About Coca-Cola and Kvass

Soda contains carbon dioxide, which stimulates the production of
gastric juice, so with gastritis and ulcers drink soda
can not.

Bottles into which these drinks are poured may also be dangerous.
Most often they are made from PVC (labeling on bottles
PVC or PVC), which eventually begins to release into the water
carcinogen. And almost all plastic packaging contains bisphenol A
and flatals increase the risk of breast cancer and negatively
affecting the reproductive system. If you already decided to drink this
muck, look for glass bottles.

Coca Cola

Besides carbonic acid, cola is full of sugar – six teaspoons per
glass. Sugar quenches your appetite, you put off lunch and overeat
in the evening. From cola-light do not get fat, but it is more harmful to health.
Aspartame is added to sugar instead of it (in large doses it causes
headache and allergies, not recommended for children and adolescents) and
acesulfame potassium (worsens the work of the heart, has a stimulating
action, not recommended for pregnant and lactating women)


This fermented brew contains
B vitamins and lactic acid bacteria normalizing work
intestines, it is low in sugar and carbon dioxide. Such kvass is sold in
bottled and stored only a couple of days. Everything else – kvass drinks
different degree of naturalness. And, if they include
flavors or sweeteners, then, under the guise of kvass you
offer soda.

A truly healthy drink is homemade lemonade, a mixture
mineral water with natural lemon juice in a ratio of 10: 1. Can
add mint leaves and a bit of fresh ginger juice to the glass.
This is a useful, completely natural drink. He is good at quenching
thirst and inhibits excessive sweating. Real lemonade can
drink at least 2.5 liters a day – thanks to what is contained in it
vitamin C this drink invigorates and even relieves headaches.
 Can добавить в него немного сахара, а  лучше – меда,
it will enrich the drink with vitamins and microelements.

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