A stomach ache in a newborn – signs,reasons for what to do – how to help the baby? Causes of abdominal painnewborn

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Abdominal pain in newborns occurs because their
the digestive system is not yet fully formed.

But since the child is only crying, and can not say that
it hurts him and why mom needs to figure it out on his own.

A stomach ache in a newborn – signs, причины, что

If a baby has a tummy tuck, it will surely give about it.
know. His legs will be pressed to the tummy, then vice versa.
straighten, can refuse to eat. If the pain is too strong
baby’s skin may turn pale.

Of course, mothers think that the newborn’s stomach hurts –
признаки, причины, что do с этим состоянием. Firstly
need to know the possible causes of this condition.

The first thing that can be assumed is intestinal colic. This
the phenomenon is not uncommon in young children, especially in the first six months.
There is no special treatment for such a condition, because later
some time it passes.

But in the first year of life there may be other causes of pain in
the stomach.

Пищевая аллергия. Begins to appear closer to
six months old when moms start to feed. In addition to strong
pain in the abdomen, a rash may appear on the body, feces occur in
blood, weight gain is very bad. A must visit
the doctor so that he can determine the cause of this
condition and prescribed treatment.

Кишечная непроходимость. Simply put,
then this is a twist of intestines, which in most cases occurs in
babies on artificial nutrition. The main characteristic of this
reasons – the termination of the discharge of stool and gazikov, vomiting,
body temperature rises. The baby in the stomach arise
spasmodic pains, and in the intervals between them, he feels
yourself well and can even play.

Лактазная недостаточность. In the child’s body
little lactose enzyme, under the influence of which, occurs
splitting of milk sugar. The symptoms are somewhat similar to the usual
allergy, but the condition is quite dangerous, so you need
Be sure to call an ambulance.

Боль в период прорезывания зубов. Maybe,
It may seem surprising to many, but when teething
really can hurt the stomach. Feces become whitish or
grayish color. After the teeth are cut, everything will pass.

No matter what caused the pain, baby
will feel very bad. It is necessary to make it easier

A stomach ache in a newborn – signs, причины, что do:
first aid

Of course, parents cannot sit still and look at what
how their baby is tormented. Every caring mother wants something
help your baby by using the correct treatment for this, but
сожалению не все знают, что можно do в таких случаях, а что

The simplest thing is to take your crumbs on your hands and try at least
somehow calm him down. However, in this way the problem is not
withdraw, and still continue to bother. Relieve condition
child can in other ways:

1. Make a special tummy massage, perform it only
warm hands, every time after feeding.

2. Before you start feeding, put the baby at 10-15
minutes on the stomach.

3. Immediately after feeding, put a warm diaper on the bed, and
on her baby, on the tummy. Under the influence of heat, musculature
calm down and relax.

4. Do special exercises that you can
advise the pediatrician.

It is very important to follow these simple rules. It certainly does not
says that the pain will not bother at all, but still
the child will be a little easier to carry.

A stomach ache in a newborn – signs, причины, что do:

The intestine of a newborn begins its work, while still in
mother’s womb, but by the time of birth he is not yet ready to
digest food. Many parents are faced with the fact that in the first
months, the baby is often worried about the tummy. It happens because
food can not be digested fully.

If suddenly the newborn has a tummy ache, it is necessary to take
all measures in order to improve his well-being. Of course better
consult a pediatrician, but if there is no such possibility,
You can try to eliminate the symptoms of pain.


In order to improve intestinal peristalsis, it is necessary
perform a massage of the abdomen in a clockwise direction. As a result,
there will be a movement of the gas bubble to the rectum, and
afterwards his going out.


Put the baby on the back and gently bend his legs in
lap, bringing to the tummy. Старайтесь do это упражнение
often, especially if your baby has flatulence.

Dill water

Take one spoon of dill and pour it with a glass of boiling water,
let it brew for two hours. After that, strain and water the baby three
once a day, before meals. Dill has a good carminative
and antispasmodic action. Dill can be replaced so
drug like Plantex. Its effect is exactly the same as
dill, but giving it to a child is much easier.

What else can you do if the baby is in pain
in the tummy:


Espumizan or Sab Simplex have a good carminative
act. They do not cause allergies, which means they are safe.
Espumizan is not absorbed into the blood, its action is
exclusively locally, in the intestines. In the pharmacy, you can buy this
medicine in the form of drops, but pre-consult with
Dosage Specialist Take the drug you need to those
until the symptoms disappear. Babies give
medicine immediately after feeding, in order to advance
prevent pain

При вздутии. In the anus of the baby can
insert a special gas vent tube
sterilized and lubricated with petroleum jelly. The first time such a procedure
should be carried out by a pediatrician, and mom can just watch and

При спазматической боли. Attach to the stomach
something warm, a heating pad or a diaper.

Despite the fact that for babies there are special
drugs, to give them without a doctor’s prescription is still not
recommended. After all, you are unlikely to diagnose yourself
work out.

But, nevertheless, it is possible to identify some drugs that
help improve digestion:

• diarrhea and vomiting. When vomiting and diarrhea occur, the body
loses fluid, which means the danger of intoxication increases.
Replenish the water balance and saturate the body with nutrients
You can with the help of drugs such as: Regidron and Gastrolit.
Before they need to be dissolved in water, and then water the baby
according to instructions;

• gas and bloating in case of poisoning. In this case
enterosorbents will help – drugs that absorb all
harmful substances from the stomach and intestines. For example, Smekta or

• intestinal infection and diarrhea. To restore microflora
intestine, it is necessary to give antimicrobial and
immunomodulatory drugs. These include Linex, Hilak

If your baby has a tummy ache and you don’t know how
arrive before the arrival of the baby, first of all do not try
feed the child, as in most cases it can still
make things worse. This is especially the case when
child often vomits.

Important! If vomiting and diarrhea do not stop
throughout the day, call an ambulance as soon as possible

Your baby’s digestion is definitely good,
if a:

• he gains weight according to his age;

• after the baby has eaten, it practically does not regurgitate, but
however, a small amount of milk still comes out;

• after the baby has eaten, he has a very good mood,
he is alert, and his tummy is soft;

• in the stool is not observed mucus, foam, it is homogeneous, without
presence of unpleasant and pungent odor.

In most cases that are not clear to you by their manifestation,
only a pediatrician can determine what happened and what measures
to take Be sure to call an ambulance if the pain lasts
more than one hour, the baby’s body temperature rises, he vomits,
and feces of unknown color.

How well you behave will depend
much. The main thing to keep calm, and always be around
with the baby, because the presence of a number of mothers, the baby will be much

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