Acne Juice Recipe – Recommended by NormanWalker

Норман Walker – американский натуропат, который написал несколько
brain-bearing books on the benefits of fresh juices and the need for
cleansing the body. He spent a long time experimenting on himself, and at the end
In the end, I decided to completely abandon the traditional food and go
exclusively on juices, nuts, vegetables and fruits. BUT еще, Walker был
I am convinced that on the intestinal walls a deposit of slags is formed,
therefore, he cleaned the intestines constantly, and not just with an enema, but with the help
colon hydrotherapy.

Official medicine most likely considers him insane, but
An interesting fact – eating only raw foods and constantly
проводя чистку, Норман Walker дожил до 99 лет, причем до последнего
day was physically and mentally healthy, and died in a dream. Doctors who
during his life they condemned him, they could not assess his success, because
died much earlier.

Walker считал, что вареная и обработанная пища не способна
restore the cells of the body. Moreover, if constantly
eat boiled and fried, it inevitably leads to aging
organs, because in boiled food life-giving enzymes are destroyed. BUT
Here are raw vegetables and fruits contain everything you need for nutrition
body cells, especially if you use them in a liquid state –
in the form of juices.

Solid food must be digested for several hours before
its nutrients reach the cells. Juices are digested and
digested literally in 10-15 minutes.

Интересно, что когда Норманн Walker проводил свои опыты,
Modern electric juicers did not exist yet. Vegetables
grind and then crushed with a press. In general, the doctor
suffered and can say, suffered his way of life.

Кроме соков Walker ел орехи и овощи. He was against dairy
products, believed that they form mucus, due to the accumulation of which
snot, sputum and throat deposits appear. He drank only goat
milk. As you know, the goat’s digestive system is perfect. Goats
do not get sick of all those calamities to which cows are subject. BUT
most importantly, goat milk does not form mucus.

В своем кишечнике Walker постоянно поддерживал чистоту. Doctor
believed that in the rectum accumulate not only waste, but also
cells and end-of-life tissues. If they start to rot and
wander, then become very toxic, and toxins are absorbed into
blood. По словам Walkerа, налет на стенках кишечника похож на
plaster, and the usual enema is not able to dissolve it. therefore
need to wash the intestines using hydrocolonoscopy – hardware
washing, during which several are driven through the intestine
liters of water.

Читателям Walker советовал проводить очистительные курсы не менее
twice a year, 6 procedures. He himself “cleaned” regularly. In the book
�“Raw vegetable juices” (ed. 1972) the doctor wrote: “Enema would be good
do daily. ” One day, he saw herons fill their
long beaks with water and inject it into the anus. It’s in
очередной раз убедило Walkerа, что промывание продиктовано
by nature.

�“I’m not ashamed to tell people how old I am. I am a man without
возраста», — писал Норман Walker в своих работах.

Рецепт сока от прыщей, рекомендованный Норманом Walkerом:

For skin, the most useful juice is a mixture of freshly squeezed juice.
spinach and carrots. Carrots before juicing need to be cut
1 cm further from the place where the tops begin, and trim
tail down. Spinach in any case can not be eaten boiled,
only raw, otherwise crystals will accumulate in the kidneys
oxalic acid.

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