About the life of Edita Piekha will shoot a multiseries film.The singer herself is not happy

Fri, 25 Jul 2014

In the near future will begin shooting ten-series television
tape dedicated to the life of the singer Edita Piekha. Work on the film
will be held in St. Petersburg, and the picture will be shown on
channel “Russia”.

The film’s director is an actor known for the film “Midshipmen,
ahead, ”Vladimir Shevelkov, the main role will be played by Marina
Alexandrova. Edita Stanislavovna’s husband, Alexander Bronevitsky, on
the screen will embody Igor Petrenko. It is assumed that the film will
The singer’s life span is reflected from her acquaintance with her spouse to his

Curious that she herself has learned about the upcoming filming of one of
last. After reading the script, the singer did not approve of a number in it
moments. It should be noted that, in the opinion of Edita Stanislavovna,
Marina Aleksandrovna does not fit this role at all: the singer is not
found no resemblance to her in her youth.

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