger
the addition of infection, the development of a septic state
low immunity.

Folk remedies

Speaking of the national treatment of acne in newborns, you need to remember
that even the most harmless methods must be coordinated with
a doctor. At the same time, folk recipes can be applied to a nursing mother,
but not a child. Any treatment of the newborn with herbs is carried out.
only through the mother – the child can develop unpredictable
reaction to herbal ingredients.


Even bathing a newborn is recommended in clean boiled water.
water, so as not to irritate the skin and cause an allergic reaction.
To date, pediatricians do not advise healthy children to do
bath with decoction of herbs for the same reason. But allowed to wipe
skin of the face where it is affected: this eliminates the inhalation of herbal
vapors, reduces the risk of allergies, has a beneficial effect
on the delicate skin of the face. The most effective and safe herbs – a series
and calendula. It is necessary to begin treatment with the use of some kind
one of them. If no irritation or allergies followed,
add the second. Процедура проводится 2-3 раза in a day. Rubbed
neatly place rash, do not rub, do not press on the skin.

If a rash appears on the body, it is acceptable to use a weak
manganese solution. To do this, 1 g of powder is diluted with 1 liter of water and
add this solution to bathing water. Should get
low-grade shade. Bathe gently, avoiding water in
eyes and mucous membranes of the child.

Vitamin therapy

Considering that the skin needs vitamins, especially A and E,
promote active healing and restoration of the epidermis,
the mother and child should not be deficient in them. But
fat-soluble vitamins, which are A and E, are dangerous for their
overdose, have many serious side effects. therefore
normal daily doses their newborn should receive from
the mother’s body through the milk on the condition of the breast


It is recommended without fail to enter into the diet of nursing
women fruit juices. Effective juice, consisting of equal
amounts of fresh apple, carrot and pumpkin.
It is drunk once, in the morning, in the amount of 40 g. Organism
the child may react to the juice as an allergen, therefore,
starting such vitamin therapy, you need the first few servings
dilute in half with water.


Aloe содержит большое количество биологически активных веществ,
antiseptic substances, vitamins, microelements, immune
complexes. Due to the possible irritant effect on the skin
a newborn use any form of aloe
recommended. But мама может принимать по 10 г свежего сока,
добавив в него несколько граммов лимона, один раз in a day.

There are some features of juicing. For this purpose
fit the lower leaves of a three-year and older plants.
It is believed that the healing properties appear in aloe after 3 years. Their
therapeutic effect persists for 4 hours. therefore
It is recommended to apply them immediately after separation from the plant.
The leaves are well washed, peeled. Then with them
neatly cut off the outer layer and are used for cooking

But многие специалисты считают необходимым применять растение
after storage in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. After that their
измельчают и отжимают через марлю для получения juice.

Some sources citing American studies
scientists point to the presence of aloin (plant sap,
between skin and gel sheet) carcinogenic substances. therefore для
making fresh juice you need to clean the sheet from the skin and
use one gel.


Similarly, passes and herbal therapy. Allowed twice a day
reception of tea (or decoction) of chamomile. It is steamed in water and drunk in
warm form. You can add a small amount of sugar and lemon
juice. Honey is contraindicated – it contains many allergens.

A string and viburnum cleanse the skin due to the high content in them
flavonoids. Tea is made from 60 g of a mixture of herbs per 1 liter of boiling water.
Drink three times a day, 100 ml.

Acne of newborns is a physiological condition of the skin.
covers that does not require intervention and with good care
child passes independently. In the absence of complications
no need for treatment. In addition to careful care
baby, you need proper nutrition of the mother and the attention of the father –
skin will be completely healthy after two weeks.

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