About calorie sugar and harm substitutes

We used to think that we need sugar, which it stimulates
brain activity, improves attention and enhances
performance And sugar is a great antidepressant. Happens
so that things do not stick, bad mood, but worth eating
candy or a piece of cake, as sadness retreats.

But nutritionists say that sugar is absolutely useless.
product. In addition to carbohydrates, there is nothing else in it: neither vitamins nor
minerals. Yes, carbohydrates are needed for normal functioning.
organism, but they are not only in sugar, but also in unpurified
cereals, fruits, vegetables. In addition to carbohydrates, these foods also
enriched with vitamins, minerals, fiber. To sugar in the blood
was at a normal level you just need to eat vegetable food in
sufficient quantities.

How many calories in sugar?

Calorie sugar is very high. A spoon of sugar contains
about 20 kcal. This is not as much as it may seem, but!
If these spoons are not one for one day, but 20, then 400 kcal will be obtained.
The calorie content is comparable to a decent dinner, but nobody
these 20 spoons will not replace the dinner, they will imperceptibly dissolve between
meals in cups of tea or coffee, occasional sweets and

We used to eat sugar. When he does not arrive in our
the body – the mood spoils, there is a feeling that something is not
enough, but enough to drink sweet coffee, eat ice cream or
chocolate bar to feel comfortable again. it
the real addiction. And it is constantly maintained, because
sugar is now added not only in sweets, but also in semi-finished products.
For example, cheese that is put in a cheeseburger in McDonalds too
contains sugar. It is from this that fast food seems like

Sugar substitutes

The nutritionist has banned eating sweets and cookies, which means it’s about time
go to the shelving for diabetics where they stand
sugar substitutes. The problem is that getting the same
we will not be able to enjoy them.

The body is used to that after we drink a cup of sweet
coffee, start to produce hormones of happiness. Such a reaction
occurs on sugar. And if there is no real sugar, then the reaction to
it will not be. Well, it’s about the same as giving a smoker.
instead of a cigarette, smoke a stick, the ritual is the same, but pleasure
no And then the body begins to demand that it does not
received. He demands this increase in appetite. Man eats more. AND
continues to get fat.

Since most sugar substitutes are synthetic,
to use them is not only ineffective, but also harmful. They are negative
affect the functioning of internal organs, and in some cases may
even be dangerous. For example, aspartame contained in many
carbonated beverages, it is strictly impossible to warm, under the influence of
high temperature, it is destroyed and forms toxic compounds.
That is why on many soda bottles they write that they should be drunk.

How scary to live

Correct to try to gradually reduce the amount of sugar.
To start drinking tea without sugar, to refuse sweet soda.
Pass by fast food and try not to buy products with
adding sugar. Natural yoghurt. Kefir – the most
ordinary, not sweet. Gradually taste buds
rebuilt, and foods with a small amount of sugar will begin
seem to you the same tasty, and bring the same

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